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  1. They just try to nickel and dime ya to death, a 7 day 200% rune should cover all toons on 1 acct, not just 1, level 4 and lower brooch jewels, I mean, you spend real life money on them, any toon on that acct should be able to use them, it's robbery. Like mixa said, it's only just begun.
  2. Macro System

    just bot
  3. Are the CH worth it?

    Thanks, after reading that and the other complaints, don't think I'll go all out on this.
  4. Are the CH worth it?

    So in this "auction" you can't see who the highest bidder is and who is winnng? Isn't that how an auction is supposed to work? Can people bid less then the original bid? If i bid 100 mill and the other guy bid 10 I over paid by 89 mill? If so, how is this an auction, sorry, I've never done 1 of these before.

  6. Gludio Castle Siege

    What i meant was, when people say, "It's always been that way" That's not an answer, that's not acceptable, here, if you put something in writing you have to stand by it. This doesn't effect me, but if I never played a different classic, how am I to know a level 5 clan can't participate? You can't just say "it's always been like that!" Saying clan hall/siege has a 2 week registration then finding out it's really a few days, that's incompetence. Knowing the troubles they have already experienced with this launch, not testing this stuff ahead is disgusting really.
  7. Gludio Castle Siege

    I love when people use this as an answer. Sorry bud, this is the United States, that doesn't fly here.
  8. Level cap

    This is spot on. I came here to have fun w/ low level toons pvp'ing, hacking at each other with D grade weapons. I didn't expect to be fighting people level 75 after only 3 months. The fun I wanted to experience is already past, but never came. Every corner is a disaster, broken weapons returned, adena scams, xp scams, level cap scams, clan hall scams. TI server is dead. There's 1 pvp clan w/ drivers level 74+, a zerg of professional rmt server hoppers, and everyone else ks'ing their raid bosses cuz there's really nothing better to do. I guarantee siege is gonna be broken, like they forgot to add the casting room or something.
  9. Level cap

    Most cp's aren't being shared by professionals xp'ing 24/7, pretty sure that's the point he's trying to make. Big difference.
  10. This is hilarious

    Do you realize it's a disaster yet? LoA is being botted, also, try running through the cata's. I'd check for ya but I can't log in to this PoS game.
  11. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Fine from home, 10 miles down the road I can't log in, nice!
  12. This is hilarious

    So cute, they are deleting the toons after a certain number of days to make new, banned toons aren't removed from block list, they stay for ever. There is no doubt in my mind at least 80% of the people claiming they are innocent actually are. This game is a disaster.

    I saw this happen to a clannie also, even saw the name go across the screen in blue, game is full of bugs.
  14. hahahaaa, programs to do macro's = bot, sorry