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  1. hahahaaa, programs to do macro's = bot, sorry
  2. What issue? Some levels were always worse then others. Gonna need that sp!
  3. Who is their right mind wants to do the same quest over and over again for 2 weeks straight? That's not a game, thats torture!
  4. Rain of bots!

    I didn't realize how bad it was till I had a level 19 toon that needed 5% so I went to a level 18 area outside orc starter town. As a melee class I could not get up to a mob to hit it before a summoner already killed it. I sent a 20 min buff scroll to get that 5%. They don't even log out when you report them any more, they just don't care, its bad!
  5. GK Prices should go 50% lower

    (a) By clicking "I ACCEPT" You warrant and represent that You are: 1) at least 18 years of age and otherwise legally competent to read, understand and accept the provisions of this agreement on behalf of Yourself; 2) at least 18 years of age But ya, I'm not running half way to town then soe, been there, done that.
  6. Banned Random People?

    I made a toon on classic using my live game acct, if my 105/105 gets banned because of a random banning of a level 25 spoiler, there will be problems.
  7. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    You must of solo'd that entire time. I have had several false bannings, 9 of 10 I got back, and know many people who also got it. Myself and 2 of my cp members all got it at once, all accounts returned the next day. Most botting bans will not come cry, they know what they did wrong. Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen. During the auto-signing of ceremony of chaos years ago there were tons of legit bans.
  8. Stop calling this version "HARD." This is 5 times easier then originally. Having drops and messed up adena rates does not make it hard, it makes it broken. We shouldn't be approaching A grade and having no B grade weapons on the market. You shouldn't hit level 58 and finally see a set of demon gloves for sale. Creating low level alt toons to farm adena for your main over and over is not hard, it's moronic. Haste book shou;d not cost 8 mill, where is that PP gonna come up with 8 mill legit? Yes we used to have to run from town to town to save adena but not in our 50's!! You didn't turn your shots off in dvc!!! You'd of been kicked from party. Spoils and drops need to be fixed soon or there's no saving this sinking ship.
  9. Red Alert! Merge Gludio with Aden

    I haven't seen a queue on Talking Island sense the afk event ended.
  10. Doesn't that app take your armor off so you can't even xp with it on? I thought the price was kinda high for that reason.
  11. Adena Amount vs GK Prices

    It just hurts my head that people think it's ok to have to run half way to a town then soe, that has gotta be the dumbest game design I have ever heard of. "Game" design, Waste your life running, waste your life /unstuck? It's stupidity at its finest. Grab a tank from party match and he says I'm running from Dion, see ya in 15, /kicked, ya, that's good for the game. Most people playing this version aren't kids anymore and don't have the time to waste. Telling people not to do dailies because the teleports are too expensive, just shut the server down if that's the case.
  12. the jugdment day is here

    Find me a set of demon gloves, you know, lux shop C grade and tell me the market if working perfectly.
  13. What makes you think it's a bannable offense? My guess is you WERE botting and your alarm went off when they reported you and you ran back to your pc just in time.