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  2. Kamael when ?

    i want that arbalester but im not sure if he can win again other archers. he has no lethal shot, no death sting no 79 aoe. well we will see when they come.
  3. Necro & SH CDL Bugg

    I'm not sure that you know either...
  4. Solved! You cant put EUROPE, only is impossible to switch games if you put NA...
  5. We want the real classic back

    Wait for WOW classic, at least they dont cash grab all your money to play the game and the game is real classic. the l2classic is far far away from even beeing called classic. +16 weapons, Boss jewels, dragon pendants ---> all p2win and im sure soon the brooches coming again p2win from the shop and after that the +10 capes are coming also from the shop and so on and so on.
  6. Oceania!!

    I do play from japan, and alread ask what should i do to juji and hime, and had no answer, so i just let it in north america, but i realy dont like it, cuz it's not the where i'm from.
  7. We want the real classic back

    dude they dont care, Korea gives the updates and ncsoft west just follow the exact same rout. massive bots massive p2win thats how lineage 2 classic is in Korea. People want lineage 2 essence ? yeah more bots more pay2win. Look this @Juji after the l2 classic stream THERE WONT BE ANY PAY2WIN ITEMS IN THE SHOP and baem pay2win all the way. They wont change anything. Just use your energy anywhere else because have you seen this lier to talk in any Thread about pay2win or bots ? not 1.
  8. Impossible to download the game

    Maybe try to get under the section lineage 2 ? i got the same problem but i was on the wrong page and after i switched all worked fine. if you click the button on the message after you start the old launcher, it will get you to the nc launcher page, dont download that. On the top of screen click games ->> lineage 2 --> download and you get the correct download. i have no idea who came up with that but thats just lol....hope it worked for you
  9. Today
  10. Aloha, no idea if this is the correct board where to write this, if not any admin can move it. Just wanted to know if someone else got the same problem, because is really annoying. Trying to download the game ( lineage 2 classic ) in another computer ( nothing to update the old launcher ) for new players, who want to start the game, is impossible to play Lineage 2, when I download the new Launcher 2 from the official web, this directly run in my computer for install Blade & Soul. Someone from the team support told me there is an option where you can select what game you want to install, but I can't find this, directly this say to install Blade & Soul. Will be amazing know if someone got the same problem or if is true than you can select wich game you want to install, because I can't... or dont find this.. Tanks in advance.
  11. way of wandering knight not working?

    This is big problem for new players, no brooch no greater jewels, not fair :&
  12. Busco clan

    Aloha, mensajeame esta noche si puedes a Luichi ingame, por cierto supongo que estas hablando del server Giran no? Un saludo.
  13. My Guess... if the reward is tradeable, then it should not get deleted; any bound items not listed for deletion you might actually get to keep(or they get deleted later?)
  14. Olympiad Fail

    I think the problem is not the skill that has a high rate but you have a low resistance, right?
  15. Do you of the dev team think of doing some event to give xp to replace what went wrong?
  16. List of skills we can get from subclasses?

    Judicaor class only exist to give Kamael equal subclasses/certs/skills during the time they were limited to Light Armor & Kamael classes (IIRC Underground update allowed Kamael to sub non-Kamael classes... several years after their introduction).
  17. NC Launcher 2 probem

    solved after tranfer game from lap top play with old lancher atm
  18. List of skills we can get from subclasses?

    Ertheia got Immediate Lvl 85 Dual Class and no subclass to avoid coding ALL 1-85 skills for a completely new Model... the "boosted stats" are better than if they did have the possibility of subclass.(development took a shortcut! They took a shortcut when Kamael were introduced too... Kamael can now sub any class[except Maestro/Dominator/Ertheia] but originally they could only sub Kamael classes)
  19. exploit event

  20. Doll of Border Frintezza, what is it?

  21. Help newbie, please

    summoner is cheaper using pet shots my feoh use aoe macro to farm with full support aka buffer and healer, its faster kill and awesome class for info check Class Discussion Section maybe it meant class cloak that have low stat belt you will get at dimensional crack quest at 95 in aden town https://l2wiki.com/Commando_Belt
  22. actually Ertheia already have boosted stat that is why other races got this subclass skills correct me if I'm wrong
  23. exploit event

    a picture would be nice to see

    no staff on game to avoid corruption or taking sides now is era of machine learning AI program code will detect bots behavior and process it
  25. Olympiad Fail

    yes please fix that its not fun
  26. We want the real classic back

    bots can easily bypass maximum dual box they use program that don't need to launch the client only from their bot program
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