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  2. - first thing i noticed as a fairly well geared character ( above average) was the additional adena in IOS however it seems adena buff isnt triggered as often even tho u can wipe 3 circle spawns, still in the 110 area but now if i fail to use additional boosts i gain from kastila i can actually die whereas 1 week ago i could survive if buffs fell off and had no buffs on - same thing applies in PI if not fully buffed and additional boosts not used mobs will kill you , coupled with a fading melee lag hotfix , additionally as per others mention scrolls dont drop with prest
  3. BIG LOL, you had increased the difficulty of mobs in several areas while YOU DON'T GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE to increase their damage, that makes no sense!!! Are you just trying to make us angry? How do you expect a low-mid player to grind up properly when the difficulty of the monsters has been increased AGAIN? This is just crazy.
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  5. Make some penalty in neutral zone. If lvl 113+ >>> decrease adena ! Small pt(lower than 5ppl) or solo >>> decrease adena! Then general lower lv ppl can obtain advantage on both xp & adena. And adena farmer (for selling) will get disadvantage.
  6. Also consider event Kamaloka Surroundings, some people changed class last Red Libra and actually need some Bracelet
  7. I didn't like having increased the difficulty of mobs in several areas and also in the time zones, the neutral zone is only serving the strongest to do more adena than ever!
  8. I'll keep it short. Don't nerf adena drops, increase on different spots. Introduce the einhased shop. Bring back quest, dailys, factions to give people purpose. Let mobs drop armor/wep/stuff again. Even if its on a low rate, I really enjoyed waking up from farming and seeing a present in the inventory, eventho its only 1. I'll hope u do something with the feedback.
  9. They do events for 2 or 3 weeks to force people to pay more money " pay now and buy alot we have special offers if you do not buy now you will not get the itmes because it is a time offer " that why i asked to add artifact as a permenent L2 store itmes so i can buy when i want not to be forced to buy only when they want, mabey I can not login in that period- it is a market strategy to squeeze people money to the max.
  10. 105 instances are not for 105 players.. unfortunately. If you can get carried to leech then you can do it, otherwise the content is +5 levels on whatever you see. crisis is 100+ cant kill until 106 PI is 105 cant kill until 107 Storm is 105 cant kill until 107 IoS is 107, yeah bleep that noise these are just to kill before the update, now if you want to get 100 boxes in crisis or at least 6-7 scrolls in PI, then you need 109 and good gear. As far as the other instances, IT is only for you to leech the 150 mobs and get 3.8% at 105 and for every next level it goes down by 50%,
  11. need more element defense and at least +8 prot talisman. Also where are you getting hit for that much?
  12. on a side note. Update was meh. Increase adena drops on fields (open world) 105+ by 50% Add another "Tanor" area You can revamp places like school of dark arts to match these levels. I could literally type a wall of text with ideas and changes and how each will work and affect economy/players etc, but like I said, you will need to make the first step by atually showing us that you are serious about the feedback that you ask.
  13. Was excited about Neutral zone, area too small, no spots free and if you actually find one high lvl players come and kill you. Like the same xp for regardless of number of players concept. Look at the size of Ketra/ Varka compared, Tiny area for the majority of your player base lvl zone, doesn’t make any sense. Don’t like swamp Nerf. Where are 110+ skills? Quests factions. We all need things to work for. Making mobs hit harder doesn’t effect high lvl players so I don’t know what your logic is there? Also that was a very long time to wait for such a small update, come on
  14. The game was never free nor easy, I get it most people get it. Those of us who like the game will most likely be here but I personally interacted with over 20 people that tried to make a comeback in the past 3 months made it to 105 few to 106 and havent logged since. Everyone has suggestions and ideas, a lot have solid justified answers, my point is that you guys never were a community oriented company, you never listened to the players and its fine, there is the company policy and the guidelines that you have to follow. My suggestion, try changing one thing that has been asked in the p
  15. update is quite fine, no lags no spikes all goes very smooth. there are some opinions about game economy but only proper dev team with clever people would know how to balance adena drops to adena sinking, now we have big inflation due to added adena drops. instead of making loot boxes with complete lv1/2/3 dragon weaps or cursed weaps, you should focus more on claws/bloods because every click of dw/cursed will sink 200+b adena from server. that may help.
  16. make sure you are doing same type of armor, heavy with heavy,, light with light etc
  17. remove the formal wear, try again.
  18. Hello 0/, I just found this item in L2 Store and can understand that it should help me with coping appearances of armor item parts to other armor item parts. If that`s right how dose it work? I tried to use it as the game tells me to but I`m getting errors in return, like "Invalid item". Example: I have a +10 R95 Blessed Light Sareph set with an existing costume on the chest peace "Formal Ware". I tried to use this scroll to copy the appearance of normal item of Heavy Sareph chest peace with another existing costume on it "Apell plate set" but dose not work, I get same error as befor
  19. no, pay2play events are not the way in L2...part of the problem, not the solution L2 is a long-term investment, people play for decades literally...so, why a pay2win/pay2play event every 2 weeks?
  20. As long Adena is in the game and lootboxes gives crap, newcomers have no chance to play the game.
  21. Update summarized: Even people with top gear quit.
  22. hi im back to play like 2 or 3 moths ago, and i can say 2 o 3 things about the herald of light update and the previous update 1- adena income: adena for low lvl players(new or comeback ppl) is a joke, exalted weapons and armor are okay(jewlery are miss here), but, if you want to go farm some areas like crisis, alligator, or make castilla, you need more equipment, and to get that...you need to spend like 2 or 3kkk adena. but at 105 + lvl you reach at least 100kk, and half of that goes on SS or BSS, making then hard to get better gear to farm. 2- mobs and drop: this topic is the worst yo
  23. this is literally the entire mobile gaming market summed up into 1 sentence. it can work, yes.
  24. the problem with that is, they dont have anything to market what is going to keep players in this game having fun in 2021? grinding a million monsters every night after killing the same instance boss you killed 5 years ago for .0500% exp? i think not people dont start a new game so they can purchase event items....
  25. If NCwest had some sort of marketing strategy, and cut their event prices to 1/4 of what they currently are, they would have a massive influx of players beyond belief. This game isnt affordable for most people who play.
  26. people can barely afford soulshots...i think its safe to increase adena across the map
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