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  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Cq8ENKlKA&feature=youtu.be this 1 about luc , still mising like 12-13 luc Ps. using drag wep only for the new augments were u get +3 luc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdBHojmbkog&feature=youtu.be
  4. Disconected

    Sometime my connet have broken , but i Dis 1-2 chart , can play normal , but after Maintain , cant login ??? I check My Internet , alway working , all are normal
  5. Yesterday
  6. Support tickets

    click on submit a ticket(on right side, under contact us) choose gameplay drop down on first line. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us or... https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  7. agree if they make your idea, we get like 1 month vacation for l2 so guys do it, turn of server till hardware install it
  8. Support tickets

    I cannot make a support ticket. I need to report someone for bullying, slander in world chat & stalking. But cannot open a ticket. The site gives me the run around.
  9. no one read what peoples say in this forum ,get back items (mats ,recepies) adena value to can sell to NPC and outhere items make price normal to sell in NPC dont do some stuped event for nothing
  10. Disconected

    Sounds like packet loss. You're going to need to do some tracerts and pings to figure out where the packets are being dropped. Might be your ISP might be your ISP's ISP or so on.
  11. Compensation?

    That is NOT a CASH Refund return policy... it is NCoin refund return policy!(so you can buy something else from L2 store) Please note that we will not refund NCoin back to real-life currency once you have spent the NCoin If you Make a NCoin purchase, for a Flash sale or event wrap-up... and they aren't delivered till after sale/event is over, you can get a CASH refund as long as you don't spend any of the NCoin.
  12. Disconected

    When I play on one account I also get disconnect after a few minutes
  13. Giants Energy

    Do you mean Energy of Destruction??? Giant's Energy used to be produced by Clan Hall NPC(and events/random boxes) Energy of Destruction was upto 2 per day from open field farming, and tradeable boxes from events(3/20/100 pack) you can still buy boxes from other players, but no longer get them from hunting or events AFAIK.
  14. VP Pack

    cause u guys really want to pay 25$ a day for just that aye gotta reward really bad service with more money.. that logic.. can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to leave this mess behind
  15. VP Pack

    plz flash sell eruption + maintaining potion
  16. lag is pretty bad today, worse then normal.. not even fun to level mentees anymore @Juji reboot server or just turn it off till u have the hardware
  17. Compensation?

    do a dispute through paypal on nc soft transaction and see what happens with the account btw u know this very well so stop trolling
  18. I am new on server coming from eu off but still cant create new acc
  19. Compensation?

    sorry but in return policy i dont see ban https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028662152-NCoin-Refunds-Policy "Timed Items" (that last 1-day/7-days/30-days etc.) will only be refunded under certain circumstances.
  20. Apart from prices , that depend on region, they can't change much of the game, it's a korean game and reflects the korean culture, most of the changes already happened there, i'm just looking for a decent translation to be informed about it. @Draecke give us one of your sources!
  21. Can't create a character

    Greetings Emtee, You can find the latest update on the subject here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/16810-character-creation-unavailable-until-226/?tab=comments#comment-116255
  22. Hello, I'm having trouble logging in to three accounts. When I log in one or two accounts, I get diconected when logging in to the second or third account. Sometimes it works but for a few minutes and then I get disconected on all or two accounts. Anybody knows what's going on ?
  23. Compensation?

    If you stop payment or request your money back from ncsoft they will do it, once, and thats it, say goodbye to your account. It's no secret, it's a fast.
  24. Compensation?

    ban for what if is not secret, after that u can judge them
  25. i respond myself, i saw the answer in another post Juji Said: Posted Monday at 03:52 PM Hardware parts are shipping out today, so we are hoping to receive them by end of the week at the latest and run tests on it in preparation of the upgrade for next maintenance
  26. Compensation?

    they will, and will also ban the acct, good advice!
  27. Thanks Man, any news about the Hardware´s comming ? 1 week? 2? more time? i can play with the Lag but i wish the hardware come soon! Thanks again
  28. if you wanted to clarify, you would tell us what happens to the reputation. is it going to be deleted as well? will we be able to use it at an updated shop from oly manager? lets say r110 items at a logical price?.... do you know whats outdated and underused? All the non tradeable items grocer's shop, other items option( except gemstones and arrows) merchant of mammon's consumambles shop ( except angels breath, gemstones and giant energies.. which how stupid at grocer's it s cheaper) steel door coins, exp runes below 100+, all soul -spiritshots except R grade. all the items that you have gifted us and are totally useless, all those free items that need a fortune to be upgraded, or cant be used for appearence modification! i know there are a lot more but i will stop.. i hope by improvements to the quality of life and hunting zones you mean that you are going to add all the items that exist in game to the drop list, that the exp and adena go back to normal or even higher , since all these years this action has brought no result to your war against botters and rmt ( in the contrary it has made them necessary for everyone who doesnt want to gamble in your events) oh! can you please remove the right to declare war to clans who own a dark castle ? makes sense , doesnt it?
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