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  2. my internet is good in my country but why after last meintenence server hard to login in game and always say failed login / about problem ISP i have call internet service center they ask no problem with my internet the point is very2 lagging in game and hard to login always failed and failed much time , after success login in game very very lagging cant move like freeze
  3. yea nc company dont know the limit to push hard the pockets of customers. Personally i've stopped buy everything, even Prestige is cancelled, totally useless. Immagine spend around 100/150eur every event but is totally useless and wasted of money trust me. Game is too broken, they push too much on pockets, every events required and ask to spend u too much money or you stay a Keltir char.
  4. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    I really love see top spenders come here to cry when lose finally a monopolized stuff. ahahahahah. "Make pvp zone QQ i've putted thousands of money to monopolyze everything" yea, what make pvp if it's broken since this game became a broken luxury casinò for top spenders? Sometime before talk you have to think what's the global situation of stuff. But i know when top spenders lose a Monopoly of something is hard to accept.
  5. Are there no rules for them?

    The fact that he was PKing can be proved with the "PK" debuff he has on the character in the video he posted.
  6. Today
  7. Are there no rules for them?

    A bit of a background story. WhiteWall set up on top of a friend and kept PKing it. So i came to help. Case closed.
  8. I think you mean sarcasm. Yup. Totally missed it.
  9. Daggers

  10. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    I don't agree. The pvp is dead in l2 and enforcing it in any circumstances is not gonna happen. You have to win the click war and be happy.
  11. Chronos Down?

    Thank you Juji for the fast answear <3
  12. Chronos Down?

    @Juji how about the missing items that are gone from my warehouse now since around december? i have ticketed gm's they confirmed i did not access the warehouse but regardless the consumables from compensation bundles and store promotion discounts were gone! They refused to restore/fix anything since then and i'm tired to wait over half a year for a resolution for this!
  13. Chronos Down?

    Get the cats ready!!!!
  14. You didn't get the irony in my post buddy. I miss those days too.
  15. Chronos Down?

    We are investigating the issue now. Server is being restarted immediately.
  16. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Congratz Ando i think server down to fix that problem
  17. I see too many topics aiming at changing the game to cater the 12 top players only so they can have a unlimited grief and harassment fest running this game even further into the ground. The game is already in the coffin and most nails already been put into it, don't let these players do the last step and throw the dirt over it.
  18. Chronos Down?

    hamsters taking a break
  19. Chronos Down?

    im not sure if they even know, they are a simple concierge for the server and have nothing to do with its development nor software that is run on it.
  20. Chronos Down?

    Hello dear GM's, can you guys please give us a reason for chronos went down, I just logged in to make IT quest, Baylor, Kamaloka and Gludio and the server goes off.
  21. Chronos Down?

    Down again 7/3/2020, reason unkown.
  22. Physical defense stat keeps changing

    Its like stuff working and stuff not working ? )
  23. Chronos Down?

    what the story guyz ))
  24. We are 10 char/pc Bot ... No Fair
  25. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    who are u to judge? i say 14 ppl clans are greed, not letting bigger clans to help their mates to gear up
  26. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    I am perfectly on topic, and even agree with your post on this particular subject. Just making sure people see your motives for posting this now, when you didn't give a damn about it before. This post combined with the recent shouts in game have made your motives are clear as day. Greed destroys clans faster than anything so I hope the other 99% of your clan aren't being driven by the same lines of thought that you are.
  27. Daggers

    Daggers are doing alot of damage, with proper gears u can drop mana shield in a few hits. At endgame that mana shield is 2-3 hit
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