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  2. Thanks WintairShade for the photo! (I still love the green behind us haha) Update: Our main clan now only has 7 spots left for active players. We still have our 2nd clan available. (Both get the same log in bonus, and clan supply boxes.)
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  4. RNG box in the future maybe.
  5. You don't need all skills and passives you know.
  6. @Hime @Juji hello, im LF info about this item Secret book of Baggin level IV and V i cant found nothing on internet. where drop or where take quest? this item is for more chance when upgrade talisman of Insolence. i found this picture on LIVE forum its old, but maybe 1 time you put the item on purchase...
  7. Chronos Castle seige

    Nice people who tell's their members they aren't good enough to participate in olympiad and take hero and instead of encouraging them to improve in pvp by teaching them or bringing them in pvps they discourage them by replacing them just for the sake of "winning". The power of Nova to rise again and come back from the ashes as history have shown everytime nova loses they go to another server just recently when they lost to naia from wrath they came back to chronos now they lose in chronos where to run this time there's nowhere to run anymore so Nova rebuilding will never happen but then again I challenge you guys to do it
  8. A good spot to hunt for exp will be at Ants Nest. Kill Nobles Ants. Bring some antidotes and healing potions with you. Good luck!!
  9. class change

    when doing 2nd class change (test of witchcrart) I am looking to kill quest monster nameless revant in EG but cant find anywhere. any one know where this is?
  10. Hello, I just hit level 35 on my human mage and would like to know good xp spots to level from 35-40. Thank!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Made a Warlord! kill 15-20 mobs using 3-4 soulshot priceless!!!
  13. Reach lv40 without use any sp scroll from NOS quest, made my first dungeon Lv40 and get a dimensional blessing (lol lucky) from lv40 to lv43 then I delevel to lv40 again and farm till lv46 WITHOUT use any xp scroll quest, 100% farm xp/sp...why I still need a loooooot of sp to learn even first skills/pasives? where is the damn problem of the SP? farm from lv1 to lv46 (1.1kk sp for free thanks to dimensional blessing) and still need learn a lot of skills cuz I have 0 sp...now to lv49 7 skills more to learn....how to make SP here? deleving every damn level every day till I make some sp? even I m not learning some skill since lv 35 lol To lv70 I will still need SP for learn lv45 skills? omfg
  14. Mine is from 11 apr. hope you are right.
  15. y i made a ticked 7 days ago, now 15 mails later still the same error happening. lets hope Juji can speed up the process a bit
  16. Hi all, question: The Battle Ditty skill from ISS says "For 30 min., selected party member's PvP Damage +10%, Attribute Attack +10, MP Recovery Bonus +10%. Consumes 10 Spirit Ore." Is only for PVP or works the Attribute attack +10 and MP recovery bonus +10 against Mobs too ? the Damage +10 is only for PVP i think Thanks
  17. This is the answer that i got when i submitted a ticket : " Thank you for your interest!That information has not been announced yet. To keep up to date with the latest announcements, we encourage you to keep an eye on the official site for the latest news and information.If you have any other questions, please let us know."
  18. Do you already have a ticket submitted already for this issue? If so, then please send PM me.
  19. im trying to subscribe again when i go to "shop" on website and press "LEARN MORE" on the prestige pack i get an instant "ERROR, something went wrong, please try again later", cant even press the "subscribe" button before error appears Same error happens when i try to subscribe in account settings
  20. Prestige pack bottles cube etc

    yea I cancelled also, waste of money, it is more efficient to pay 30 eur for electricity and run 2 pc 24/7 andf 6 clients , than play 1 client and spent 30 eur for sub, i would much much rather play in 1 client, all that trouble with switching, loading, putting on macro, reloading all party when someone gets dc and all die, it is such a pain but im too poor to play this "free" game in 1 client
  21. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    Myte187 is right Its nothing more than combination of bugs. They working no matter on macro or not. Ppl, using bugs supposed to be baned. GMs : Are you working for NCSOFT? NCSOFT is public company, providing public services, remember? You supposed to work for players not for private interests!
  22. no funciona ese link
  23. Dimensional Bracelet

    I have ok damage on othell, 104 and wondering, what should i do? on this instance, make full pt, and solo it? which way better to get Dimensional Bracelet Enhancement Stone? and have much stone i can get? just 1?
  24. Are you trying to subscribe again on the site or are you having trouble with the pack content itself?
  25. Talking Island SERVER Discord

    Not working, can i get new conection?
  26. e02018

    Thank you Chainer, that worked for me!
  27. 15th Bot Party

    Garden of Genisis too
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