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  2. I purchased the Newbie Pack in the game store on my dark elf and opened it receiving several items (specifically the Samurai black longsword), and i'm wondering if and how i can transfer it to use on my light elf and other characters. Is it locked to my Dark elf? if so that is extremely depressing.
  3. @Juji @Hime Censorship of a post that calls you out without any RoC breach just confirms what was written in the post.
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  5. Hidden Power of SSA

    hahahaaaaaaaa, omfg
  6. Balthurs knights supply

    @Juji deleting my post wont get you anything. I will ask again and again and again when you are going to deliver all the prizes that players earned during these almost three days of the lottery? You are eager to make players take consequences by breaking rules but when you f*** up then taking consequences is something that does not apply to you or ncsoft at all?
  7. I mean in Korea give away everything, and here they do not give anything good? They do not feel ashamed that they only care about raising, that's why a lot of people, A LOT has left the game, because they do not give things like they did 10 years ago. if he knew how to speak Korean without hesitation he would play on the other server
  8. Returning player needs guidance

    I would say its cheaper to invest the money you would pay for electricity into NCoins then.
  9. Probably around October...
  10. Main class change

    Says the bandwagon...
  11. There never was such thing, stop making things out of thin air. Instead, learn how the macro system works and how the have works in general. Anybody with IQ above 60 should be able to figure it out in a while.
  12. DC Event 2019!!

    As you can see, they don’t bother replying. I have done 3+ days of tests for them on trouble ticket. I’ve noticed that I disconnect at :45 in intervals. For example 14:45, 20:45, 02:45 etc. They don’t care that we can’t win at the draws. They don’t want us to win anything for free. They want our money. That’s it. I cancelled my prestige pack on all the accounts I had them on. The game is unplayable at this point. I disconnect sitting in town, or selling, or even playing live. But it’s always been at :45 part of the hour. They want to blame us because they’re too stubborn to admit any fault in their servers, or dev team. The last several anniversary events have been beyond lame. Here’s an event you need to stay connected for a CHANCE, but they decided to disconnect us, so we lose that chance. Funny how no responses from any GMs, or admins. What do y’all have to say?? @Juji @Hime @Conguero
  13. I have been thinking..... The FIRST thing: PK stands for Player Killer, so it makes perfect sence that you dont get PK point, if you kill pet/summon since these "creatures" are not Players. You will only get karma for that kill. And the system takes into account only the PK points, not the negative reputation. The SECOND thing: Players with the negative reputation have a special treatment.
  14. please tell me the reason for merging server? 1k online is enough for me to play here and to stay happy with the online. dont want to waste my time. if you want fight for spots, go to Giran. i have started playing a week ago on Gludio only because of low online. need action? Giran is w8ing 4 u. no offence.
  15. to solve a pk-scam problem, just add a flag after losing your karma, as in old time. And everyone will be happy
  16. cant log in

    Hi guys! I can choose server and it gets me to character select but then when I choose character and press start I get the error 'the client will be closed do you want to continue?' Did you had same problem or can you actually log in ? Many thanks in advance.
  17. Hidden Power of SSA

    NCwest at its best when it comes to localized translation:
  18. Yes thank you i saw that on another post in forum. i never used that item to know that exists
  19. YAKSA +16

    For sale. Please send your offers (adena, or items + adena) in game with mail to GiaMiaXuftaAdena. Highest bid until Sunday will get this beast. Offers with items suitable for a PR will have an advantage.
  20. Guys, its simple. It has been stated multiple times by the GMs that macro use is not intended to be used while afk. & players who choose to play afk, do so at their own risk. If players want to play afk, then they take the chance of not having any gear. Want to keep your gear ? then don't use the macros as an afk bot tool. Macro system is totally safe if used as it was meant to be used. Not as a 24/7 afk bot tool.
  21. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    There are obviously 2 bugs here: - 1st one is: the player can get karma without PK, if kill some pet. Its simply not right: you suppose to get PK AND karma, not only karma. The result is amazing: when you kill someone in karma with 0 PK, you get karma AND PK :)))) Its not right: when you kill someone in karma, you not supposed to get karma+pk, you supposed to get reputation :))) - 2nd one: why you hit the karma-player, when you target a mob???!!!!. You dont hit flagged players in the same situation. Karma or not, its still player = PC not NPC, so that is 100% BUG as well. The combination of these 2 bugs lead to the horrible consequences: lot of players, puted in illegal karma and dropped / scammed. This, in combination with NCSOFT full absence of support, lead to 1-2K less players and lot of unhappy pp
  22. Returning player needs guidance

    exalted i think the 30 shouts q
  23. Main class change

    what year they introduced GoD? Maybe thats the reason code went bust
  24. https://l2wiki.com/Mysterious_Scroll
  25. there is a scrolls for that (to teleport KAMRA players).. you can obtain them from Olly manager . Its not the problem: bugs are. There are 2 bugs. even blind man can see that.. GMs remains deaf .. I have only 1 explanation: they are corrupted and get % from these scamms via G2Gcom :))
  26. They tried to do it to me this morning and i was using aoe and snare with my feoh ,of course i was watching .I got a pk like in 30 sec after they appeared , i wanted to see what they will do.After first pk i saw my toon teleported somewhere i didnt even saw where it was.How they bleep they teleport me? I just went to ch after that to remove pk.I agree with sleepingpower above.I wont give any more money for this game if they dont respect me.I kill mobs not anything else to loose my precious items i got with money and many hours of gameplay.I will cancel next month and prestige pack .Enough is enough.Nc dont respect us when they allow scammers to do it.They should fix those problems and ban those scumbags asap.
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