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  2. New God Accessory Event

    That's maybe the cost if you upgrade successfully on all stages.. You forgot to calculate the fails that will inevitably occur because there is a random chance.. In any case, if that would keep players on the servers it could be good, but i don't think that's the case any more..
  3. Admin's wake up

    atleast they do a great job with ignoring everything on the forum and throwing in 1 pay2win shit after the other. Thats what they known for and they havent changed in 15 years. Bots, pay2win and ingorant / ignoring staff thats what comes to my mind when i hear Ncsoft Na. And if you look the forum the truth hurts. And you can open so many topics and question as you want they give a bleep
  4. Leveling after 95

    In general this is not really a good chronicle for support classes. Majority on 100+ are playing on macro only and have their own parties setup. So they get all the adena and drops. Best thing to do for you is to reroll in DD and make another iss so u can buff urself. Then u got urself healer iss and dd, and u can farm maybe a spot that initially would be too hard without support. Over the last years i noticed an increasing decreasing demand to party with other people to farm/ level/ gear up. Now the best exp is done solo and the best farm is when all chars are yours so u dont have to share the loot. Also forget about 103+ areas without l2store investment. The mobs will simply hit you waaaay too hard to heal there.
  5. Lineage 2 weteran wanna Black to game plz help

    Sadly the whole forum get ignored from those ignorant @Hime and @Juji, every player concern is getting ignored, liers in every way. I always remind to the live stream where Juji talking about no pay2win items in the shop. best laugher i ever had. Look now what a bot and pay2win festival the server is. Now also all lvl 40 and 46 dungeons are full with summoner bots and they just dont bleeping care. i just wait for wow classic People disliked the pay2win, bot and clown festival on the retail servers, and they just ram it in the ground like they did with the normal l2. i dont know how a publisher can this ignorant and money greefing like they are. every month a new pay2win shit. play the game ? for what ? just buy everything with real cash. i remember a time in l2 where i was proud after getting my a grade set after a long time and now here, throw in some cash and get +16 weapons or s weapons. what a joke of a game.
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  7. Admin's wake up

    In the months that we have been playing, I draw a few conclusions about the things that have to change for me in this "CLASSIC L2". The teleportation system is outside the classic logic of lineage, both in pve, pvp and pks. why not use bsoe for those cases? it's a good option. Transformations? for what? There are not enough items to modify the stats? classic? do not... the disproportionate amount of p2w events in the last months. I remember the home page, "return to the classic and the hardcore system" after a few months happily doing quest, they change the system to a click, classic ?? do not... since the game started it has been modified in a bad way, they have not made a strategy to maintain or increase players. Since the game started, the staff referred to the community being heard and the game would advance along with the detions of the staff and the players, until now it is only a dictatorship on the part of the staff. buy boss items instead of going for them in the game, what is the idea of playing ?, what game? to pay more and to make stronger because of my economic condition? We are not talking about spending 50 dollars, there are people who spend 200 or more, which for some is a lot but for them it is little and yes, I have seen in the server Gludio get boss jewels in past events and in several players in a short period , how does that happen? easy, a lot of bots from the beginning, doing item and adena, you sell it in real money and you keep investing in p2w events, vicious circle, that's the business. I've seen in Seal of Shilen as a bots part ended with the Raidboss in 10 min ... many items for a single person and you keep investing, +16 weapons, +6 armor, etc ... this last event I bought boxes to see what I got, in the end I ended up losing 6 talismans, trying to enchant them +1 all broken, but at the same time I watched in the chat as the 5 pjs of always left the talisman +8 easily, or spend a lot of money, a lot of luck or something very strange there. I understand that the servers have to be maintained, but try to use other methods to get donors and also more players, this is an MMORPG that has nothing of MM ... I am particularly one of those who buy aghations and hats when I try to pay, I like them. On the other hand, call the top players to try to maintain the community and unite it, with respect, most of us believe that we have over 30 years, let us behave as such, example, to the abuse of the bad systems of pk vs teleport, that ends with the patience of the players who try to advance. It is our little great world of fantasy and recreation, we paddle in the same direction.
  8. Leveling after 95

    use shining scroll of growth to get lvl 100-101 faster, its not expensive after that lvl u may be able to get pt to make faction quest or dailys, grinding partys maybe exist but the macro system makes it harder ... But if your goal is to lvl up and get 105+, u will realize that you wll need alot of gear to not be a 1-2 shot in pve/pvp, so its up to you! have fun
  9. No more New Items Please

    I love it hahahah. The top 1% of players are complaining because no one is pvping them anymore at siege or during the week. Like @neoHaT said , u guys dont want pvp. U simply want to win and trashtalk. Ive only been in lower clans and never a top clan, yet whenever i went siege and someone llike weiner wiped us out all i see is, GG ez, carpetmode etc. Now u guys complain on forum cuz no one shows up anymore for u to aoe in siege.pay2win They flourished and were able to win thanks to the l2store promos but now that no one shows up in sieges anymore they are sad. I hope NCwest continues this system, i think it is a good business model for making money on a game that is past the point of no return. Very hypocritcal to complain as a top 1% player who got there due to l2store promos. If you do not like the system you should have stopped supporting it.
  10. Strange request

    No clue, but now i am waiting on the awnser also Sounds indeeed fishy!
  11. No more New Items Please

    I am saying these things about the game for the last 18 months or so, problem Is I see little to no difference and lately we got bombarded by P2W items and consumables we need to buy if we want to progress... the game is wrecked, do we really need to buy stuff ? For what do we need to develop our toons? Do you have fun while online? Many questions, many problems, many bugs .. and no serious action taken
  12. Just for the support or the knowledge of the admins i would NOT join back. Game still alright, but the cash shop events is just STOopid, such a cash grab game. If you like bots, yea come join in. If you have a lot of money to buy stupid OP stuff yea join in. If you dont want to have alot of adena being dropped, join in.
  13. No more New Items Please

    Get real please.
  14. No more New Items Please

  15. I was walking around Giran in server Aden seeing what's on the market (nearly dead as it is) and some naked dwarf randomly party invites me. Curiously I accepted and then we started a conversation in party chat. The dude wanted me to register 4 accounts under his email and also reminded that there's no limit then he'll give me 10kk. I was confused why he just didn't register the account himself and 10kk for doing this sounds a bit fishy so I declined. Perhaps I would have gotten an easy gain or he would had just renegade and I'd wasted time for nothing. Anyways does anyone know what this guy was trying to do?
  16. No more New Items Please

    100% agreed, i have been saying this for years. Weiner is one of the few "1%s" that can be respected but you are 100% correct in your criticism - if all of the "1%" players would have stopped flocking the same clan & ally this situation would not exist, it is really simple. If the "1%" stayed in their separate clans, they would have alot of PVP & the game would have stayed active. But it is probably too late now, too many people have quit and even if the "1%s" of chronos joined/formed 4 different clans there is not enough people ingame anymore. The 1%s have already killed the servers, they have driven the normal people away - they got themselves to blame for joining eachother & crushing the lower people. I hope the "lol too easy, carpet mode" was worth it Suggestion to weiner, tag out of whatever clan you are in at the moment (losbandidos?) with as many people as you can & go back to TheFallen, put some pressure back on MS, It will allow the low-mid tier clans to have fun at castle sieges because when you attack MS it will force them out of every other castle. Perhaps you were unaware of it, but castle sieges was incredibly active when you were out of MS It will also make atleast some kind of open-field PvP. Just those two things goes a long way to get people to stay in the game, i mean, if you think about it no new player will even think of spending a penny when he knows he needs to spend 10.000 to be competitive - for every new player who thinks that, you have one less potential enemy. If there was active castle sieges where the 1%s are occupied with eachother and the low/mid clans are able to roam freely, those new players might actually enjoy themselves & then spend money. Just dropping the prices alone will do nothing, you need to give them an incentive to actually spend money. Its basically a chain effect, if you set an example & work to get the server healthy, more people will follow eventually. Just needs someone to start it, the longer you wait the less chance you have for a fun game. Suggestion to NCWest staff, FIX RAID BOSSES! No man should be able to solo the raid bosses, you put a bleep shield there for a reason! make it work! Put some more account-bound items in the game, allow the new players to do some kind of quests as they reach level 99 and 101 to get them some kind of boost. There is no way for new players to gear up! 88-98 raids are impossible for them to kill, 101+ raid bosses are killed by solo players, instances no longer drop items. They are unable to farm the high level areas that drop r99 items, they are unable to macro anywhere to make any reasonable amount of adena. They are unable to improve, because of your incredibly odd way of running this game. Paying should be a means to get an edge over someone who does not pay, but at the moment paying is the only way to play - think about that for a second. Why not make some temporary l2store items? 7-day dark and bloody runes for people up to level 101, one month bloody/dark set & enchanted weapon that can be purchased once per account and so on. Give players the taste of some actual "decent equipment", then put some events back on repeat as weiner said & dump the prices. People will have an incentive to spend their money if they know what they get.

    Well what server you play on certainly matters as some are vastly more populated than others. My experience on my server is that the lower level areas have few gankers. They tend to stick to the areas that have concentrated numbers of targets like OB/AC/FT/cruma/etc. The real problem came on in the 70s when I started running into magnus PKers riding around on their mount critting for silly damage. The blessing will not help you (they tend to be around 77 for magnus). Being above their level matters only in that you have a little more time to try to escape. Because you're not going to chase down a summoner that is on a mount 2000 distance away while their pet is just smashing you. I'm glad you're enjoying the game and the experience. The game certainly needs fresh blood. So I don't mean to come across as mean or condescending when I say that level 35 is just the beginning of the experience in this game. You will see things very differently as you level up and gain experiences in this game.
  18. cuz for that they have "RolanZ, a box person who always report ppl w/o valid reasons on a weak try to ban ppl what he cannot do on game cuz he is totally usless, he compensate it with a report/ticket mass rain every week

    Ok... So... Maybe you should adapt? I have played here in a week or so. 2 chars lvl 35 now. I got PK'd once in abandoned camp. Sure there are PK's everywhere but gatekeepers offers you a thing called Blessing of Protection. Which means you cant get attacked by a character 10 levels above your own. That should at least fix the issue with higher level pk'ers for an hour at a time. And honestly... Its a big part of the game, its a GREAT part of the game. Just embrace it and adapt your playstyle.
  20. New God Accessory Event

    I did the math on the adena cost it would take to go from 1 to 6. On just one necklace, it would cost approximately 415-420 billion in mats to get it to level 6 (at least at Naia prices). Extremely expensive? Yes... However, NCSoft is trying to make more content for the top tier players. It keeps the game alive longer by making it harder to obtain. Do you really want everyone running around in R110 and God jewels 3 days after they come out? There would be nothing left to work for. It's out of my price range, but at least it keeps players on the servers and the game I enjoy playing alive longer.
  21. New God Accessory Event

    For the calculation i did the assumption that only NCCoins will be used and that 5 bottles can be obtained every 50 bags.. If someone has opened 50 bags, he/she can enlighten us about the actual amount obtained.. However, i don't think it will be much different... And this amount, even if it is the half of it something like 5k, it's not for a top pvp item.. It's just for a stage 1 necklace which is actually the equivalent or a bit better than a blessed valakas one.. For the top item, someone should reach at least stage 3, which shall be done with triple the amount and the chance mentioned... So for reaching stage 3, someone would roughly need 3 times the amount of stage 1 and should be more than lucky to achieve with the company's chances.. This is to me the most expensive item ever, even compared with the brooch jewels which were already insanely expensive.. And i know that people are spending thousands of dollars in the game.. But even these people will say enough is enough at some point.. Noone likes to be scammed or milked like this... We should all step back and understand that this is a game, and games are to be fun, not cash deposits..

    I like that your solution is to level up another character to higher level then I am so I can level up to a higher level than I am while dealing with PKers every 30 minutes. The PKer doesn't even need a party return as all they have to do is click once to vanish instantly to safety. If they want to be cheap then they can just teleport to a low pop area then scroll. EDIT : I also don't consider "wait for more pay to win so you can resist those magnus better" to be a viable solution.
  23. Pk everywhere cant even farm An hour

    Oh my god we actually agree on something. I would absolutely love your changes. It's just stupid/unfair/unbalanced that Summoners are the only class that can apply DPS while mounted. No one should be able to DPS while riding away on a mount.
  24. Admin's wake up

    I'm not really sure what you're trying to claim here. I can run over 6 lineage 2 game clients on a $70 (USD) machine I bought off ebay. So it's not like running a few stores in game means you cannot play the game or others. There's a glut of intel/amd machines in china because a lot of desktops/laptops end up there to be "recycled". So if I lived in china a room full of boxes to run whatever would be fairly cheap. There's a few videos on youtube showing some of these bot farms in operation. I wouldn't be surprised at all if some or most of the gold seller spam are from scammers looking for CC numbers to steal from.
  25. recharge skill

    It might be though, there are weird things in the classic version, but as said above, it might be a broken skill lvl. Did you contact support about it?
  26. Why do you report stupid my teleport location thing instead of reporting Kelbim weapon skill?
  27. Hi ! I have been playing daggers pritty much since 2006. It has always been my favorite class. However i have read allot about daggers on l2 classic and the only thing is that AW owns all? This is wierd news for me since i have always had the best success with TH over AW and PW. There seems to be 1 skill that people seem to forget thats actually a game changer, its called Dash. The ability to have that insane speedboost (granted its only for 15 sec but its long enough to kill anything that wants to keep you at range) gives so much controle of any situation. This controle makes (well, at least for me) the TH far superior in PVP: Dash insures that you waste less time chasing an enemy and more time applying damage. You can apply your skills faster than a PW or a AW. It can also be used as a way to GTFO of bad situations which is also handy People are so hung up on DPS (where AW's are superior) and forget about damage projection (where TH's are superior) People might say that most targets are stationary when fighting a dagger since you dont want to turn your back on them. But you still need to get close to your target. With Dash you can start attacking your target with 1 - 2 less hits taken - Thats a huge win factor. My point is: Whats the use of having a shitload of damage potention if you cant get close enough to apply it ? Any toughts on this? Am i just talking bullshit ?
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