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  1. @SlycutterYou are right 100% critical rate destroy game . Before many years was feoh that could wipe out a clan with one aoe. Now and for many years is yul. yul need much nerf in pvp at least for pvp aoe dmg and feoh inrease at least pve critical rate. Many ppl stop play game or join siege cause of that reason. Pvp formula must change a lot especially in aoe dmg in pvp 2 skill with fast cd and each one could kill anything moving in 800-900 range
  2. Btw many ppl say that they nerf just mid gear not top gear . Can tell me how many mid gear leave the game and stop join sieges because you see most of times a yull kill a clan with 40 ppl + in a minute. This nerf protect also mid gear in pvp. Not like now the must make even more fixes
  3. @ToraEvi can make same ammout of exp and adena in small groups of mobs.(only yull can farm more effective like ios) Have amazing single damage almost non stop sm is one class used kill solo raid boss(feoh dmg sux in all boss if compare with other class) can be good in pvp too i can remind you truffle and fistingtime . Comparison between feoh and yull is more normal because both is aoe class The balance in l2 is just a dream. I want see summoners cry they must gift them destiny pack every month because they still play this char
  4. You still cry unbelievable. Tell me one dd class can farm 2 spot in ios. Farm toi like this or better from this yul Link from trickster!!! https://youtu.be/BUZ19f0PU54 Link maybe don't work check exeq7er video in YouTube from toi
  5. So we must see only low gear ppl and not mid gear top gear player( you know is more important the high spenders for nc soft) just an example after nerf yull with 500bil gear make 370+kk in ios feoh with 1.5tril gear make 335. You see only yull go in 2 spot ios. Its simple math better critical rate better critical dmg aoe hits more effective for yull in important places he have amazing single target dmg. Yull is top char for pve and pvp for years
  6. Even with half gear and more is best char for pve from all char in pi storm ios toi(this need amazing gear but still best class) the most important think in lineage . Thats why the most of ppl create yull box to farm this zones.
  7. Even after this nerf still be best pve class is more effective than all other class with less gear i wonder why you cry. For pvp they should make different formula and reduce it more . One good yull can kill a clan in 10 second. (10 maybe is many)
  8. Check grinman video is a random hero with +20 aden cloak god jewel he play with valiant and deton ++ much more check the kill rate and adena is the perfect example. Check in YouTube
  9. Friend yull with Krishna weapon maybe half cost of gear of feoh and morestill can farm much better than feoh... After nerf .tested and confirmed
  10. All char need gear but if try to tell me that all char with end game gear can make the same adena in ios and toi is joke of the year. just check video of one end game feoh in toi the buff he had and the ammount of adena he did and compare with yulls
  11. Its joke to see yull cry about nerf 80% of server play yull(its a prove that is top class).even now with this lol nerf you can see who can farm more adena in ios and toi . Pvp it was joke for years 1 aoe skill could aoe kill a clan just check siege video of last year how good was the yull. You can compare to other aoe class feoh with yull have better critical rate(100%)critical dmg, single dmg feoh have only survivalbility thats why you can count good feohs on naia with just one hand and yulls are many... most of them reroll to yull. Even after this lol nerf you must be happy you play this ch
  12. Game is free to play until 107 and need fortune to play (small purchase is not enough) over there most of new ppl quit after this because not have enough gear to play and dont want pay some thousands dollars to play. Some of the betters game in the world purchase is not so necessary like in l2 . Force party activity. Change pvp damage formula is one shot game .reduce power of all this l2 store or in game item so one player can't be one man army and solo everywhere. Party territories should be party and solo be solo so farm places can't be exploited from some strong players .
  13. Personally i have a clan and i am scared to make recruits because i am afraid i will recruit a stupid guy and start wars . In the past you couldn't see who took the kills and Start the war. I hope they have changed it now. At least we must know who open the war.
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