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  1. Pack was worthy due to evas rune and 300% adena drop. Now this is not rly covers the value
  2. any mage DW stage 1 is fairly worse than any limited +21 . It is not recommended to use DW stage 1 on any feoh even with correct attributes. If you want dw on mage , it has to be at least stage 2. Otherwise damage output is reduced. You want ST1 only in case you are about to upgrade it or have claws or something like that. In any other cases , use +21 limited and invest money into red arts for attribute and red +10 skill arts.
  3. Some people dont realise that there are toons running with 150k + $ investments
  4. Yes, correct. However, the value of your time is very high from your perspective only. The problem is that our time has someway be tradable for any efforts given by NCwest. Essentially - you spend your time playing and enjoying game, and not providing any value to company except expenses. Thus in society there is a solution - called money where your time is valued and paid accordingly for your effort to contribute for our humanity development. Other words if you do not have any money - you are parasite You must pay up not in your time playing , but with your time doing something valuable for NCwest well in this case again money. Yes , world economics is far from perfect and if someone lives better than others is monetary system weakness( if anything good in it exist at all). If search for equality ; I would say economic system should be way way way more complex and event thou BTC is not perfect solution, but it would (most likely) equal current gaps. This is major reason why governments fighting cryptos )
  5. Some skills or Items (Topaz) as example do Fixed damage meaning it does not care about your armor values (P.def) For example, in your case 10% would reduce topaz damage by 10% .
  6. Dont listen people who know nothing. Make dark Knight and you will have a nice life , trust me
  7. this one will be closest maybe next year 2023 in best case scenario
  8. I wonder, how people click that button on 20 boxes ? oO Is there any automation to use tickets ?
  9. I dont know what you people talking about, My both pc running non stop since Wednesday ? ? Alo alo ALOooooooooooo
  10. axaxa, that is the problem man. You pour money into the game but not your game stability . Buy normal internet and normal PC instead buying Ncoins
  11. ??? this is obvious and being done by many wealthy people. Goods are transferred constantly between those 2 servers.
  12. as topic says. Where is exp event ? I need exp boost added to the base XP asaaap
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