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  1. Queue Is not a solution

    I believe you have no idea how much cost 50 engineer you are paying not enough Ando to demand such nonsense
  2. I'm not scared of anything, there is no fear in my life I even look death into his eyes. I do understand how the world is and I accept all parts of it. I choose where I want to be and I learned how to deal with everything that's around me. Never cry, or beg I always accept challenges given. I won many cheaters in my life )) You have no idea the feeling ))
  3. Need clarification on following item deletion: rare accessory 6,000 Day Celebration Event emperor pots 6,000 Day Celebration Event Need official because should I keep should I open those or save or use ? Hell knows where is info.
  4. The Power of Abundance skill from Abundance Talismans (Lv. 1~4) can now be automated on the hotbar while auto hunting. It would be cool if you do same for agathion skills. @Hime
  5. As per topic, the use case of macros : 1. Debuff attacks, required use only to debuff enemy. 2. Damage deal attacks required to deal a certain amount of damage 3. zone control, zoning skills (snare, pull, and so on depending on class) Current usage of the macro : from top to bottom /target whatever /use debuff /deal damage / zone control rinse repeat/ everything is cool and great however there is an issue with a DELAY which can be set in macro, where all delay applies to the entire code which is not an ideal situation and create unnecessary spam either to servers and to players as well. I cannot separately place snare lets say every 20 secs for a spot. Also, I cannot delay debuff for the duration it lasts which is ~ 20 secs. Debuffs are being spammed without any reason to cast at all. Solution: implement delay timers for skills individually and apply delays somewhere on side of the macro GUI or similar to something like that. Regards and Thank you, Ifaz
  6. Because you cannot stop people from sin. This how the whole internet works, there are no boundaries. No one can control it, anyone with some understanding of how the connection is being established can use it. The network is alive as same as you go outside to the night club or any crowded areas like concerts and there are plenty of different mentality people. Someone can just beat ya, some even more evil or you can meet some people who will change your life for good. You have to realize that if there is entrance wide open anyone will go inside including cheaters. If you want to get rid of cheats forever you have to close the doors and lock it which is actually possible, however, no one will be able to enter this entrance literally Noone. What point of locking yourself out? The only what you can do about it is learn to deal with it or accept it. Be as you are or become the same as they are which leads to consequences you want it or not at some point in time. I hope you understand what I tried to say here )
  7. Paagrio Earring bug

    Ok , I will say it. 14 years I read this sentence from a bunch of different people. Never happened )) l2 still here as it was before.
  8. Complaints about archers

    Played most classes. If not all of them except sayha seer. My main is feoh I like his survivability at this point in time and aoe capabilities, however, when I take my yul with dragon stage 1 wep it's way another story for damages. It is rly different farm and all those skill cooldowns and skill power cannot be comparable to feoh or evi thou evi is ofc very decent raid farmer. If compare yul to feoh what i don't like for feoh that when it casting those skills it literally stops to cast while yul skill is just insta bursts one after another. To me feoh looks like slowpoke casting hitbox . 1999 casting speed but this casting skill time, reuse skills time fcks it up compared to yul and crit cap 30% too plays nerfing role.. Well if I chose who will exp me Yah, Yul all way long now.
  9. Olympiad frequency

    Hello Ncwest/NCsoft, -Olympiad is a great activity, however, due to work and busy days, it is very difficult to spend all weekends for the olympiad to keep up the competition. If You would be able to make it every second weekend that would be cool. I believe many people who work and willing to pay for game would agree about this. Regards
  10. Physical defense stat keeps changing

    Its like stuff working and stuff not working ? )
  11. Chronos Down?

    what the story guyz ))
  12. No, if someone want res his toon and it will logout by the time you event get rez it will be very annoying
  13. @Juji So what happened to 16th anniversary coin exchange links ? ))) where are our consumables for 16th year
  14. They will send you an email report ))
  15. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    I actually wanna know as well what the hell with those coins ???? Is there an exchange link missing or something ? because all I see in this event is either pots or coins. I'm pretty sure npc had to have some exchange link for those coins which Juji forgot to place in. regards