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  1. Physical defense stat keeps changing

    Its like stuff working and stuff not working ? )
  2. Chronos Down?

    what the story guyz ))
  3. No, if someone want res his toon and it will logout by the time you event get rez it will be very annoying
  4. @Juji So what happened to 16th anniversary coin exchange links ? ))) where are our consumables for 16th year
  5. They will send you an email report ))
  6. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    I actually wanna know as well what the hell with those coins ???? Is there an exchange link missing or something ? because all I see in this event is either pots or coins. I'm pretty sure npc had to have some exchange link for those coins which Juji forgot to place in. regards
  7. Switch claas inventory limit FIX

    true that, switching to dual became ridiculous hard )
  8. what customer base )) this platform is laundering machine for stolen cards. Ncoins is bought by stolen cards , there is nothing about product improvement its just cash in cash out. that's it )
  9. Do we have L2 anniversary this corona year?
  10. EXP at 105 lvl

    You guys doing something wrong when exp....with 200% 20 days ? It took 3 entrances to coal mines 99-105 done to level up new iss. As a Yul or feoh it just take that long. Which in fact is a 3 days max. I believe people do not understand their class if it takes 20 days or more. Even with exalted gear 3 entrances to coal mines do 99-105. But yes you need the rune +200 and all those epx +30% pots, buffs for exp boost. But hey 3 hours for full exp boost is not that expensive right ? Just kite those dorfs they are flipn slow aoe crap out of them.
  11. WTFast

    It is not possible to connect via WTFast anymore?
  12. Solving probmes

    create your own group and contest them
  13. 1,5h queue

    good morning ))
  14. Guys since there are new jewels coming, would you consider a more effective way to change grinders to powders? Now this questline is extremely ineffective
  15. Immortal scrolls

    Can you plix make those tradable ? Thx