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  1. @Juji looking for any sort of compensation regarding this misunderstanding
  2. Personaly confirming the list by Draecke is being almost accurate opened 2000 boxes , Items crossed do not exit in drop table. Btw draecke talisman stage 2 and 3 I think drops. )
  3. You wont see one without 3rd party programs )
  4. whats wrong with angel accessories ) you need them a lot for collection
  5. Feoh cant drop raids easy. Feoh's always sucks at raids.
  6. Dont you worry about this, they will just add lootboxes with +10 ready crystals which will drop like candies, and all those people who invested 20k $ to make +10 will lose the money thats all )
  7. It doesn't really affect your gear situation since with adena inflation items would just double in price . So overall they didn't changed much.
  8. @Juji Fix this , the whole l2 is about to enchant system and at current rates its barely possible to go more than +2 on items without lady luck triggers. Give back previous rates of it .
  9. -People you are serious ? do You even read agreements when you click button "Play" ? You own nothing here , this is purely service access nothing more. They own your account and whatever you doing with Their account is irrelevant and whenever they want they can simply remove it from existence. -Whatever lawyers you call they will show that agreement button you clicked before starting the game and all thing gonna be over ))
  10. Dont be ridiculous, its not like he enchanted it with low investments, into it. Yes he enchant to +25 however we talking about capital of 600 billions. Noone says that og look man i enchanted +25 bow with 30 bilions in my pocket. No this never gonna happen. Those weapons require certain amount of scrolls which costs money. Does enchanter risks ? Yes ! does he make money ? probably Yes possibly No. But since he sells and repeats the I bet he makes some adena profit. Noone stops you do the same. You simply never tried do any tests or research how to make it and whine here when s
  11. We here came not for math or provide number or do stupid videos on yutube, we here to play. And me as player stating with very high confidence that enchanting is nerfed DRASTICALLY. 'I have no time nor i want o dig into all those number crap besides old system is not reachable to event compare. You will have to rely on words of people who enchanting since 2004 ok ?
  12. I have no Idea what you expect with 1 bil )) but for sure you need to get 2 very important items 7 Signs and Abundance tali + longing if can isnanity.
  13. Yah they should pay me for my knowledge about l2
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