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  1. Lineage 2 Naia Cloak Enchant Test - YouTube
  2. Dear @Juji @Hime Cloaks are necessary item to get some pve damage. Majority of new people struggling to get past +5 cloaks. This is not easy task even for advanced enchanters. Please consider to ease +1-10 enchantment. You do not have even adjust rates , just provide supply of stable cloak enchants. Because those a very rare and extremely expensive for newbies for sure.
  3. Maphr shirt has 0 effect on NO GRADE item. Maphrs Shirt has effect ONLY on Graded Items D, C, B, A, S, R, R95, R99, R110. Guys You have to understand one thing. Enchanting is a SKILL it's NOT luck stat. It's Non written skill which you earn only HARD way, Meaning hundreds of billions Broken Items and a lot of Crystals. And only after you invest hundreds of billions into this Non written skill, you will be able to do +15 or even +20 cloaks
  4. If you have in your inventory 15 + legendary scroll you will see option to trade 15 normal for 1 higher grade. (I do not recommend it and 15 scrolls usually about what you need and slight chance you can make with less or a bit more )
  5. That is not my bloody problem that devs not removed those skills, I enchanted them back then not recently or smthing. It is on dev side and I do not see how this is not compensated lol .
  6. l2 is fun to play with some exceptions where it's not ))
  7. what advantage it was normal procedure, you enchant your skills available to +20 now they are deleted. Ok delete if you want those skills, but replace with 100% codex's per skill which has been removed.
  8. They should allow us to 100% +20 skill replacement, period.
  9. @Hime ok , you delete my +20 skills where I paid to make with Ncoins. How you will refund this ? I have 2 skills which being deleted +20 . I find this absurd that you taking away my investments into character without any doubts.
  10. there is 50% chance to make bloody armor just with bloody stones eod giant energy.
  11. I played feoh for veeeeeeery long time )) Guess what im doing now ? Yes that's right im leveling Yul ghosts sentinels . Nough this crap lets make all archers ! ). Feoh crit rate still capped to 33% any patk dealers perma crits. Matk stat is useless I had ~ 100mil matk with drag wep I couldnt 1 shot mob in IT )) wth ? Just reroll yul end of story .
  12. When the limit reached for heaven scrolls will be lifted ?
  13. Actually , to the op I would recommend to avoid spending big money on any loot boxes. If you have spare $ to spent - just wait for some enchanting event (mammons , cloaks etc ) also there are events where top prize comes after certain number of draws per server ( in this case you just need to cover all amount or lets say 1/3 in bulk on your own to claim top item) . Anyway , use your head and dont rush with events , you will see a profitable ones for sure and only THEN invest your 8k eur for decent gear up.
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