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  1. M8 , your statement is entirely from your and only your point of view. Of course whoever will spend more time and organize camping and farming dragons , raids etc will slowly progress. This option available for those people who do only l2 playing and/or l2 is a living source due to RMT. ( we all know how this model works you set your adena selling website and here you go i wont drop all those adena website links here) -Other people who play game to enjoy do not have exact amount of time and can be active for few hours a day at topz. So for those people is disadvantage and impossible
  2. )) Ok, what people do not understand is this so called -->l2store shop. Here is the thing , all the progress in l2 is like domino . The guy you is at place idk 1236 trying to compete with guy at 1135 in the worlds ranking. They both do the same > farm adena 24/7 exp 24/7 and doing things idk events and stuffz. Eventually you realise that no matter how hard you try the guy keeps running away while you keep trying to catch. Next. You open l2store. And drop 50$ to catch up a little bit outside of farmable "possibilities" So that is from point of view of the guy who is at plac
  3. Everything works just great love it .
  4. Favorite : Judicator Name: Ifaz Server: Chronos Who would beat this love to yo class
  5. power plant employees are not pushed to the limit. While gaming and other non important things capitalist's do not provide enough staff to handle required operations. In result this happens
  6. plans for compensation this week.
  7. Actually , -Anyone who is involved in this "BUG" , enchanted for 3 weeks and gathered +12 weapons . You just can imagine how many claws is out there now lol
  8. Guys, please suggest devs to implement feature to skip the skill bar in macro if skill has cooldown. It is rly reduce kill rate and it stands like donkey while going through all used item skills which we would like to keep in that macro and use skill when its up ONLY. which can be 15 mins reuse time or so.
  9. You always can pm Darkick ingame. have plenty of those
  10. The Hell you talking about ? AH is full of lvl 5 jewels noone wanna buy
  11. I was considering to get some Ncoins , but damn with those enchant rate not going to. @Hime @LIMEbring back normal enchant rates for people !
  12. I just wonder, guys. Why you give us event with all those fancy prizes , but there is no actual way to reach those enchant levels i mean after +18 it just game over. You need like 20k scrolls to make slight attempt to +20 not to mention +21 +22 or hell +25 ? Ok I agree +24 +25 should be sort of hard and you may need 10x +24 but you do not allow to even get to that point. Only some fancy pic on forums.
  13. what speed has to do with stability of your connection ? (nothing). Go learn a bit about networks and then you can come and even maybe complain something here. You have google networks 101 go read. This will be beneficial for your country and maybe even one additional network engineer will be born who can actually help develop infrastructure.
  14. I have been bashing about this 33% crit rate cap for about a year now. This is main reason why feohs are so heavily outperformed by physical damage... The history about mage crit rate cut was idk probably C4 cant remember exactly, but there was stacking with wild magic where mages got 100% critical and back then this crit from mages was huge thing. -As for today! this is OLD news and crit cap for classes shouldn't even exist. Due to overhaul in system overall. NCsoft HAS to make equal crit rate cap to ALL classes , Period. or all 33% cap or everyone can hit 100% that it.
  15. Ireland , Use Wtfast looks good to me and no skill delays so far , none clients dced . Essentially playable
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