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  1. It seems to me that you're playing the wrong game.
  2. Yep haven't been able to log all day at work, still have 2 accounts logged in at home though
  3. Yea that huge lag-fest last night felt like we were getting a DDOS attack, probably by unhappy customers. I still remember that one guy who freaked out and was spamming the forums for a whole day asking for personal info of the GM's.
  4. That's me every Tuesday when they post update notes
  5. I could log-in from home fine, but now at work I'm having the same issues as everyone else
  6. Man this server is gonna die so fast lmfao, I was hoping it would last until WoW Classic at least. GM's still nowhere to be found. And don't tell me anything about holiday break, everyone else is back to work
  7. I had two different bots today in EV that I was dealing with by fearing mobs off a cliff and having them follow it, while it did work both of them came back at least 4 times each before giving up. These people don't care anymore they just bot right in your face and egg you on to report them, just shows how bad it's getting with NCsoft doing absolutely nothing.
  8. Jesus christ that's hard to look at, sad that it's becoming this bad.
  9. Are we playing the same game? There hasn't been a queue since the Halloween event ended lmao
  10. Yeah my internet only decides to have packet loss problems in l2, wow really strange can't be their fault at all. Surely it's my internet and not the crappy company that can't even fix the tooltips on shop items sine the start of the server.
  11. Read my post, it most definitely is issue with NCsoft. Or maybe my internet only decided to kick off my vip4 accounts but not vip0 right?
  12. Bruh, both my vip4 accounts can't stay connected to fish overnight most of the time. But my vip0 seller dwarf can stay online for a whole week with no problem, it's friggin infuriating.
  13. Buy the bonfire > buy the cooking supplies (you need like 9 per bonfire) > place the bonfire and target it quickly > start clicking the cooking supplies in your inventory or drag to your hotkeys until the bonfire despawns, they have a short cast time You will either get the normal food which is a buff or the special one you can turn in for the gift bag.
  14. If you one shot a flagged player you can kill them and you won't get flagged yourself, nice official server.
  15. Yep lmfao, check event tab on the store in-game. It's funny and sad at the same time, also they snuck in C shots as well.
  16. You forgot the part where you tell us you're going to make it right and remove the items.
  17. Yikes. I guess our standards are just drastically different, to me that is far from "fine".
  18. You're comparing FPS games to an MMO, like really dude. And no I'm still farming EV freely, I did see a bot party of ponies here for the first time today though so they're getting more ballsy. Also how do you do sieges with 30 active ppl? I mean if you just wanna stand around and roleplay it's fine.
  19. So play for 6-9 months and then half server gets banned on the same day and server dies
  20. Not sure if you know this but the guy who makes the top bot program charges monthly fees to use it, so they are definitely making money. It's kind of funny the hackers have subscription fees and server doesn't. Just goes to show if your product is good people have no problem to pay
  21. I don't agree, with AI it needs to be constantly updated because the people making the programs will always find a way around. If you just hire one or two guys to hunt bots the problem is over.
  22. Anyone who's played l2 long enough already knows the answer to the problem, you need a live person hunting bots. But clearly NCsoft is too greedy to fork over the cash to pay someone.
  23. Lets give them an easy way to de-level right where they farm! Really this is some Einstein level of genius right here
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