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  1. You know it doesn't hurt to admit that you were wrong once in a while instead of making these word salad replies that don't actually mean anything. Also can you explain what you actually mean with the highlighted part? Content capped at 70? There are mobs/raids in the game over 70 and you can pass level 70 so what content is actually capped? The only capped content is provisional clan halls which you said we would have on release (another lie).
  2. Jesus you are the biggest edge-lord I've ever encountered in gaming, and that's saying something. You realize you're playing a video-game right?
  3. Weren't you the guy bragging about making millions and how rates were fine? Can't farm the sub 40 zones anymore because too many bots? Guess what, NCosft will do nothing. Have fun fighting with bots trying to earn Adena in one of the few profitable low level spots, it will only get worse
  4. Wonder how cheap Adena is gonna be after this weekend, it was already dropping fast which means not enough people are buying
  5. Last post Nov 20 and still no update? You need two weeks+ to get absolutely nothing done? What a joke, just wait until Sieges/Oly is released with inevitable bugs and we will have to wait a whole month just for a fix.
  6. I guarantee you it's not gonna last if things keep going the way they are with GM's just ignoring everything, it's easy to see the server is already losing more people than it's gaining. Nothing kills L2 servers faster than unchecked/unfixed issues and unresponsive GM's. Not to mention lots of players I know didn't even bother to roll here because they knew exactly how it would turn out and they were right. P.S. Gz Capone
  7. Don't worry GM is hard at work making posts like these...
  8. We're like the girlfriend in an abusive relationship who won't leave because she thinks things will eventually change for the better but they never do.
  9. This isn't even the problem though, the problem is mobs at 50+ are dropping 120a..
  10. You will get banned if you try to use the same credit card on more than 3 accounts (the max box amount). Maybe not 100% but I know a lot of people got banned for this at the start.
  11. Talking Island is pretty much the NA server, Giran has a lot of Euro players.
  12. It's the latter, they really don't know what to say anymore since they continuously get caught in lies. Like saying they're looking at Adena scaling as a whole but then only fixing the zones they want to.
  13. lol they unpinned this post, probably hoping it will just go away
  14. wtb sub only server with only cosmetics on shop.
  15. If success was measured by making people not want to give you money, NCsoft would be on Apples level
  16. lmao $50 for 30 day rune, get lost you disgusting money grubbers
  17. Sorry but no one cares about your lowbie experiences and crappy low D drops, and your "friends" getting lucky lmfao. It took me over two weeks of farming DW to get it and I know people farming SoS even longer trying to get CDL and it doesn't drop. The rates are totally borked.
  18. They are actually providing worse service than illegal servers have provided in the past. Also lmfao they edit "private" to "illegal" wtf is this some youtube censor garbage?
  19. Yea this is easy to avoid, all you do is walk away.. unless your bot is playing for you.
  20. As if he will actually be able to answer your question So far it's pretty clear they don't know a whole lot.
  21. Don't all you guys have RMT sites or something?
  22. lol no fix to Sea of Spores adena drops? Wtf is this garbage, first you said you're checking "scaling" of adena. Scaling would mean it's affecting all mobs drops, but here you're fixing only a couple zones? Jesus what a load of crap lmao, you guys far exceeded my expectations of messing this patch up. Great job! I feel embarrassed and this isn't even my job!
  23. Like I care what some forum warrior who's not even 40 yet thinks
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