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  1. Are people seriously asking which weapon to use on a summoner??? Retributer all the way! Read their Superior Weapon Mastery passive ...."P.Atk by 122%...when two-handed staff... is equiped" (at lv9). Also, take a look at the SAs of the Exalted Retri; it gives ATTACK SPEED and P.CRIT DMG! Look at the enchantment bonus for r110 Retri; it gives P.Critical Dmg and P/M Skill Power.
  2. As crazy as it sounds I switched to healer main during the current event. Just wanted to share some thoughts about my experiences so far. First off I switched to help my clan out and I joined a CP which needed a healer. I was a 115 Tyrr and wanted a change. I directly switched all the gear I was able to and bought/sold other stuff as needed. I wanted to see if I would be able to heal, contribute some damage, and solo if necessary so I went SE. We are almost exclusively PvE so PvP didn't factor into my decision. It's hard to guess where my gear falls on the spectrum so let's sa
  3. Skill Crit Tyrr doesn't have too much lag. Even if we assume your group is the perfect trio your classes are wrong. Should be Heiro, STS, ST.
  4. If you have (or can get) a Skill Crit Dmg aug then you can test with Mega Strike. Even if it's just a +1% aug it will show up (or it won't lol).
  5. I honestly don't even think this will work anymore. As it stands there are simply TOO MANY L2 Store exclusive items to space them out with promos/flash sales etc. We literally have to wait 6+ months for items to cycle through the store. even if this was cut in half there would still be a scarcity of items. The solution is a no-brainer; the Einhasad Store which, EVER OTHER REGION has............
  6. I have 1350 unbuffed; r110 weap - 450 Circlet - 50 +5 Navari - 35 +8 Angel Earring - 30 Anakim Charm - 30 lv4 Opal - 70 Agathion - 50 Seven Signs - 50 lv4 Artifact - 50 Clan Advent lv13 - 25 +3 Top Grade Book - 80 Armor Augments - 190 (50,50,30,30,30) Advanced Dual Skill - 50 AP - 130 Top 10 Class - 30 +6 Bless Angel Necklace (collection) - 30
  7. Rodah


    Maestro actually has the highest P.Skill Crit Rate because of 1H Blunt Mastery (+30%).
  8. Kinda tired of arguing with you so this will be my last response. Tyrrs are a relatively small population class so we know each other. There are 9 Tyrrs on Chronos who can farm TOI 2. I can name them if you want..... There are MAYBE 10 more who can solo TOI 1. That is it. Earlier in this thread one of the Archer benefits mentioned was the ability to do 2x pits in IoS; that is what I was referring too. The reason is 2x dash and multi-shot. OFC a stacked nuker can solo swamp; that doesn't really invalidate my argument about Yul being tops in PvE. You are comparing yourself t
  9. Does it matter if you PvE in order to PvP? Do you NOT PvE 95% of the time? I kinda know that you do so.... how is this my opinion? Every archer in the top 50 full solos TOI with a buffer (they don't need a tank). I mean this isn't event debatable; you can see for yourself or PM them for verification. So I'll ask again; how does this adhere to your ideas of knowing your classes role? I already said Tyrrs were better at PvP; did you even read my full statement? Do you even know how Feoh AOE works? Multishot hits more mobs than nuker AOE in IoS..... Do you think there is
  10. OK, so a few points here; this game is literally 95%+ PvE. This means any talk about "survivability" is irrelevant. A stacked archer can "tank" Ketra/SoS/ToI. Should they be able to do that? You mentioned the "role" a class should play so.......yeah. Again; no one is arguing here that all DDs should be the same. We're arguing that Yuls should not be the BEST at virtually everything. You're comparison with Exos is flawed. He is probably as stacked as you so in IoS he can make "almost" the same amount of adena because you can both 1-shot everything. But he can't make near
  11. WTF?? Sonic Star has 30s Base Reuse...... Even with MAX skill reuse you can only get down to 8 or 9 seconds. Back on topic; they problem, as others have articulated, is archers are superior to EVERY CLASS at EVERY ACTIVITY with 1 exception! Tyrrs are stronger in PvP ATM but that is it. And when it comes to farming adena, archers are 2x-3x better than everything else. A 1t archer can farm more adena than a 2t Tyrr. That is crazy! Don't get me wrong; I'll probably switch my dual to an archer just to farm adena. I don't even want to do this lol. But if you want to be reasonabl
  12. First off, Red Libra has traditionally been every 6 months (you can go through event archives and verify this). The extended lapse between the last two was caused by a compatibility issue with our update (new Libra could not be introduced until we received update). This was verified by Juji in Discord (maybe on forums too; IDK). As far as catching up? The last 2 have had free 24h Rose; I guess that helps lowbies? Increased access to weapons/armor too. I really couldn't say. Maybe people switch to the current FOTM to XP faster.
  13. Stage 2+ Dragon Weapons and Cursed Weapons have 999 Ele Attack. Also end game players run Perma Freya Rose and Dragon Pot (+170-270).
  14. I understand you think L2NA should be run differently (I do to) and that Juji is responsible for the state of the game but.... I am 100% certain NCWest is doing EVERYTHING they can to maximize profits!!! If/when they make changes to the store (like introducing the Einhasad store) it will be because they think it will make $$.
  15. So if I had to guess I would say that items are cycled in such a way as to INCREASE the scarcity and therefore promote more consumption during the promo. Yes, there is a bottleneck with actual brooches but not the gems. As far as books are concerned; are you referring to Forgotten Books? If so then they drop in game now and Whales will buy overpriced from L2 Store anyway so....???? Did you make a Stage 5 (or greater) Advanced Protection? Because some people have and they dropped A LOT doing it. As far as "giving Juji a pat on the back," how did you get that from my statement..... a
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