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  1. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    4% VR is irrelevant so it basically comes down to which is better 10% Skill Reuse and 14% Skill Mastery or 5% Critical / P. Skill Critical Damage. As far as Skill Mastery is Concerned; I've run Berserker's Mortal AP (60% Skill Mastery) with a +10 Light Set and didn't notice a difference. Skill Reuse is great but if you run Eva's and other reuse items/skills 10% is no longer that big a difference.
  2. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    Here is some additional general info regarding gear as well; it is in ascending order. Armor - r99 Exalted Light, +8/10 Bless Immo/TW/95 Light, +8/10 Bloody r99 Light, +8/10 Bloody r110 HEAVY. Yes, I said hvy; I'm not going to get into why but if you can afford an r110 Bloody Heavy Set then your other gear is also pretty good and the light bonuses aren't a huge deal anymore. Weapon - Enhanced Exalted, E. Shadow, +12 r99 Bloody, +12 r110 Bloody, +13++ r110 Bloody, +15++ Limited. Belt - Exalted, PvE, Clan Hall/Ekimus/Tiat, Chef Monkey, Rulers, Enhanced Rulers Circlet - +5 Standard Authority, +5 Noble Authority, +5 Radiant Authority Dyes - +9 STR (free Exalted), +15 STR, +15/15 STR/CHA
  3. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    Well actually he ask which were the best Epics not best gear in general. I only point this out since you didn't tell him either (best epics or best gear) lol. To the OP regarding Epics; Rings First - If you go a simple Crit Dmg build then go for a Trasken and a Rulers Ring of Authority. If those are to expensive then get a Ring of Creation and a AQ/Baium Soul with +2 STR. If you you want to go for a Skill Crit Dmg build then go for a Temp Oly Ring and the 400 NCoin Paulinas ring (both 30 day temp rings). If you are willing to spend vast amounts of money then get a +10 Fallen Angels Ring and either a +3 Dragon Ring or +6 Angels Ring. Then you'll have both Crit Dmg and Skill Crit Dmg. Earrings - +12 Atlas and any VR Earring. If money is no concern then +12 Atlas and either a Lindvior or any Gods Earring. Necklace - (in ascending order) Frint Soul with CD/Oct Warrior, +3 Dragon/Valakas, Gods Necklace.
  4. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    I'm not saying your wrong but you just suggested a "base" of roughly 150b in gear lol.
  5. Maestro weapon/gear?

    I've never tried it but I'm sure it does. It works with no weapon just swinging your fist! A spear is actually a really good weap to go from 101-106. You can AOE Tanor, Coal Mines, and Beleths. The problem with a spear (IMO) is that there aren't many places to use it after 106. You can use it in Storm and PI but those are only 1hr each /day. Virtually all 105-109 hunting areas are small group mobs spaced fairly far apart. So yes, you can go the spear route and it migh come in handy but, your DPS will be higher with a 1h blunt and you'll probably be hunting small group mobs (5-8) after 106.
  6. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Just a common sense approach; as it stands the past actions shouldn't result in a ban. Was it dirty pool on MS part; yes and we all know that (even MS knows it's a weak move). GMs should come out and say what we all know; don't use that TP spot during a siege. After making the hard statement anyone using it in the future should be banned.
  7. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    I literally just tested your assertion about killing mobs with no weapon (I'm macroing ATM). I guess technically it can be done but it takes so long as to make your argument irrelevant. Sure with the proc I can get the HP on a mob down to say 1/4 fairly fast but after that it takes forever to kill the mob. I can kill 20+ mobs with my weap in the amount of time it takes to kill 1 w/o. So why does it even matter? About Dragon Valley; I'll say again, so what? It still takes too long to kill out there. XP/hr is garbage if you are hunting red mobs.
  8. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    I don't think that's the case. I'll mention a few things from my observations; first, the animation always shows up after the damage. So the damage from the proc doesn't occur when the hammers hit the mob; it has already occurred prior to the animation. The best way to see this in action is to solo some IT mobs (if you can). Second, if you are hunting relatively weak mobs then a normal crit can actually do more dmg than the proc skill. This is especially true if you have zerk/force up and CC. Third, if the skill procs when a mobs HP is less than half the dmg could be reasonably low depending on what mobs you are hunting. The dmg might just look like a normal hit. Couple this with the fact that the dmg occurs before the animation and it's easy to see why some would think the skill didn't work.
  9. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    I would need proof of this before I would even attempt an explanation because my Maestro sure as hell can't do that.
  10. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    Let me go ahead and put a bit more salt on your wounds. The reason Maestros are so strong now (in my opinion) isn't the proc skill from Golem Spirit. Sure it's nice but the really big boost came from the changes to Superior Blunt Weapon Mastery and the actual Golem Spirit buff effects. My P.Attack almost doubled after the patch. And my normal crits hit HARD. More than half the time Golem Spirit doesn't even proc before I kill a mob.
  11. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    Where are you getting your information from? It doesn't work like that; you cannot kill a mob with the Golem Spirit Proc skill. And you're also wrong about the evis too. They both work, even when mob is low HP but, like Dreamcraft said, it only takes away 30% of REMAINING HP. Actually maybe your right; it is unbalanced. I'll tell you what, you can have a proc skill like Golem Spirit if I can have Frenzy/Guts. Also, throw in Wild Roar from GKs too because Ogre/Bear just isn't working for me.....
  12. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    Is this a serious post? Yes Maestros are strong now but Evis have a similar passive; how come you're not QQing about them? And for the record, a Maestro can hunt light red mobs but they really shouldn't. The skill only removes 30% of remaining HP so it has diminishing returns. Kill speed still matters and when a mob gets low HP you still have to finish it off with skills or regular hits. You should be killing mobs in 5 seconds not beating on light red mobs for 20-30 seconds. And besides, an AOE archer/nuker still XPs faster.......
  13. insane kelbim weap aug..

    Yes you can Augment an Insane Kelbim weapon. You can use Giant's, regular, mid, high, or top spirit stones.
  14. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this. If you are saying you have to talk to the NPC again after each application/removal then there is a slightly easier way. You open both the Augmentation application system and the removal system at the same time. Leave them both up. I stack them on top of each other with my inventory open to the side. When you augment/remove augment hit continue after each use and just pull your weapon back into the appropriate system box.
  15. Advice for Yul GS

    Full solo with only exalted gear you're gonna be stuck in BS. IDK what server you are on but on Chronos there are always multiple 24/7 EV and/or Beleth groups running. My advice would be to get in one of those. Also keep doing Coal Mine and Castille daily. The problem is I don't see how you can advance beyond that (not your fault). There is just no way to make adena. I invested a fairly large chunk of $$ when I came back and I have 4 toons running non-stop; 2 fishers with Fancy Rods and 2 107+ DDs soloing in different areas. With this setup up I bring in about 800m/day. That is enough to keep me progressing but as my gear improves the price of better equipment starts to rise exponentially.