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  1. This is kinda misleading; EVERY class is costly to excel in 110+ content. Evis is still cheaper than Archer/Tyrr/Dagger. Nuker is probably the only cheaper class going 110+. (excluding support ofc)
  2. OK, so basically there are 2 ways to build a Tyrr; auto-attack or skill attack. Most Tyrrs will start out as auto-attack and then shift to a skill based build later. Some Tyrrs can stay auto attack 110+. So for example, a Titan can be a really good DD as pure auto-attack 115+ and so can a GK (GK also great skill DPS too). A Maestro is a great hybrid because they can use skills/auto-attack starting at 106. A Glad will become a Skill DPS class fairly quickly as their skills have great dmg potential and they get a boost to skill crit rate. Then you have DNs...... they don't have any pe
  3. So, if worth considering the natural advantages some classes have over others in relation to your goals and what type of investment you plan to make. For example; almost everyone recommends going Evis for a player of limited means. There is good reason for this; an Evis will have more ele attack than any comparable toon. They also are a pure auto attack crit dmg (cheap) class. An Evis/Heiro combo is REALLY strong and you'll be able to hunt effectively with "cheap" equipment. Yes, archers are (arguably) the best DDs but, they require a tremendous amount of investment and are not
  4. There will probably NEVER be a Dual <-> Main service! This was a PRE-Awakening service which used to be offered on an individual basis for a fee. My guess is, the bean counters ran the numbers and determined it wouldn't be worth it. Stone of Destiny (Fate) is different. The base code already exist in the game; it was part of the initial Awakening launch. It just needed a bit of tweaking to implement. Everyone asking for Dual/Main switch should probably make alternate plans because it probably won't happen (and I am sorry about that).
  5. Yep, I tested with Mega Strike on my Tyrr. VoP is still good for skill based class but worthless for Evis and Tyrrs who auto attck. Nerf to daggers as well. Cost to run OOP OL also adds up; it's not cheap.
  6. My "average" 110 Evis alt is doing fine in FoM. I'll also add that after some testing, Duo with PoM > Solo with OOP OL. Sure XP was better full solo but not by a whole lot. Also hardly ever die because I kill a fair amount faster. More Adena too.
  7. It always sounds good on the forums to say "Play a support and you'll always get a party." In game it simply doesn't work that way. This is especially true if you have a 50b budget. How are you gonna get to 110? How are you gonna make ANY adena? How are you gonna XP for the 95% of the time you CAN'T find a party? If you come back to game with a set group of friends who is starting a CP then sure, go support. Or, if you can join a highly active PvE clan which will even take a 105 support toon you "might" be able to level somewhat effectively. If you find yourself in either of these two
  8. You can get +30% Physical Skill Critical RATE from Top Grade Weapon Augment Stone (Gold). You can get +20% Physical Skill Critical DAMAGE from Top Grade Augment Stone (Purple). Those are the top bonuses for their respective modifiers; hope that helps.
  9. Any regular Blacksmith in any town can Enchant r110 (not head blacksmith).
  10. Additionally; $500 for the basic 6-slot and probably $1k+ for the top brooch???? I think I'll pass. You guys realize Gems have been in-game for FIVE YEARS right? And they are still ridiculously overpriced....
  11. You're probably half right actually. What I should have said was NA and SA players make up a majority of Chronos player base. While you are correct that only NC knows the real numbers, I feel pretty confident that NA/SA players greatly outnumber EU players on Chronos. I will also further clarify my NCoin comment; it's the the "average" NA player who spends $100-200 / month on Chronos which keeps the economy vibrant. "Both" EU servers are missing this player base. Who do you think is dropping 200 haunted chests in Ando/Tevas/etc. buy shops lol. It's been like this since the inception
  12. While I acknowledge sword times are bad for EU players, I completely reject the suggestion that ANYTHING on Chronos should be changed in order to better accommodate them (you). EU players are already GREATLY benefiting from playing on the NA server. They get all the benefits of a thriving in-game economy which only exist because the MAJORITY of Chronos players are NA and they purchase/sell NCoin (and NCoin items). And, whether they admit it or not, Chronos offers more activity and PvP than Naia. Don't believe me? Go take a stroll through Naia....... Yeah, thought so.
  13. I have to disagree with you and reiterate my main point; the items most players want/need aren't included in the current promo. And if they are (Crystal of Dawn), the drop rate is so low the price is ridiculous. Yes, current promo has a good NCoin/Adena conversion but so what? Lets say you sell your 8k NCoin and purchase Crystals of Dawn in order to upgrade your Aritfact. Since this is a "good" promo you'll get 20b for your 8k NCoin on Chronos (2.5m per). Guess what, you can buy about 14 Crystals of Dawn for that much; enough to upgrade to a mid-grade Artifact book. That's just bad..
  14. Over the last 6 months you guys have really put out some great events; Double XP, Letters, Red Libra, Rim, etc. Thanks for that. However, your store promotions have been pretty bad on average (with some exceptions). Take the current promo, I (we) need Crystals of Dawn; we don't need 95% of the other rewards in the Haunted Boxes. I would have dropped $100+ if I was certain I could get what I want but..... Or how about Circlets; why did you put them in the L2 store, we don't need them (AT ALL). We DO need circlet augment stones though...... And why did you randomly put Cloaks
  15. I suspect it only applies to the actual dragons and not dragon type mobs.
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