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  1. Current mob attribute values have been discussed extensively on the L2 Discord server. This information is readily available in other regions. And......yes, it's been tested on our servers by multiple end game players. Our mob attribute values are the same as KR, EU, RU, etc. Edit: The lack of readily available attribute boosting equipment is the biggest "screw you" from NC West right now. Even "end-game" players with "only" +30 weapons can't do DV and Fafurion because of low attribute attack.
  2. I am shocked at some of the gear recommendations coming from known players (who should no better). Your gear is fine for your level with the exception of TWO key things. As Hyper said; you need Bloody weap and Bloody Rune; that is 30%+ dmg. Additionally (and arguably more important) you need MUCH higher attribute attack. Attribute is one of the things NC changed that is screwing SO MANY players ATM. Storm mobs have 1370 Attribute Defense; IoS have 1520!!!!! I can only assume your attribute attack is LOW (around 1k?). A 110 needs 1300 - 1400 unbuffed to be able to make dece
  3. Rodah

    Evis macro

    I have heard that "Damage to Immobile" is bugged so might be better to put in 2 points into Ele Attack Wizard until 110 and then change to get 10% Dmg. And yes, ALL you need is: /useskill Ride Sidestep /attack The reason for this is, it will keep Inside Position up 100%. This proc buff is better than what you would get from the other debuffs (Laterl Hit, etc.). Also take a look at how SLOW the skill use is on Lateral Hit. You can literally get 2-3 normal hits in the time it takes to use that skill.
  4. ??? Where does it say this? Certainly NOT in the skill description.
  5. +1 JoeBob You guys are just completely missing a stab. There is nothing new or "broken" about this. Daggers have ALWAYS missed stabs. This is the trade-off daggers have for getting stab dmg from NORMAL (p.attack) crit dmg. No other class gets a dmg boost to their skills from regular crit dmg. Daggers get a boost from normal and skill crit dmg. It doesn't happen much but it DOES happen. It is what it is.
  6. The end of L2 in real time..... For those of you who do not know, the rewards for exchanging Event Dragon Weapons were changed with maintenance. So for example; where yesterday a +12 Event Dragon Slayer gave a lv4 Crap Jewel it now gives a Dragon Claw (yes; a F@#$ing DRAGON CLAW). Where a +10 Dragon Slayer gave 3x Forg Books it now gives a +16-+18 Cloak Destruction Scroll..... EDIT: I'm just waiting to see what NC does about this but I think this is it for me.
  7. Crazy stupid move NC. I also enchanted a fair amount and now this...... It's totally messed up and I think it will finally force me to quit.
  8. There are a couple points I would argue illustrate flaws and/or contradictions in your assertions. 1) Yes, this is an open world PvP game BUT there are NO consequences when a clan "abuses" the flawed war system to force it on an unwanted target. This is clearly why most end-gamers have switched to 14 member clans (yourself included). 2) The days of forming informal alliances or "diplomatic relationships" are over. CPs, p2w, unlimited boxes, a small player base, and content which DOES NOT require large numbers of live players killed that. 3) Theoretically no one should be
  9. OK, just so we are clear; the situation is a supposedly "PvP" clan is keeping perma war declared on a PvE clan. Because no one is perfect and/or people want to XP/farm as efficiently as possible, this so called PvP clan is able to trigger an unwanted war more often than not. Meanwhile, the real PvP clans on Chronos are staying under 14 members so they don't even have to mess with this nonsense. .... and your advice to the PvE clan is to dismiss members and/or tell Tyrrs to operate at 50% efficiancy? Really?? That is just messed up. Are you just being a contrarian out of spit? Why
  10. Yeah; war system is fine. It's not like all the top clans on Chronos are 14 members or anything...... wait, what??
  11. +1 While I know it's not a technical exploit, it allows people to abuse a flawed game design to continually harass any clan that aspires to be... an actual clan (more than 14 people).
  12. Are people seriously asking which weapon to use on a summoner??? Retributer all the way! Read their Superior Weapon Mastery passive ...."P.Atk by 122%...when two-handed staff... is equiped" (at lv9). Also, take a look at the SAs of the Exalted Retri; it gives ATTACK SPEED and P.CRIT DMG! Look at the enchantment bonus for r110 Retri; it gives P.Critical Dmg and P/M Skill Power.
  13. As crazy as it sounds I switched to healer main during the current event. Just wanted to share some thoughts about my experiences so far. First off I switched to help my clan out and I joined a CP which needed a healer. I was a 115 Tyrr and wanted a change. I directly switched all the gear I was able to and bought/sold other stuff as needed. I wanted to see if I would be able to heal, contribute some damage, and solo if necessary so I went SE. We are almost exclusively PvE so PvP didn't factor into my decision. It's hard to guess where my gear falls on the spectrum so let's sa
  14. Skill Crit Tyrr doesn't have too much lag. Even if we assume your group is the perfect trio your classes are wrong. Should be Heiro, STS, ST.
  15. If you have (or can get) a Skill Crit Dmg aug then you can test with Mega Strike. Even if it's just a +1% aug it will show up (or it won't lol).
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