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  1. As others have pointed out, problem is 2-fold; too much adena and not enough items. This combination is creating hyper-inflation and scarcity. @Juji it needs to be addressed in some way; please.
  2. OK so I went back and took a look at your gear and I will give you some advice. Before I do I want to point out that prior to the last Red Libra I was a 116 Healer who could solo WoA and do Castilla 120 if I played it live (I usually macro'ed 115 because I am lazy). In SoS groups I would AOE magic crit for 50k and with all procs I would hit for 200k. I would literally cycle group/balance and AOE nukes. First thing I will say is that under virtually ALL circumstances I found robes to be significantly better. The only advantage Light Armor has is reuse BUT, after buffs and other items i
  3. So.... I think this is a gear issue and not a class (healer) issue. If you have the EXACT same gear on a healer and a nuker the healer isn't going to do 50% less dmg in PvE (I am talking low/mid not endgame toons). With Inquisitor on a healer does about 30% less Dmg than a true Feoh. With the double points bonus a healer set up like a nuker should actually be able to make a higher score. At your level I'm not really even sure what "full PVE def" means. You can change AP/Dual skills back and forth very easily. What else are you referring too? Just FYI healer gets more M.Attack wi
  4. There were lots of changes in game which were not reflected in Patch Notes. For example; the amount of Augment Stone Crystals (item from FS spoiler) needed for Augment Stones was increased. That is a nerf for the FS class. You don't see me petitioning about it. Stuff like this happens almost every update. It is what it is. Only archers can do 2x IoS spots because Quick Charge. And no, no other class can (not even Feoh with teleport skill). I think you misunderstand my argument (not surprising considering this reply). Archers are still better than most other classes at Pv
  5. Proof of what?? It's widely understood (and confirmed by other regions patch notes) the Skill Crit Rate for Pinpoint and Quickshot were substantially decreased. They were/are a Yuls strongest single target skills because of the ignore pdef effect. So, they were nerfed. As you further illustrated its not a bug so what's the point of further support tickets?
  6. OK, lets clarify a few things here. ToI 1 is 50% (mobs lowered by 2 levels) ToI 2 is roughly the same but harder mobs so less adena (I assumed this is where you hunt with your gear) ToI 3 is ?? (IDK about ToI 3) So if you are hunting 1st floor then yes, you are making less but so is everyone else. I'm really surprised you didn't take the time to LOOK at the adena amounts, it's clearly less. IoS 2 is also 10-15% less adena DROPPING. So anyone who can clear is making roughly the same amount of adena regardless of class. So, what's the problem with this? If you
  7. Well; if a Tyrr/Dagger/Feoh had same gear they would make same amount so....... what's the problem? If you can 1-shot mobs with +12 weap as opposed to +21 then... great? And like I said; if you wanted to you could run 2x spots and make 2x Adena. No other class can do 2x IoS spots. EDIT: You know there was an Adena Nerf in IoS/ToI right? Both are about 10-15% less. So it's not as if only archers are making less adena. Everyone who does IoS is.
  8. A 1-shot is a 1-shot. If you wanted to you could play live and do 2x spots on your archer. At which point you would double your adena. I don't blame you for NOT doing that; it would be horrible. But as an archer you CAN do that and no other class can. And ofc plenty of Archers do run 2x spots.
  9. IDK; what is a "normal gear" archer and how do they compare to a "normal gear" Tyrr/Dagger/Feoh. I'll go ahead and answer that for you; they are STILL better at PvE/Adena farming so........yeah.
  10. You don't do ToI/IoS.............. what are you even talking about; everyone "cares" about adena. More adena = better gear/pots = better at PvE/PvP. You are right that NC should have given a heads up but it's not like it's surprising. NCwest is always last to know.
  11. I try to empathize with archers but then I see statements like this and my empathy just evaporates. Did you read what equitalia wrote a few post up?? He STILL farms 4b+ / day. No other class can do that (none even come close). What would you have switched to??? A class that makes 40% less adena/day? It's almost as if Archers have been #1 for so long that ANY type of nerf is........ OMFG UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! It doesn't matter that they're still the best adena farmers in game; nope, any nerf is a personally insult and should be addressed immediately. Yeah, it sucks yall weren't in
  12. Current mob attribute values have been discussed extensively on the L2 Discord server. This information is readily available in other regions. And......yes, it's been tested on our servers by multiple end game players. Our mob attribute values are the same as KR, EU, RU, etc. Edit: The lack of readily available attribute boosting equipment is the biggest "screw you" from NC West right now. Even "end-game" players with "only" +30 weapons can't do DV and Fafurion because of low attribute attack.
  13. I am shocked at some of the gear recommendations coming from known players (who should no better). Your gear is fine for your level with the exception of TWO key things. As Hyper said; you need Bloody weap and Bloody Rune; that is 30%+ dmg. Additionally (and arguably more important) you need MUCH higher attribute attack. Attribute is one of the things NC changed that is screwing SO MANY players ATM. Storm mobs have 1370 Attribute Defense; IoS have 1520!!!!! I can only assume your attribute attack is LOW (around 1k?). A 110 needs 1300 - 1400 unbuffed to be able to make dece
  14. Rodah

    Evis macro

    I have heard that "Damage to Immobile" is bugged so might be better to put in 2 points into Ele Attack Wizard until 110 and then change to get 10% Dmg. And yes, ALL you need is: /useskill Ride Sidestep /attack The reason for this is, it will keep Inside Position up 100%. This proc buff is better than what you would get from the other debuffs (Laterl Hit, etc.). Also take a look at how SLOW the skill use is on Lateral Hit. You can literally get 2-3 normal hits in the time it takes to use that skill.
  15. ??? Where does it say this? Certainly NOT in the skill description.
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