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  1. Battle Rapsody Cooldown Time

    Yeah but it's irrelevant whether there is an order of application or not because it doesn't alter the reuse. It doesn't matter if your Evas rune is applied first or last the end result is the same. I suspect HandsVSkills numbers are either wrong (most likely) or he has discovered that the reuse description in one of the items he tested is a fraction of a percentage off (not likely but possibly).
  2. Battle Rapsody Cooldown Time

    One more thing, if my formula is "non sense" but it matches the OPs numbers could you please enlighten us and explain how reuse "really" works :).
  3. Battle Rapsody Cooldown Time

    Wait wait wait; you're telling me because you see a 2.4 second difference in reuse between items which give 30% total on a 1200 second reuse skill my initial assessment is wrong lol. You know your "variance" is something like .2% right??? Forgive me if I question your numbers and analysis. Hell .2% can be random serving lag or operator lag. BTW, how did you "see" 2.4 seconds lol.
  4. Battle Rapsody Cooldown Time

    10*.96*.95*.9*.9*.8*.9 = 5.318784 10*.9*.8*.9*.9*.95*.96 = 5.318784 (opposite order) The mathz is stronk?
  5. Ambicija is trolling you guys. It is impossible for a solo player to go from 105-110 in 3 months only spending $100/month. Literally impossible and he knows it. It IS however possible if you are being assisted by player(s) who spend $1k+ / month. Again, he knows all this; some people just like to troll to make themselves feel good....
  6. Battle Rapsody Cooldown Time

    Cooldown (reuse) reductions are applied consecutively NOT concurrently. So taking your numbers in order; your first reduction of 4% EQUALS 4% of 10 minutes. Your second reduction of 5% EQUALS 5% of your new reuse (9 min 35 sec) and NOT 13% of the base 10 minute reuse. And so on..... Numbers check out to me.
  7. As has been stated already, Victories of Paagrio DOES NOT GIVE P.ATTACK. It never has! The P.Attack bonus is applied to the Iss Dominator who cast VoP in the form of the self buff Iss Spirit. That 416 P.Attack is almost certainly from the CHA pot.
  8. ........... Come on guys, really? It clearly did change your stats. Your M.Crit rate went up 14 points which is probably 15% (percentage increases exclude fixed modifiers). You won't see any P.Crit increase because you are maxed out. AND lastly, there is NO STAT for Physical Skill Critical Rate......
  9. Free Event REWARDS!

    Should have made the letters tradeable would have been a nice little bit of adena for lowbies....
  10. +1 Sometimes it's the small things that can let us know you care......
  11. FOS

    They didn't destroy it. FoS isn't supposed to be the best spot for 50%+ of the server but, it is..... The problem is the extreme bottleneck on our servers. Level 108 - 111 players have VERY few options and FoS gives best xp/hr.
  12. Free Event REWARDS!

    I opened my my first batch of letters on Tuesday night (9/1) because I was scared NC would mess up and delete all the letters. Rewards were pretty bad but it's free pots/adena so w/e. Here is a summation of what I got; 17x Silenite 11x Elcyum Crystals 30x BEAR 80x GEAR 80x EWR 400x EAR Bazillion Pots I'll Post second batch 10 days.
  13. I wanted to bring up a situation I'm sure MANY players are concerned with; the scarcity of materials to upgrade some of the equipment in-game. I'm specifically referring to Gemstone Powders, Star Signs, and Crystals of Dawn. It would be nice if NC made this stuff more accessible. I don't even care if it's in the NC store. Just give us the option to get them with buying loot boxes (Hero Coins maybe). With the introduction of Enchant Scrolls for Artifact Books/Agathions Bracelets/ Brooches it would seem obvious to give us the ability to actually use them....
  14. New Hunting Zones

    If the mobs are 112 then they will be yellow to a 108. They can still do it but there will be a damage penalty. Also you have to assume the mobs will have 1700+ element Defense.