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  1. Weapon for PS

    If you have the means, nuke till 52 (or even 58). To do this you will need a recharger. If you don't have a recharger then still nuke till 44. At 44 you get Spirit Sharing and Servitor Haste (attack speed for pet). At this point you can start attacking mobs with your pet while you assist. If you you go this route I would suggest a dagger if you hunt green mobs; sword (single or duals) if you hunt white+.
  2. Level Up Adena Balance

    Rates are less on our server. I believe they were calculated at around 70%~ by some inquisitive players. Is this sustainable? I honestly don't know.
  3. All rates in classic (adena drop, item drop, and spoil) are less than other versions of lineage classic. There are multiple threads addressing this issue and Juji has even chimed in to say he is looking into it.
  4. Yeah you can't go wrong with EE/SE in my opinion. To be fair, a "perfect" PvP group will probably be Bish/EE but SE can sub for EE fairly well. As far as PvE goes; you can do anything with SE. You can recharge AOE melee/mage groups (and give emp/VR) and you can Stigma in the high end single target areas.
  5. Without more info there really isn't a clear answer. If you don't mind support I would lean towards either EE or SE. All parties need 1-2 healers (2 are mandatory in good PvP groups). Maybe even lean more towards SE. With Stigma you will be needed in high end sinlge target but you can recharge mages too.
  6. Spend a few weeks getting an SR and PP to low 40's then go perma red and kill all those people you hate in AC/OB/Part; good therapy!
  7. Cat Buffs

    Queen the Cat is learned at lv77 in Classic. So whenever we get third class change would probably be when we get cat buff. Since we already have this stuff in our version (just disabled) it is really any ones guess when it will be released.
  8. 41 Tyrant - What now?

    1) I have about 300k ATM; at 34 I got Goat Staff; by 36 it was +3. 2) The OP is a Tyrant, I was responding to HIS question, so........I think he uses a melee weapon lol. 3) I am using Moon, it sucks, your point? 4) YOU asked how I grind remember? You asked for "hints." What am I missing here? OFC OP can't two shot mobs. That doesn't mean he shouldn't look for mobs that die fast....... 5) Of course I bought shots from the store when I started. It was a great investment and, now I don't have too.
  9. 41 Tyrant - What now?

    You may be right about those scrolls; truth is I would rather spend my time grinding for adena than do that. My "plan" was always to start doing it when I can solo it efficiently. As it stands I can solo it but it takes forever. 6k a buff round is horrid; period. I don't plan on having top C when I ding 40 and I never said I would. I hope to have top D by around 45. No clue where you got that one from..... I play on Talking Island. Honest question; what specifically of my advice do you disagree with? I'm really curious because your generic "shit" is pretty vague.
  10. 41 Tyrant - What now?

    .............I really don't know what to say. You asked for advice and now you @#$! on it. First; you didn't farm in spots that drop useful stuff (or you didn't farm long enough). If you had then you would have better gear; period. I also have a hard time believing you have killed 1k Timak Orc Troop Warriors by level 41. If you have then that means you started hunting them WAY to earlier but, whatever man... Wow; did you even take the time to research different armors? If you had then you would know that the PDef difference between Moon Hvy and safe enchanted Half Plate (D Hvy since that is what you have) is 55 BEFORE buffs. That is BIG in classic. It also has +1 STR; stats in classic give greater return than in live BTW. Hell; if you don't like that answer then get a C grade chain set from the lux shop (comparatively cheap); safe enchanted it has 78 more PDef than crappy Moon BEFORE buffs.
  11. 41 Tyrant - What now?

    I could just obliterate you for being clueless about the game but I'll try to provide some feedback instead. 1. You can get EWD/EWC from Lux shop in Giran. They cost roughly 220k (takes some D crys so cost varies a bit). 2. I am well aware melee weaps use only 1 SS in classic. On live (old L2) they didn't; that's the point. Previously D/C Weaps used 3 SS and they received less boost from enchants so the idea was to get out of them ASAP. People may or may not be stuck in that mind set; IDK. I was just pointing out that D grade is much more viable now. 3. Re-reading his post I see that he is using Moon Hvy so I will amend my comment to just say that Moon (regardless of type) is a low/mid grade armor set which cannot be enchanted. So... it is AN UPGRADE to get Brig/Salamander. To further elaborate; VR is nerfed in classic so having PDef and or heals is more important than in the past. 4. I am 37/37/37 (Nuker/Oracle/Cleric). I have a +3 Goat Staff and D Jewels ATM. I Searched everywhere to find spots which ensure I always make adena during a buff round (hint: if you can't 2 shot the mobs find another spot). And here is another hint; green and light blue mobs are your friends. I'm not sure about your other comment "drop weapon parts?" Yeah; my advice was for him to start farming parts to craft the top D fists. I also pointed out that ALL top D weap parts drop in Timak Outpost so he can buy/sell/trade other parts to get his Scallop Edges. 5. My "plan" is pretty straight forward. Keep cruising with my trio in spots where I make adena and transition to either Timak, SoS, or Crater to farm Weap parts or Spell Books when I hit 45ish. And just FYI; I bought a Chronicle Pack on all three of my accounts but I DID NOT pop my Rune. I dropped enough $ on all three to make them VIP 4 and with that bonus I am doing just fine. I am leveling at a steady pace but with 3x chars it's slow enough were I can make adena without hitting a wall like the OP did. By the time all three of my toons hit 40 I should have about 1m saved up. As to the "leveling too fast" comment; I stand by it. Obviously I don't know how the OP leveled to 41 but I suspect it was "as fast as possible." He probably popped his 50% Rune and he probably did the AI daily religiously. If he didn't do that then I don't know what he did but he certainly didn't follow a similar path as I (and others) are following.
  12. 41 Tyrant - What now?

    As others have said; you leveled too fast. Option A: Start your gear grind. My honest advice; hold off on C grade and work on farming the key parts for top D. For you that would be Scallop Jamadhrs and Salamander (could save for C armor as well). Unlike old L2, top D is feasible for a bit later because it benefits more from enchants than in the past and, melee weaps only use 1 SS. Additionally; Moon armor is closer to mid/low D than Top. The ability to even +3/4 Salamander (in addition to its already higher base PDef) makes it quite a bit better than Moon. Both of the Key parts for these items drop from various Timak Orcs which you should be able to kill. Other Top D weap parts drop as well so you should be able to barter as needed. Slow down, develop a plan, and recognize that focusing primarily on levels is counterproductive. Option B: RMT
  13. Destro vs Tyrr.

    Truth be told they won't take either of them. But I'll concede a Destro can AOE "better" 20-40. In fact, if they have a buffer and recharger they can AOE very will without having to pull to a corner by just doing Wild Sweep or Spinning Slasher 40+ (a Tyrant could do this too 40+). But they aren't gonna do it with just a WC (20-40 or 40+); they'll die. Making 20-40 arguments is kinda pointless though isn't it? I'll also point out that a couple of other changes in classic weaken Destros a fair amount in AOE and single target. First, there is only one crit dmg ring in the game; it is VERY hard to get and it only gives 10% CD. Second, there is no counter critical in classic and third, VR was nerfed (30% chance to recover X dmg as HP [X= lvl of VR]). Warlords are really the only "good" AOE melee class IMO. The reason they are on a whole other lvl in AOE PvE is because they can chain multiple AOE skills; leading with stun to keep the mobs CC'ed. While both Destro and Tyrant can AOE they are both primarily single target DPS.
  14. Destro vs Tyrr.

    Above are two CLEAR examples of how people are still living in the past. In theory a Destro can AOE better because they have polearm mastery but, that isn't how people are AOEing in game. Almost no one is AOEing by pulling mobs into a corner and auto attacking. Go to Orc Barracks, go to AC, go to Partisans and you'll see tanks aggroing tons of mobs and running around in a circle while nukers RANGE AOE the mobs. Guess what toon has a range AOE (hint: it's not Destro). Granted Tyrants don't get this skill until lv40 but still; it deals massive PvE dmg. Essentially; from 20-40 neither can AOE very well and Tyrant (Monk) is better single target from 20-40. Here is another thing some people haven't caught on to yet; ALL physical skills hit HARD in PvE.
  15. Destro vs Tyrr.

    Short answer; no, Tyrants are not desired ATM. AOE reigns supreme right now (think OB, Partisans,and AC AOE groups) BUT, that may change when people start getting higher level and start transitioning to single target areas (DV/TOI). Having said that, a Tyrant can fill in and do some decent damage in an AOE party; a Destro can't. The trick is convincing to take you :).