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  1. Any regular Blacksmith in any town can Enchant r110 (not head blacksmith).
  2. Additionally; $500 for the basic 6-slot and probably $1k+ for the top brooch???? I think I'll pass. You guys realize Gems have been in-game for FIVE YEARS right? And they are still ridiculously overpriced....
  3. You're probably half right actually. What I should have said was NA and SA players make up a majority of Chronos player base. While you are correct that only NC knows the real numbers, I feel pretty confident that NA/SA players greatly outnumber EU players on Chronos. I will also further clarify my NCoin comment; it's the the "average" NA player who spends $100-200 / month on Chronos which keeps the economy vibrant. "Both" EU servers are missing this player base. Who do you think is dropping 200 haunted chests in Ando/Tevas/etc. buy shops lol. It's been like this since the inception
  4. While I acknowledge sword times are bad for EU players, I completely reject the suggestion that ANYTHING on Chronos should be changed in order to better accommodate them (you). EU players are already GREATLY benefiting from playing on the NA server. They get all the benefits of a thriving in-game economy which only exist because the MAJORITY of Chronos players are NA and they purchase/sell NCoin (and NCoin items). And, whether they admit it or not, Chronos offers more activity and PvP than Naia. Don't believe me? Go take a stroll through Naia....... Yeah, thought so.
  5. I have to disagree with you and reiterate my main point; the items most players want/need aren't included in the current promo. And if they are (Crystal of Dawn), the drop rate is so low the price is ridiculous. Yes, current promo has a good NCoin/Adena conversion but so what? Lets say you sell your 8k NCoin and purchase Crystals of Dawn in order to upgrade your Aritfact. Since this is a "good" promo you'll get 20b for your 8k NCoin on Chronos (2.5m per). Guess what, you can buy about 14 Crystals of Dawn for that much; enough to upgrade to a mid-grade Artifact book. That's just bad..
  6. Over the last 6 months you guys have really put out some great events; Double XP, Letters, Red Libra, Rim, etc. Thanks for that. However, your store promotions have been pretty bad on average (with some exceptions). Take the current promo, I (we) need Crystals of Dawn; we don't need 95% of the other rewards in the Haunted Boxes. I would have dropped $100+ if I was certain I could get what I want but..... Or how about Circlets; why did you put them in the L2 store, we don't need them (AT ALL). We DO need circlet augment stones though...... And why did you randomly put Cloaks
  7. I suspect it only applies to the actual dragons and not dragon type mobs.
  8. I know your an old player and all but sometimes.....it just seems as though you don't research/ask clannies about a subject before you post on here. EoDs have been sold in the Grocery Store for months (maybe over year). Additionally, the July 29th patch referenced will change most upgrades to a Crystals of Dawn charge. That is both good and bad; good for upgrading Dragon Shirts, bad for Circlets so... IDK.
  9. Flagging with non-target AOEs does suck. As mixa said, most classes have non-target AOE skills which players can abuse to force flag. I'd like this to change as well. As far as Tyrr Duelist are concerned.... they are VERY good at PvE. My advice would be switch to a "partial" skill crit build. You don't have to go all out; get temp Skill Crit Rings and change up your SA/AP. Hunt mobs 2-4 levels under you and 1-shot everything with skills.
  10. The reason for going r110 is the additional 150 element attack. Element is arguably the most important stat in the current patch. It hasn't been discussed much here but on the L2 Discord it's been shown that monster element defense was boosted significantly. For example, Fields of Silence mobs have 1369 Element Defense. Additionally, the formula for element attack might have changed as well. There doesn't appear to be anymore "break points." There seems to be a linear relationship between element attack vs. monster defense. I "might" try and test this with Mega Strike but that
  11. ?????? are we playing the same game? I've played L2 on and off since 2004; you could never EVER get anywhere only "playing" 2-3 hours a day. As to your "normal working ppl..." comment; well, that's why NC implemented the macro system. Was it not clear to you when I said a majority of my grinding/farming is AFK macro? Let me be crystal clear; my Evis is almost 109 in mostly exalted gear. I sometimes leave her running for days without touching her. She has achieved the overwhelming majority of her XP in freaking Enchanted Valley..... So I stand by my comments; with the Dragon Weap eve
  12. One of your DDs is way better than "decently" geared But yeah, 10t / hr is good.
  13. This! A decently geared party with 110 DDs should be able to make 8t/hour out there. Having said that, the party needs to be setup correctly; no cutting corners. You need to have 3-4 AOE DDs (or REALLY strong single target DDs), a good tank, healer, PoM/VoP/Bison Iss. Even better would be a SWS or BD in party and an OL out of party doing Victories. The Iss needs to be debuffing as well. A dedicated CP is probably best.
  14. OK, I guess my concern with this is... why are you only 107? If you just started 3 months ago then sure, I can see that but if you have been playing for longer you should be 108+. In addition to my main, I also have a 108 Evis alt which I run 24/7 in EV. She is my event farmer and she has pretty bad gear. She only runs Prestige and Discovery Packs and over the course of 6 months she has farmed tons of event items for me. She is almost 109 and has leveled almost entirely in ENCHANTED VALLEY. She makes 200m/day out there. Minus 40m/day for spirit ore and that's still 160m/day. At this po
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