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  1. Coliseum teleport

    already has aden...
  2. Zaken Kill, No Blood for quest

    for what I realized in the giran, and the last hit that picks up even in the cc many do not get and only one pt google translator
  3. zaken cloack

    I had posted yesterday asking about the zaken cover quest and I'm not finding the post so I'll go over it kill the zaken but do not get the item to finish the zaken cover quest can check if this bugged//???? I await an answer @Juji@Hime
  4. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    my friend for me this system does not work in my view I was VIP 4 only thing I saw different was to XP even because of the rest and just description
  5. Cruma adena and drop rate

    my friend you need to read the patch note you're talking about it
  6. information

  7. information

    queremos saber se já tem previsão para o drop back do servidor tanto de itens quanto de adenas
  8. @ Jujicould create a topic with the names of banned chars so that we could follow our report in game and see if this is having an effect. so it would be clear to the community that there was a punishment (my opinion)
  9. new player

    l2 store event buy pack 0 coins good luck
  10. @Jujigm we want real information before the 14th as we can call more player before the update and that is only a day before ... we can improve this communication with the community, because it ends up that many are stopping playing for lack of communication

    hellow version 1.5 sold scroll pk I do not see sell in npc as it suggests to proceed to this
  12. .............................