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  1. Lineage II Operations @LineageIIOps · 1 min [#LineageII] and [#LineageIIClassic] maintenance will be delayed for another 30 minutes. Thank you for your patience!
  2. maybe available on the 11th the code. "Prestige Pack subscribers between November 1 through December 11 will receive a Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack"
  3. so long to give worse news than we expected. However, unfortunately, many did not accept this news and will certainly start from this one for the better. thank you very much hope you bring good news in the next topic. gl hf
  4. friend, the wave is now waiting for the switch from dual to main or make a character DD. I understand your desperation very well but unfortunately we can do nothing as my friends say "just get in fashion"
  5. @Juji about the random queues, any news? https://i.imgur.com/Amr1KQb.jpg
  6. Transfer still close? any update? thanks
  7. Where are u gonna transfer?? With classic launch and people leaving a lot - Chronos and Naia will be merged max in few months. I have no problem, whether it will merge or not I just need the transfer I've been waiting since when it was posted wrong time.
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