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  1. Hi just bought 5k pots from that npc at Aden, inside the auto use settings select them like the pic, moving or not moving the %v bar, everytime the same result: Bought high-grade package and can't level-up afking Auto-hunting without pots. Thxxx
  2. Hi made with my 2 accounts all the dailies and didn't get the dices to do that event. Do I'm missing something?
  3. Thank you for listening <3

    I'd love these event last forever, this way we don't suffer too much to lv up. I'd like if they add more items to the cash shop. I'd buy ONE bought ONCE item that let us teleport everywhere for 0 adena, like we can any lv in the Live Servers. Grade C weapons, armors. The seasonal cash xp/sp items shouldn't up till lv10 or don't fail. The warehouse npc could be sold forever like in ESO, instead to have to rent it.