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  1. On your request, all bots currently has been removed from all servers.
  2. Why everybody assumed, that patch notes will be on 2019? there was no such promise
  3. Might be, I had to use term "fair usage" instead of "fair play". But as long as fair usage is part of fair play, I don't see much difference. EXPLANATION: "fair usage" in my humble opinion, is when you do something in the game for the game. I.E. you farm adena/mats/RB etc. in order to maintain and support your game character. That is fully acceptable as long as it is part of the game, and no bug usage/unauthorized automation/3rd pt software is involved. Farming adena/mats/RB for the sake of exchanging them for dollars/euros/rubels/pounds does not falls under definition of fair usage and therefore not included in fair play. From my point of view, current administration can turn blind eye on external adena sales only in the case if they are going to introduce their own adena sale from L2 store as a response to our complains towards external sellers. (remove demand -add request). Enforcement of declared rules is a simple task for current administration, and if not provided, then only by choice of decision makers or by the lack of knowledge how to achieve that. The logical chain of further arguments is self evident and skipped. P.S. Existence of pay to win system was known for all who joined this game, it was/is/will be on the book of rules for the foreseeable future (hope, that is not a surprise to anyone).
  4. like always.. mixa's response is short, meaningless and gives nothing to the topic except number of his messages. Thank you for your input, mixa
  5. I hope, that wouldn't be to hard for any of 9 gm's listed go to server, and start making order with adena sellers on server? Otherwise, we can start thinking, that advertising adena selling sites are now permitted and supported by company. If I would be monitoring GM efforts to sustain current rules, and enforcement of fair play, ques, which evaluation mark would I give for their achievements? 1 - unsatisfactory?, 5- excellent? PLACES TO LOOK: 1.Party matching window 2. PM in villages 3.Chat window
  6. The more objects are in the game, the more processing power is required from the unit (computer/server)running it. So, low lvl mobs (lvls 1 through 80 )starting from keltirs in dark elf village, and finishing with ketra/varka mobs are vaste of processing resources. do we need them? Server configuration, and hardware specifications are responsible (partially) for number of possible to maintain connections, and therefore are setting limits for the maximum number of active players. But this information is available for the IT engineers, so should be no problems with this part, unless that number is unknown to them. Mentioned above computing power is influencing as well and number of connections maintained, but let's not go to deep into technical details (there are many ways to manage them in order to optimize use of computing power). Synchronization of the events is the biggest challenge to the programmers, because different ping time to the players on the same area (including one party members) requires server to communicate with other active player characters depending on the player with biggest delay (ping). So decision to compress all players in few locations is the most influential towards so called "lag". You always can check how global is lag, by moving to less populated area of the sever. And as long as multiple characters run from same computer shares same ping, they have no more influence as if one character is operational (mostly). That was only share of opinion, and is not intended to start a discussion.
  7. event only items works only during events. There is no runing fishing event at the moment. Event items stays ingame especially, if they were sold for nc coins.
  8. 3 PC limit is not about increase sociability. It is all about solving problem of server lags. It is temporary solution, until devs comes to understanding what's going on on their part. As it was before limited mob respawn in some locations, queues, and etc.
  9. Would be nice, to see some GM action on Naia server in order to get rid of adena sellers advertising on chat and with private messages and mail system. We trust, that this is not part of the game supported by administration, and actions will be performed on constant, permanent and consistent basis.
  10. K95 RESET TIME

    use /instancezone to know, when you can enter any instance again
  11. now i got the point.. Korean Devs don't help with current update, because they are working on the new one.. It leaves our Devs to try to squeeze cheese from... what they have. Let's hope, that the new update will have all current problems solved... more or less..
  12. on twitter, 42 min ago information was posted about delaying for another 2 hours.
  13. Just FYI: l2.bin stays in the running process list after game is closed. And there is only few choices.. manually dump into file and delete afterwards, or keep on waiting while it goes up and down in using memory until eventually it is closed by operational system in use. Could be that the reason that multiple (more then one) clients are using the process, (even with different PID), but would be nice (after closing/exiting)client, not to have any processes running on their own. Same situation is and with awesomeumproccess.exe And in addition to, client should not close itself without noticing user about the action. But this was reported before, so I am not getting into it.
  14. Producer L2 Team 505 581 posts Posted August 24 Queues have been increased to the point where the limit won't be reached! there is no queues!! what are you all talking about? What queues?
  15. finally.. proper flow of information.. not only from gamers to producers(Juji), but also in other direction. I feel obligation to thank you for the second time in a few days. good job in distribution of information