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  1. +1 Please go back to the old olympiad, as it was before the kamael update, this new olympiad is horrible, whoever has more money for potions and scrolls win. @Juji @Hime
  2. we need to merge immediately, Gludio server is dead.
  3. QA, Core and Orfen have to go back to how they were before, if high level hitting is petrified.
  4. Very well, I will sign. Restore the Lineage 2 Classic!
  5. Please give us more information, in case the macro loop doesn't come back, me and my CP, we will definitely uninstall L2.
  6. please come back with the macro loop, I can't level without it
  7. It was clear that the vast majority of players hated this new olympiad. Please NCWest, Come back with the old olympiad games. Many friends of mine are stopping playing because of this...
  8. Gludio is dead. We can't find people to recruit to our clan, we can't find people to kill big boss, it takes you forever to find someone to buy/sell your items. Doom Heavy Set in Talking Island server 30-35kk Doom Heavy Set in Gludio server 70-100kk
  9. Server Gludio is dead. We need server transfer service.
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