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  1. We need at least one more week of exp...... there was 3-5 days unplayable at all.
  2. Since there was so many days we couldnt farm at all,maintance,lost exp over nights for people who slept and lost cakes and boosts.. @Juji@Hime
  3. I don`t think normal players (without cheats ) can kill any chest unless they spawn where they hunt . If you go any place u wont see any alts of people in big clans running around, they just afk in a random spot and wait to scan the chest,while normal players ( a few ) just run around and hopes they are lucky enough to get one
  4. Lineage 2 Chronos Greater Opal 13b? Easy Adena - YouTube demo
  5. Well it's a fail from them,nobody buys it and will be sux 0 black friday sales.
  6. You guys just complain every single step you make , i bet your like this in real life too, the exp was like this for years,was a event and it's over. And even if they have sell 300 u wouldnt get it 100% , trust me. I clicked after 1 min and was sold out. And btw i'm not even mad if it matters.
  7. why u keep crying here if you left ? can't understand this cry babies at all. Just move on in life and do something nice or something that you like . Guess you guys just have to much free time.
  8. Lineage 2 Chronos Greater Opal 13b? Easy Adena - YouTube EDIT : >>>>>>>> Don't try this at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. First of all in the first cloak event in 2018 or 2019 if i remember corectly i made over 50 cloaks +15. So i'm decent in enchanting made like 30 radiant circlets +5 in the past month & many weapons and stuffs. I saw a guy who sell cloak enchant 1-10 at 200kk each in giran so said,why not. Bought a elmore cloak +7 and 600 scrolls from the guy. Had one more ferios cloak +7 My LUC is decent at 78-83 depends. Ok so i started enchanting went to +10 the elmore pretty quick after 30 scrolls . Used legendary went to +11 ( highest ) and after that everything boom. I en
  10. @Lawman got my point... and i'm not a big spender pretty sure here are people with 300k + vip points lol And i buy each month Rune 50% 30 day .. so my vip points will never consume.. we need something to spend points on. Like anything.
  11. I mean if u got aleardy many points,u will be never be able to spend the points since each month u need another 50% rune or w/e u need. What i'm trying to say to be some items like exp scrolls or dunno to can be paid with VIP points.
  12. Pretty sure no one pays, i'm the only one with 50k+ points lol. Nice one boys.
  13. Can u actually add something we can spend vip points on ? Since each month we need 50% exp rune,we will never be able to spend the vip points,pretty sure it's not just me in this situation.. thanks! @Hime@Juji
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