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  1. Vip System Points..

    @Lawman got my point... and i'm not a big spender pretty sure here are people with 300k + vip points lol And i buy each month Rune 50% 30 day .. so my vip points will never consume.. we need something to spend points on. Like anything.
  2. Vip System Points..

    I mean if u got aleardy many points,u will be never be able to spend the points since each month u need another 50% rune or w/e u need. What i'm trying to say to be some items like exp scrolls or dunno to can be paid with VIP points.
  3. Vip System Points..

    Pretty sure no one pays, i'm the only one with 50k+ points lol. Nice one boys.
  4. Can u actually add something we can spend vip points on ? Since each month we need 50% exp rune,we will never be able to spend the vip points,pretty sure it's not just me in this situation.. thanks! @Hime@Juji
  5. Lol . I think this game is perfect how it is . It's my first classic i play and all people are crying they want more items and adena,u got chronos and there are loads of adena and items .. just move there
  6. Necro Lvl 40 lf cp 35+

    the time dossent matter so much,can play always.. msg me or mail in game "Cata. Have fun!