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  1. I feel scammed.

    every deal/trade is mutual consent. the dwarf can sale any price he want, doesnt mean the Lacerator cost that price. Don't feel sad for your ignorance, learn to be smart on next trade. welcome back to L2 :) the the dual damacus kick mobs ass
  2. Prices for CryD and Cry C

    I hate Matz.... don't ever compare Item sale or exchange in Shop, they price are greatly Higher. Cry D expensive because People use it for craft Magic Power and Element Stone. bfr that was 460ea Cry C sale 2350~2850 when SoulShot with Grade. now a day, it almost useless, so Value/price drop. That's i know. hope it help u:)
  3. This Event is Awful

    Sad but true... cant even complete the 50 seed quest. all farm monster only appear 10 minutes and disappear after King Watermelon spawn and die.

    it seen u failed to craft it. those equipment have only 60% success rate. failed craft and all material gone.
  5. Clients closing on their own

    i have same problem here, after server merge, it become worst, delay and disconnect. maybe too much player.
  6. very expensive for latinos

    i tot i only the one bad luck... i seen success rate is low with these scrollz
  7. Where to level up?

    u can choose to go Enchanted Valley, there have element monster, safe and nice drop. lv50-60
  8. Spell book question

    two way to get Spellbook, Drop by monster, Or Train a new race to lv40, u will obtain a 2nd class spellbook chest, open a random spellbook by that race..
  9. I think u should spend time sit in front pc watch it happen.
  10. It happen when setting macro and learn skill. It happen to me , when block/stuck by a group of summoner, game will reset u location and turn of auto macro. Thats bad.
  11. i found some info from other classic server. 23-24 adena per shot, 0 weight no grade, D, C x1, B x2, A x3 Correct details have to wait in the patch notes on August 6.
  12. cant log in error 42

    same here, i can't get login.
  13. Sorry, u make me laugh
  14. Thx for sharing. Congratulations to get +10 +9 pendants
  15. Exp Curve for this version

    I think this is correct. Japan classic exp curve https://m.gamer.com.tw/forum/Co.php?bsn=5264&snB=2026588