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  1. probably will affect olys also..... thats my guess... but it is became ussual so no big deal.... lets start pvp forum
  2. ty to all for help... I will try to do it later and will post the result the need items if any want... just want to keep the app but is bein difficult... some ppl said that to upgrade it is like 150b or even 200b wich is similar to get a +10 enchanted on naia... so...
  3. Hi guys... Im looking for info related to the real amount of items to upgrade my actual set from R99 to R110. I have a Dark R99 set with Helmet +11 / Chest +12 / pants +11 / Gloves +11 / Boots +12, with an APP that I like, so Im trying to maintain it, I want to upgrade to R110 but I dont know how many items do I need (including adena, R-Crystals, Gem-R and Crsytals of Determination). Being my set Dark at this moment, to remove dark only for check the amount of items will cost me a lot (at least for my economy it is) so I really appreciate to help me with the nescesary items info in order
  4. I think that is better that greedy chest items randomly drop from mob at the same rate / time /loc than chest....
  5. I think that you are misunderstanding the meaning of professionalism ... it is not the same than dedication or success... professionalism is in simple terms to do it right whatever is your profession... Let’s take an example of a super unprofessional guy that was super successful and super dedicated to his work that was "Edison"... Edison was super unprofessional guy, he lie to public trying to convince that a new technology (better than the Edison one) was bad for health, not for public concern, but for to sell his own products. He scam in many occasions to their own employees tak
  6. I’m 60+ and my main toon it is 114 (close to 115) and it is not an easy Archer... I made many actions active cos is faster than game macro (unfortunatelly slower than mouse or any other "external program" macro) maybe it is you that dont have a clue about how to play... Don’t relate age to being stupid... Idk your age … but let me tell you that your comments (not necesarily you) looks very stupid to me....
  7. Abstinence syndrome everywere ---- Including me ofc...
  8. First of all Im Agree with my cat... ^^ just kidding Besides the fact that this post was made it by a guy who is an specilist into take advange form the unbalancing items, skills glitchs etc from the game (he is not the only one and I just consider thats like part of the game, you will read later here), and considering that I was already banned from this forum lets give it a chance to this post... In the same line of improve the gameplay here are my proposals... Why we don’t limit the actual damage from any one to 10k (with this will takes you like 20 shots to kill a full HP/CP guy n
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