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  1. How ..... can u be like this? u did that for a hole update in raffinery, now u cry when some1 does it to you? Kids nowdays ....
  2. to be clear, and to close this topic for u: - macro is what u say u do. it's easy to get ried of a macro. kill it and take the spot( nowdays with the risk of ban it seems). with bot it's a whole other story, kill it and he'll be there next second. kill it 100 times, it will still be there next second. that's the differance between macro and bot.
  3. i do find it "extremly lucrative" and "being abused" by "some people"! "" The matter should be adressed i believe.
  4. i dont want to brag about it .. but, i've never been kicked out of instance partyes ... wynn dps is HUGE, far better then any titan/evi out there :P. NOTe: i do agree with you guys, wynn is poorly scaled anywayz, but it is so cus it has HUGE potential as it is ... u just need to know what u'r doing
  5. Hello, I;ve Tried this a while back ... same results as u. They obiously cheat it out. They dont care as long as the cow is there to be milked
  6. Char Name: NightmareMode , Server: Naia Also have this problem, i've got a gm reply from support team: GM Maru (Lineage 2) Aug 23, 20:56 PDT Hello, Your chat prohibition has been lifted. Please be careful of spamming in the public chat channels to void chat prohibition in the future. Please try to widen your public sale notification 30 seconds or more in between, that way other players won't mistaken you for a spammer. If you have other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Regards, GM Maru NCSOFT Support Team So,
  7. i have exact Same problem on NightmareMode > naia ... all of a sudden i've been banned for nothing. i suspect it's from 3rd party software .. since i've got this excactly after i've dismissed an "dirty talker" from my party.
  8. oh w8, subscription AND Store in the same sentence? LOL? Ncwest, learn! rofl ... that's hilarious ... subscription and pay to win :))))
  9. I am a very low spender, i spend only 15$ per month on prestige pack. Altough i encourage ncoin's buying cus i do buy runes with in game adena. I consider miself lucky cus i havent spend more then this. On The way the game is curently evolving, i'll prolly cancel subscription as well( i do understand is a business and needs to produce money, but it went to far with this). To be onest, i'm w8ing to see the new update and it's changes in drop rate. If it's same nerfed, i'll just cancel that also. "What happened to the passion" ncwest?
  10. so .... let's ease theyr tasks.Since they alrdy nerfed to a impossible point all the instances that were dropping two week's ago, Dear NCWest Staff, i've found several other ways of making adena witch they seem to me "extremly lucrative": olympiad, should only be for fun, no rewards( removing 2 nd, 3rd winners, cloacks etc was not enough, u can get masteryes and books now, kinda of "lucrative") Merchant Farming should be only for fun, and for those who have payed enough on store to deserve it. Did u know that with a presige pack u get 20 kk per kill? OMG, "Extremly lucrative"
  11. They are very clear about it it seems, just not face mask off. Pay to play, cus actually if u have no drops, u cannot play cus'u cannot gear up ... forcing people more and more to buy from store. May be affective on short term, but on long term, well .. we alrdy see consequences .. 2 servers?
  12. not anymore, drops have been reduced to what'i've posted since 2 weeks. We made 3 rounds of epics since that update, that's why i'm saying we've got consistent results.
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