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  1. i suppose you want us to quit the game?We wont even have adena to buy shots.Wtf....
  2. fix the -1 log in issue plz and i have often dcs again
  3. Maintenance starting again at 01.00 after midnight and server will open 04:00 in the morning for us in Grece lol .Thanks alot and what about Hunting Boost event do we have any infos about it?
  4. Since last update i also have disconnects and its says you have been disconnected login again 7 etc.Loose so much xp every day!!!Fix it we have to go to work also cant stay on pc 24/7
  5. Q: Game server you play on (Chronos/Naia): A:NAIA Q: City and Country where you play from: A: CHIOS GREECE Q: Your ISP provider name A:NOVA Q: Is your lag problem continuous, or is it intermittent? A:iNTERMITTENT Q: If intermittent, what is the timeframe where you experience the problem the most (time in PST timezone): A:USUALLY AFTERNOON GREEK TIME 17.00 FROM 19.00 PST IF IAM NOT WRONG Q: Problems you are experiencing (please provide as much detail as possible): A:lAG AND DELAY MANY SECONDS AND SOME TIMES EVEN DC ALSO NOT EASY TO LOG IN GAME Q: Do you use any VPN or Fastping service? If so, which one: A: NO Q: Did you find a temporary solution to your issue? If so, please share: A:NO
  6. I got dc to all my toons fishing or xp and i cant login at all and now its already 1h that i try.Says try again later etc cannot contant server .I even deleted and downloaded again the nc launcher 2.I am from Greece also.
  7. Same for me here huge delay and dcs the last 2 days.We pay prestige and we get vitality to xp and we cant plz do something.
  8. i was fine since 20 of august since that day i have disconnects to all my toons again and its random plz fix it maybe oriana coin event or something i dont know...
  9. We all know that energy prices are more expensive than ever.I think you should change the limit of 3 chars per pc to 4 or 5 0r even 6 so we could save some energy and use only one pc for the game.Or else we pay the bill for electricity and no money for nc coins.think about it
  10. Same problem here it the 4th time in a few weeks they open war to my small pve clan.They abuse the problem with aoe skills .Plz change the system or fix skills ppl leave clan or even stop play because of wars when they cant xp they even go and kill all ppl in 99 lvl areas.
  11. Has nothing to do with events last to days i find my toon dc again and again and for 3 hours yesterday i couldnt play at all from lag and dcs and later client wasnt opening at all and was saying that cant connect with server and check my connection etc....Iam closest to quit the bleeping game more than ever.
  12. Good luck man sometimes is good to go for something new.I hope your decision will make you happy.
  13. Same here.... problems again and again for several days or more than a month .Some lag and dc sometimes one toon sometimes all but today i cant play at all.Huge lag maybe even 30 sec and game is unplayble.I made a similar post about this 2-3 days ago but it seems noone care.I will cancel my next prestige no reason to pay for it if i cant play
  14. I have huge delay and i got disconnected.When i open client it takes alot time to show me ids and after i put pass etc it doesnt do anything .I have to try several times.My internet connection is stable and fast.But last 2 months i have several problems with disconnects and today is even worst.Anyone else have same problems any other players from Greece ?New isp new router and now its even worst with the game
  15. Ιam a feoh and i have to say that i was dissapointed with the dragon weap i bought.My +14 bloody retri was better with the m skill power augment i had.I lost pve 15% and augment to get 25% more m atk and some m criti dmg more.I dont know if critical rate works i think its not.I was able at 114 lvl to do karina 120 boss not easy but was able.With the dragon weapon i though it will be a piece of cake and guess what?I cant finish it so i do again 115.What a great weapon upgrade lol wtf iam so stupid.
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