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  1. Well done again restart and iam at work all night.Yesterday restart at 2 after midnight total lost of xp in 48 hours 18 hours and i pay prestige and destiny to lvl up.Thanks alot
  2. I pay for prestige and destiny and with all these rr 02:00 am i lost12 hours of xp at least every time.Thanks alot
  3. i wonder why i pay for destiny and prestige WTF?
  4. Thanks for the info.You couldnt choose worst time than 18.00 in the afternoon.Its the time everyone plays.
  5. m crit dmg is maybe 67% from rings circlet artifact etc i dont know if i missi something .Augment i have is 15% m skill power.I dont know if it has to do with my main class because feoh is dual.
  6. Your gear is just for begginers... +14 bloody weapon is for begginers?M skill power 11% for begginers too?Valakas truth seeker cloak pve +10 and alot more for begginers too and alot more.I dont have saphire 5 yet i think only yuls can make that adena.
  7. Feoh 111 with good gear and i can get max 150kk in ios .How can someone get 350?
  8. Well it first time since there is huge lag and dcs.Until this Maintance i could play 95% of the time good.Now no plz check what is wrong.Also i see many times of the day dc from friends list 5-6 ppl together.
  9. Yes same for me ,one day in crisis a yul was standing to my spot doing nothing no gear toon.I just continued i wrote a message to all but no responce.
  10. Lol event .You buy Jewels for 30 days and no ruby no saphire at all.You buy for 100 coins xp consumables that you can use only until event ends.Even if you want to sell coins noone buys them because are useless.Ok make them not tradeable but why you put a limit to use them?Even if someone wanted to buy coins to buy alot of them to use them in xp event he wont do it.You need to pay 15m to buy a ticket when in the last was you was getting them free from chests?First orianas was good.Since then every time is worst and worst.Ty guys
  11. Not even a post to explain us why and how much time we have to wait again?We must enter instance again now wtf..
  12. Ok plunderous is bleeped thank you Nc.Any other location to farm or we should cancel prestige that is useless now.
  13. So plunderous will stay like that i suppose?I had to cancel my prestige no reason to have it anymore.... you guys in every update try to make us quit the game and regret for all these time i played
  14. 2k adena per mob with prestige? from 50-70k really?i cancel prestige thank you .
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