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  1. i wonder where it says that you wont be able to craft a lvl 4 except if you buy it 45b from a seller in aden.Its a bleepiing lvl 4 you cant even remove it and trade it after....
  2. Well here is my little story i tried to craft -compine a lvl 4 ruby and i thought i would be able even to try for a lvl 5 at least once if i was lucky.After wasting 35000 ether and you know you cant collect them easily and after many many ruby lvl 1 and 30 min the result was 0.Can you plz explain to me where is the 18% you say is the success to compine lvl 3 ruby to lvl 4?Because i tried more than 20 times to compine lvl 3 ruby and nothing.Maybe its 0.0018 % and it says 18% by mistake?Anyone else tried with success???
  3. Same with me and after 2 event that supposed to give Dark weapon stones we havent seen any of them in the market.Lets hope for a new event or something that will give stones.
  4. Lol man nice solution how we didnt think about it? but what if your weapon was already a +16r99 bloody and then became +14krishna with upgrade?You cant change a bloody krishna to something else and i w8 2 years for some dark weap stones but i wont pay 500b for 30 dark weap stones
  5. Thank you hyper for infos i hope my feoh will have better dmg soon.What you mean when you say the source is moving on in 3 days
  6. what is that patch man ?Can i read about it somewhere?
  7. Ninja nerf less adena in ios and storm and noone says anything about that
  8. Man we cant see anything in this video
  9. Its easy to make it limited , just 30 stones 270b and job is done.Or you can just w8 for the next event that will give again 0 dark weapon stones.....
  10. I wonder after 2 events that gave 0 dark weapon stones are we gone get some dark stones to make our weapons limited sometime and also are we gone have the option to make our krishna weapon dark from bloody in red libra maybe so we will be able to make it limited with bloody stones?Wtf...
  11. Come on .... i wanted to go sleep wtf.Now i will log again in 15 hours i will come back from work .
  12. its not the first event we wait for dark stones to upgrade our weapon and event gives 0 , iam mad.5B FOR A DARK STONE WTF
  13. Last 24 or more hours i dont anything else when i come to my pc but only login players again.Plz fix it.I cant play andwe cant stay on pc all day we work.So no xp at all almost 2 days now.
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