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  1. Last 24 or more hours i dont anything else when i come to my pc but only login players again.Plz fix it.I cant play andwe cant stay on pc all day we work.So no xp at all almost 2 days now.
  2. Dailies 105 was harder today i agree with the guy above and also i want to know what happens with adena when you have a distance pt with prestige.Why adena are almost at half when both in pt have prestige?You guys are doing everything to bleep up our game.I wonder sometimes why i still play here.
  3. Really?You reduce at half adena for poor ppl in Isle of Souls Stronghold 1 and you let rich and strong ppl farm 24/7 neutral zone .Wtf I wonder what you guys think to do all that to bleep weak people and make it easier for rich and strong to earn more and bleep the market by buy ewverything with the adena they have and resell expensive to poor and weak
  4. So its wrong for years, never is too late to fix it.Many people lost that compesnation pack because it was saying you can get it until 23/6.And you log in to buuy it 23/6 early in the morning and you cant find it : (
  5. Why you already removed compensation pack when you say 23/6 and you remove it early in the morning before rr.You should remove it later tonight or at least with server rr
  6. BAD 1) I really wonder why new players pvp with mobs?Huge dmg..my main have good gear i think and in ios i play now with all boosts and event buff and he takes alot dmg.a 2)Spot it neutral zone?Not a chance to find one spot and even if you find someone OP will come and kill you so no xp no adena for you 3)Many other problems in game 150 people 115 + and all other struggle to go 111 and 112.Also many items missing in game.Every update you guys bleep ppl you think all have dragon bow and leviathan ++++.I have and one not bad gear evis 110 with abudance 1, protection 6, 7 sig
  7. I i agree with you.These are nonsence .You should inform ppl exactly about the reward changes adena drop etc and same for difficulty and xp changes per mob.What means adjusted come on.What if you GO to buy a car and the seller tell you come and buy it, we adjusted the equipment engine and the price but dont care about it. lol WTF
  8. Yesterday i had one maestro killing mobs to the same spot i was and after a while he left..i dont know i was there first its impossible he didnt notice i was there.Mob next to the teleport 111 lvl not those that are 108.Naia...
  9. Again all my chars dc same time as yesterday.
  10. Exactly the same for me as Agriojohn said. Iam from Greece No vpn This happens last days same hours and makes me so mad.Now server is down and then i go to work so no game for me today.
  11. Its random man and each time you loose Rudi when you trade.So its possible to loose all the rudi you have and never take what you need.Its Gambling nothing new ......
  12. Server have no lag now?We cant play at all man now.I never had big problems and now i cant even log and stay in game for 1 min.
  13. thats worst for me now in the past i didnt had any disconnects... now i cant play at all.I log one char and i cant move and i get again dc .
  14. I logged my char again and i log one and one others get dc again.Wtf i am trying to play before rr for 3 hours and i cant do anything.Later we will have restart and then i will be at work.I never had dcs all time but now its a mess.......i really dont know we are bleeped up and i see that almost same time every day. 10.00 in the morning Greek time.
  15. I had 4 chars in game and all got dc nice....
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