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  1. Ok plunderous is bleeped thank you Nc.Any other location to farm or we should cancel prestige that is useless now.
  2. So plunderous will stay like that i suppose?I had to cancel my prestige no reason to have it anymore.... you guys in every update try to make us quit the game and regret for all these time i played
  3. 2k adena per mob with prestige? from 50-70k really?i cancel prestige thank you .
  4. And here we go again to old s hit.You make pk scammers happy and you will make me dont go out of town and cancel prestige pack because it will be useless.Thanks alot .If the fix is the same with all others i see ppl red and search for items they lost from pk scammers.No thanks i dont want to take the risk.
  5. So without vitality no adena?Why you sold us prestige rune then?I will cancel prestige and iam closer to quit game more than ever.
  6. Well server down again and i wonder what server you must have to run this game?Anyone know what server Nc have for naia?
  7. +1 for that i payed alot nc for that shirt and its bad if you cant trade it .
  8. Well i remember in the past many times GMs to change several quests etc in game as extremely profitable.First one i remember is fishing.What about blood swords zariche and akamanah.They dont know that 1-2 ppl take sword every day?Isnt that extremely profitable for the same ppl to get many bilions each month?Why you guys dont change that and put something like instance for those who took adena from chests , that only one idea.I hate see rich overpowered ppl to get so many billions every day!!!
  9. This launcer is so slow.... just choose north america and give it the path the game is installed and it works.But why client cant stay at the same size i had it and goes full screen when you minimize it.Come on wtf .Plz fix that problem if i minimize a client i want it back to the size i had it not full screen.........
  10. Yes thank you i saw that on another post in forum. i never used that item to know that exists
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