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  1. i also remember those days... of course i dont want wait so many time for they can fix this adena issue, i have just seen ingame a message that they are currently aware about this problem and they will fix it soon, so we need wait a bit
  2. they have announced ingame and in forum that all adena issue will be fixed, so only we can do is wait... PS: when all this adena issue is fixed, can u post it on forum and ingame @Juji????
  3. i want to imagine that all the things are working wrong like low adena drop, no client limit, new teleport mode, no xingcode working, etc, have been caused by the new chronicle update, so, i would like that @Juji can tell us if all the things i have previously commented are errors caused by the update or are things that are going to be like this from now on, because i think they are making a terrible mistake, can u say something @Juji???
  4. i'm main spoiler, and i can tell u that at lvl 60+ is when spoiler becomes indispensable, both for materials and recipes as for the amount of spoil that mobs give. true story
  5. waiting for confirmation or any info
  6. Is there any new about that mission? it was erased from daily missions (i stil don't know why) a few maintenances ago, i think i read in some topic that it would be introduced again, but it seems that not yet... so, any information? ty
  7. in the Lineage II 15th Anniversary Preview web they said on may there will be "an exciting announcement", maybe it's what u ask... maybe...
  8. @Hime, with"party hunting bonus" u mean xp being in a group killing mobs?? or what kind of bonus do u mean?
  9. +1 @killerPrice 100% agree with him/her it would be nice any member of staff could answer on this topic about all these problems. nobody except staff knows what's going on with all issues (ss/bss lag, log in problems, future events) nobody tells us anything to keep community excited, please say something it doesnt cost much!
  10. does that mean next week or in the next days?
  11. nothing else? no updates? no events? what a dissapointment...
  12. sincerely i thought that last week you would activate an event for the server taking into account "April's Fool day", but it wasn't like that, i would like to know @Hime if for the maintenance of this week you have thought to activate some event, since it does a lot time in which we don't enjoy any event, at least to keep people happy and excited doing something, because wihout olys, or the implementations that you said would come (for example, forgotten island...) the game is getting boring.
  13. 100% agree on both petitions, event and warehouse in derby!!!
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