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  1. I'm on board for hardcore exp and adena rates, thats fine and dandy. I don't even mind farming 1 month for one spellbook, but gatekeepers need to be cheaper, that is ridiculous. Most of us have grown and have kids and jobs now, no time to be walking the map 2 hours per day like when we were in grade school and had 5x more time. Anyways, I know it won't be changed but it might be the reason I quit, I barely get to play on the weekdays because of work(which helps fund NCSoft, avid spender) but I can't accept the GK prices and/or the alternative to spend hours walking the map for even daily dungeon/AI daily.
  2. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    As someone mentioned, disabling all shadowing really reduces strain in L2
  3. Im done. Im leaving.

    Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. Classic isn't for everyone.
  4. Alts Clan Pk Against bots

    They come back to the same spot immediately-automatically, its will barely hurt them.
  5. Take your time, the current settings are already easy mode for old school L2ers. I am certain you guys will get it right with next adjustment. Which is why its taking some time to coordinate. F2P comes with a price.. impatient whiney kids @Hime