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  1. +12 bloody is a lot better, more patk, better SAs, soul shot damage bonus, and upgrade-able to R110, which is another noticeable step up from R99
  2. Maestros can aoe well too, unlike evis
  3. sorry to be on your ass <_< this macro is unreliable because it could buff pom to the same DD twice in a row. That's why I said above that if you want to reliably buff 2 people POM, you cannot debuff as well.
  4. When targeting mobs, autocast will cast on self.
  5. Unfortunately, this macro will auto buff PoM to yourself (the heirophant), meaning you can only buff PoM to 1 more DD consistently
  6. light armor is mainly for skill cooldown, so you can use BR more. Your defense isn't going to matter much in group play, you're not supposed to be tanking anything, you only need to survive any aoes and let healer (or yourself) heal up. At higher levels your damage really doesn't make much difference, and if you're a heirophant you *really* want to have light armour (plused up to +8 minimum) and other skill cooldown reduction skills and items to be able to cast PoM on at least 2 DDs, at that point it's not possible to have your macro debuff and reliably buff 2 different people PoM and you'll h
  7. P crit is easier to build up but has diminishing returns as the damage calculation is additive, i.e. 15% + 15% + 30% + 25% = 85% increase crit damage P skill crit is much harder to build up because tyrrs do not skill crit nearly as often as rogues, you'll need to support p skill crit build with both skill crit rate and skill crit damage items, which are much less accessible (cost + event only items). But at end game skill crit build is *much* more powerful than regular crit damage, because it scales multiplicative, i.e. 15%, 15%, 30%, 25% => 1.15 * 1.15 * 1.3 * 1.25 = 2.1490625 =>
  8. If VR for DDs is basically healing them for their entire HP every few hits, making support classes pretty much unnecessary for solo areas and in some cases party areas for stacked toons, we need equivalent(s) for defensive classes. Ideas (incomplete and mutually exclusive): Counter Attack (Tanks): Every time you get hit, there is a chance to counter attack with with X power added to your patk. Suggested power value: about the same as regular single target skill of tanks. Suggested chance: ~25% at max level. Taunt (Tanks): Aura/active skill that makes enemi
  9. 15% skill power is not 15% increase in damage, as you have to factor in your regular patk in damage calculations as well. 20% p skill crit damage is basically (since stabs skill crit 99% of the time) a 20% increase in damage, this is much better than 15% skill power.
  10. +5 angel ring is *slightly* better than Earth Wyrm: 1.1 * 1.1 = 1.21 = 21% more damage per stab (assuming skill crit, which is 99% of the time for stabs) +6 angel ring is much better with 1.15 * 1.15 = 1.3225 = 32.25% more damage per stab, but significantly more expensive.
  11. You can consider every 10 attack attribute to be ~1% more damage, all the way up to the break limit for mobs, which at 110+ is like 1800
  12. were you testing against weak mobs or mobs you usually xp against? I think it might be like counter crit toggle where there's a minimum damage threshold
  13. This is also a good indicator of how crap our version is, we are usually about 4-6 months behind on updates, 111 -> 115 is more than 6 months. So either we're just terrible at xping (how? it's all macro now) or there are other factors, i.e. overly expensive xp boosts, unhealthy economy making higher end items unattainable unless you're the 1%...etc.
  14. It's been like 8 years since I reported this same issue to GMs and this still hasn't been fixed? LOL
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