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  1. The "right choices" have already been posted millions of times from the community but NC refuses to take actions. If players want to continue playing here and if they want new players that's totally up to NC to make changes to their own game instead of adding bad content, bad pay2win events and admins disappear from the forums.
  2. NC typo mistakes. 105 is meant to be 110+ just ignore the "105"
  3. @Juji @Hime @LIME any chance to read this topic? MAKE LINEAGE 2 GREAT AGAIN !
  4. You now have starting quests, just create a new character and follow the questline till you're awaken (85 lvl) and then continue with the awaken quests for some rewards. When you are in the part of the Exalted quests in Heine, open up party matching list and join BS (Blazing Swamp) random parties to get the quest items while partying with other players. Stay there till 105 lvl (you can complete only Exalted 1 & 2 Quests in Blazing Swamp) and then get your visa ready to spend some thousands to buy items
  5. This should be a lesson for everyone. NC knows very well what they're doing, making the game extremely hard with huge nerfs in drops/adena and increasing mobs's stats to force you pay real money in order to progress. Maybe this gameplay mechanic is new to you but for players playing on Live/Classic servers know exactly how NC is thinking. Game is boring, no quests, no fun at all in ALL versions! Just wait few more weeks (1, 2 or maybe a month) and you will see the high priced p2w events in the store and population will go down in both Aden servers. We have said it a million
  6. They can make changes if they want to but they will not do it. That's the point. If you visit Juji's/Hime's profiles you will see when they were last visited the forum. Their activity is 1%. As long as huge amount of money is arriving into their accounts, they will be inactive. They will just post some fail p2w events and that's all.
  7. I don't know about MP since my MP is always low cuz i'm a melee but after the first Aden server maintenance, drops from monsters have reduced a lot. The first week of the server i was able to get many drops but now 0. If you guys are new here you will see what NC does, nothing So get ready for ninja patches and huge nerfs as well as boost HP/ATK to mobs without notification from Admins. Have fun.
  8. Yes NC is a big company but they will never listen to players. You will get used to that. They will do w/e they want. In Live Servers with the Herald of Light update they made a topic to "collect feedback". The feedback was 99% negative and guess what, they've moved this topic to archive without making any changes to the game because they don't care what players saying
  9. This bug has already been reported multiple times but NC is too busy making more p2w items for Live/Classic/Aden to introduce them in the near future.
  10. Finally a post about a member who knows exactly what NC is. We knew that NC would make it this way. Same as Live & Classic servers. I bet servers will be "LIGHT" and many many ppl will quit before 3 months, the first pay2win items will arrive in the store very very soon and then the situation will go out of control. Good thing is that players still support NC and there are a lot of players playing in Aden right now but the bad thing is that NC is never listening to players' opinions/feedback. All new players that are playing in Aden will soon realize that Admins will on
  11. Welcome to NCWest. Aden server is already hard compared to EU Essence, no xp, no SG pots, nothing. They made it this way so you can only spend real money to progress (like Chronos/Naia & Classic). My post will be deleted but i will say this: They don't care about players who don't spend money, they will never listen to community feedback. As long as there are few players spending thousands of dollars they are fine with this. Do not expect any reply, any "free" sayha grace pot or events that give cool rewards. Aden is up for few days, w8 and see for yourself as the
  12. it doesn't matter. If you see $25 in Ncoin page, it'll be 25 Euros too. No less. People that know what NCwest can do in order to get money, they kept their hype about aden servers You cannot change anything, we knew this was gonna be a p2w fest from the first day. Imagine what they will add in store next weeks. All newbies, welcome to NCSoft West. This is the real pay 2 survive l2
  13. They are busing setting up l2 store for Aden. Don't expect any reply soon
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