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  1. Meanwhile, players from Greece were able to download Lineage2M from app/play store normally BUT when they tried to login via "Purple" account they got an error message "the game isn't available in your country". @Hime @Juji @LIME @Sunshine nice play with l2m restrictions. good job.
  2. Like you said it's Christmas season but NC has a strategy plan. Give all players the pots you see in the article about l2m celebration and the upcoming Wednesday after maintenance prepare your wallets for Christmas events that will include cocktail buffs. :ThinkingBlackGuy:
  3. But Lineage 2 is Free To Play .. oh wait!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving US people. Meanwhile, Halo Infinite's Store Items are so expensive players started to boycott store https://gamerant.com/halo-infinite-players-item-shop-boycott/ and the community director of 343 industries has responded to all players saying that they will fix everything the upcoming days. https://twitter.com/ske7ch/status/1463324577048588288 our amazing l2 team @Juji @Sunshine @LIME @Hime are on vacations on Dubai for Thanksgiving 365 days per year afk from the game/forums, posting automated maintenance topics and news, spending all the billions they made
  5. Let's hope you've prepared some awesome events for next month for everyone to enjoy, not just l2 store!
  6. 100% agree. Don't get fooled when you see Chronos/Naia "normal" , it's because of the L2M Celebration event that's currently running. Everyone logs in all the toons for daily kastia and the 6h buff to get free opal lvl4 and hewr to make their weapons +12, otherwise both servers have very very low active players. I'd say around 500-600? Probably. Economy is a mess, even if you want to go for normal xp in normal hunting areas you need to pay, otherwise you'll be always dead and then you quit. I am so happy seeing ppl quit, this will teach NC a lesson to change the marketing strategy and pro
  7. The legacy website doesn't exist anymore. The only way to "think about your past" is by running/visiting/exploring the old areas but mobs have been changed since then. Also, there isn't anything in the game anymore to remind you the "c4 days". Long gone.
  8. @Draecke i hope your ticket gets resolved and get your ncoins back. Like i said in the other topic, nc has gone too far with all the fails and scams the last months. Worst than before. It's time to stand up and boycott this fail company. No one should buy ncoins. Halloween event failed, black friday sales failed and i'm sure Christmas events will be a huge fail too. Let's teach them a lesson so their income decreases.
  9. I thought the same when i logged in after maintenance but yeah castilla and the 3000 mobs are daily.
  10. Thanks for replying to my topic but after the failed Halloween "event" you came up with the BRILLIANT FAIL idea of "black friday sales". 16 ncoins for 1 box with 50% chance to get 1 BF Coin and you need 190 for Ruby lvl4. Do the math. You really force your playerbase to quit, i wonder when you will understand it. No thanks but i'll pass (and i'm sure many players will do the same) with those "sales".
  11. YeS BuT EnCi SoFt Is BuSy WiTh L2M AtM AnD Th3Y D()N'T C@r3 AbOuT LiV3 @Juji @Hime @LIME @Sunshine sup with l2m fellas? is it true that you have abandoned lineage2.com and all l2 versions? Just be clear with your community, if "yes" then we should uninstall the game because you are not here anymore.
  12. All paid boxes in l2 store give roses/xp/buff pots. Did you ever thought, even for 1 second, that you could get a good reward from a free event? This is NCWest bro.
  13. @Hime @LIME @Sunshine @Juji November/December are the two months of gifts, sales, events etc. Since you've failed hard with this year's Halloween Event, Is there any chance we get good Black Friday sales like discounts on items or ncoins or any other packs similar to the ones you did last year? If yes, when we should expect those sales?
  14. @Hime you really moved this topic in Archive without even announcing the winners? https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/23415-spooky-raid-boss-forums-giveaway/page/6/
  15. Sorry to say this but that's exactly how NC does their job. We (Live players) know this for many many years and i can assure you that with every Wednesday's maintenance you will get nerfs. Every.Single.Week. without any info You'll get used to it.
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