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  1. Good luck getting a response from NCSOFT
  2. You people must learn from this. As you can see, they don't give a F anymore on patch notes they only wanna do game updates with p2w items. This is your chance, to quit l2 once and for all. There are tons of awesome games out there instead of sitting here and waiting for an announcement from the unprofessional NC employees. This joke must end.
  3. @Hime "Patch Notes will be available before Wednesday." Also @Hime 20hours before Wednesday maintenance & Wild Horizons update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK-NcRmVcw
  4. Bro, they really don't care that the community is HYPE and READY to read the patch notes, the only thing they wanna do is to translate the new update and get everything ready to take money into their pockets.
  5. Patch notes will be released Tuesday 23:59 Seriously, you guys keep refreshing the main page for patch notes BEFORE the maintenace? lmao
  6. You should thank the rich people for keeping this game alive because thanks to them, nc is adding more p2w events and upgrades. Without those people l2 would be played by max 100 people, or it might have been shutted down already. Think twice before you post
  7. NC is busy adding new compounds and p2w items in the upcoming update that we'll get next week, they wanna make sure all your money worth spend well. Please don't post usuless topics about fixes, game is working fine according to nc and there is no need to fix anything, only adding items!
  8. developers are already working on new p2w ite....... devs are working to fix the melee lag please stay tuned.
  9. ncsoft's support ticket system is 99.9% automated replies. They will not ban bots, they will not help you. Don't waste your time reporting bots. Why you lads don't accept the fact that nc don't care anymore for us (players), don't care for the game, don't care what your game problems are. They are making tons of money every single day fron ncoins and the only thing they actually do care about is to add new items in the game via Unreal Engine and all the rich people will buy them. Do not trust this company and definitely don't believe a word they're saying. As long as nc ea
  10. Stop blaming ncsoft. They work hard to give us (players) the new upcoming updates and all the pay2win items in store. Do you know how much work has to be done in Unreal Engine to add all those items?!? Only serious developers can do this!
  11. You are wasting your time posting reports and suggestions. The person(s) who have the bots for the chests are making a serious business out of this. They sell the items for adena, they sell adena for real money. (or they sell the items for real money directly). As you can see, all of NC employees are afk all the time and as i've said in another topic, they only login in forum to post the weekly maintenance and publish pay 2 win "events". It's really sad to see what l2 has become, one of the best MMORPG out there - and the even more sad part is that rich people still playing this
  12. You must say "WAKE UP" to the players, not to the nc IamAddingItemsForMoney employees. As long as 80% of the players will continue to buy ncoins like crazy (and i mean THOUSANDS of ncoins), ncsost will just add more and more and more items w/o any changes to the game. If we want to see a result/a change in the game we love, the best we (players) must do is to stop EVERYONE from buying ncoin, boycott the game. If this happens, then you'll see huge changes in the game but unfortunately no one will do this. The current state of the game is a joke. To level up buy items, to pvp buy
  13. GMs are logging into the forum only to post server maintenance and publish "event (pay)" news in the website. There is no way to interract with players only if you have spend thousands of dollars you might get assist into something. Imagine the lucky person who is checking NC's PayPal account filling with tons of money each second As for the "display rates" , if they reveal this, less players will buy ncoin and this means less money for them.
  14. enchant rates are very very low in EVERY.SINGLE."EVENT" and ofc nc won't tell you the % rates, this will never happen. they want YOU to spend a fortune and don't get anything. do you wanna get better gear? adena is your friend. buy and sell ncoins with adena or buy event boxes (like the snowman we've had last month) and sell them. DO.NOT.OPEN.ANYTHING even if it's for enchant, even if its from a box. You guys are in a casino and you haven't realized that yet
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