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  1. right on time for +8 letters ! nice work indeed.....
  2. why did you nerf the droprate on letters ? dont say you didnt because you did! you NCsoft ppl really treats people badly!!..... my opinoin!
  3. lag again?

    yes the lag is back! same as before
  4. so.. tell me! what did you uppgrade the server with ??? My RAM ?
  5. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Restart Chronos ! its Unplayable!!!
  6. the Lag is still here ! FFS! fix your shyt!
  7. I really miss FoG aoe =)

    my prestige pack running and my xp runes is running ! and i cant play the game !!
  9. Game is unplayable now!

    The Lag is back! same as it was yesterday!! plz try make an effort this time and fix it!
  10. Ninja Naia server restart

    does your PC really fits the System Requirements ?
  11. Game is unplayable now!

    this lag man! fix it ! im trying to xp and have xp runes, prestige ! this is a mockery!!! i spend my money on this !!