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  1. Meanwhile , ppl get brooch jewels in EU classic with this event, and I bet this jewels will come as a full p2w item , that will wipe out with a half of people in servers. As expected with this nowdays west business model , f2p event = no stats improvement item, impossible to get any good item , but a lot of potion and spirit ore.... buuuut Store button item sales "event" = full stats item improvement, usefull and p2w items . Its turned exactly as Live server. Not a healthy game anymore. The way is just w8 for something more "essence" to play, but not here with this milk model and less l2.
  2. Just a feedback, I put my login and password at 9 AM with 500 queues, now is 9:49 pm and still 104 on queue, I guess we have a serious problem, second day losing event and a few days losing attendance check. We play with friends, some ppl have money to buy vip but they wont bcs it looks another thing instead a demand issue, and we can't let gamer-PC turned on 24/7 to try to play it. If NC cares about the players, why not free transference btw servers? But anyway they are full... and bots, bots like when h5 became GOD patch. Do a fast move or it will ruin, and the history will return to g
  3. i Just want attendance check and events extended by more some days, and it will be fine for me, cuz i lost many days off, cuz of login issues. Thx for modifications and lets see how it will be for us!.
  4. 7 days of game, logged just 4 cuz login issues,,,,, 1 week and no solution, in my work, I think some people would be fired, Caution programmers, Rj45 and DBA team of NC.
  5. Nothing different. P2w store. Some contest to reward any geared wallet warrior to maintain him at game. I guess we didn't see any good thing from pool sended to my email months ago to ressurect l2. Real adena, drop instances, real exp and low store prices and thousand of players ideas, nothing yet. W8ing for it playing l2 revolution. Happy btday l2.
  6. http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=243280 Do you guys believe any will change in l2 after store button? Same event , and same complains about event, and they never improve things for ppl, just money is important, doesn't matter if game became exhausting , if fun and pleasure to play it dies but are making money anyway, it is preferable that you leave the game like this, instead improve it for real fun. In 2018 with thousand and thousand of games, no1 want to spend years to be competitive in games or only to kill mobs. We aren't in 2003. When someone comes to the
  7. People see their favorite game situation becoming a chaos and full ebay store, they come to the forum to complain and are not heard, they are NEVER heard. So people with no argument create topics with "cry" or "mimimi" as argument, maybe they have full char, maybe used the visa a lot and do not play the game, or maybe they want a place to work as cm, since everything is going as planned , injecting p2w item for exorbitant prices and killing the game. Chronos with 3k of people, freya and naia with 1k each, being half. dwarf stores (or more than half). Packs being sold at 14k ncois. Yeeeehh eve
  8. Damm, another p2w item , now nc knows how to earn more ez money, take an item, turn it in fragments, sell this fragments on store to players rebuild it in a final item again losing their money with joke % chances, and add pack more expensive than last promo. No sense items that ingnites more and more the unbalance ingame. 4 , 8 , 12, 14.4, 16, and next pack 20k ncois. Im fell so free from this grab money system , 2 months and when i come here i dont see nothing that we write on forums and support as feedback was implemented in game, when u guys open your eyes and give a cold to nc
  9. 1- Before reply any topic , read, read and read again, after it open u mind and think about, so after u can reply, cuz was so clear i'm not the guy from video, read topic again. 2- The topic is about how much ppl quit from game bcs the sequence of p2w decisions and implementations made by nc in two first weeks on 2k18..., and some ppl are ones that I watch on youtube or twitch, 3 on same week left from game, others stops the char w8ing for real improvement in game , not patches with another p2w mechanics just for buyers to have a fun. 3 - I have 10 years on this game, i left from re
  10. Tsc tsc tsc, people would not be leaving if they had not tried everything, technically what you wrote as adena farm works on the forum, but we know how the drops are totally nerfs and not even a level 99 player can leave a char with macro in places for char 99 level (paulina+dinasty jewel combination dont let u touch mobs in warp), I would not be writing if I had not tried, really the game does not flow if you do not invest money, I say this because in the last months playing 5h a day just xp for now and also nerfs in relation to korean is dropping. I killed kk's of mobs and no1 drop items in
  11. After another pay to win event to starts 2018 year with left foot, i see another of my favorites guys that make l2 videos on youtube complaining about how the game is totally hanging over to the e-commerce side, how dead is the gaming experience in relation to fun because it is a 14-year-old game whose goal is to participate in olympiads sieges and pvps or even pve not It is possible without you spending a lot of money. No matter how much you kill mobs, you make the daily ones over and over for months or years, you will be stuck and dependent on the store for just items that were to be in-game
  12. Nothing against the guy from video , nice gear , but this is ncsoft balance ,for ppl that come to forum and say to me that paulina players or f2p ppl have ways to make adena, i can use this video as meme and rub their faces in it.
  13. For old ppl in l2, yep, events have another definition, but when the item is just 100% in store and is not 365 day there , just come to grab u cash and go, yep is a promo store. For all new nutella players everithing is event. They don't saw trully events that had fun and was farmed etc in game. The company just clean u mind with success and you accepted and settled. For me the things to fix in game are , adena , drops , and items from game that now are in store and need go back to the in game farm. The other things just p2w ppl have fun for play this game, f2p ppl are f
  14. Ummmm, so ,don't push the cheat button and let rich people smash u like a big foot car and all game be modify in favor of a cheat button and let game experience be broken. No sense.
  15. When NC West disrespect me, whom should I turn to? It seems to me that you ache for nc, why did you mark the conguero? its looks you want to protect them... :D
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