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  1. Well they dev's have had plenty of time to fix that while adding the ranking system back surely On another note @Hime @Juji - I for one would love to see some more L2 store items, Party Cake packs, the big erupting/maintaining x50 pack etc. Would be nice to go along with this EXP boost
  2. It's always been the same. Certain areas, if you AOE a group, you will still only get 1 quest item. So you need to kill each mob individually.
  3. Lag Issues

    This is getting beyond stupid. I've probably lost more EXP today than gained, having to keep sending my ISS back to town to rez dead toon because keeps dying from the lag. There is nobody actually monitoring the server after such update? I've not once seen one update go smoothly, so why is nobody monitoring the server over the weekend? I've used a lot of consumables today. I highly doubt I'll see any compensation.
  4. Lag Issues

    I agree, There's been an issue with buff potions, sometimes can be 30 seconds before I even get the new set. (And this is after xx:00 of the hour). I've noticed macro next target is being slow. I've also noticed skill macro being very slow inbetween skills. This has been happening on and off ever since the launch, but I feel like things are getting worse as the days go by. I would like to see an server base exp boost for the inconvience please.
  5. Hero shout solution

    I want to be able to read ally/clan chat, but atm with this new system, all I read is toxity this and WTS/WTB that. Force hero chat in my system window by all means, in fact give me one tab where I can decide what chat I want to see (I.E clan/ally). The bows for ranked, only happens for the 1 person Ranked 1? Also I noticed on other overseas versions, their chat system includes "Rank" next to the char name, maybe a throhpy. I don't see that here. Is that in the next update?
  6. Client crash trigger

    Sea Of Spores
  7. Client crash trigger

    Doesn't look like it. But no when I had the same errors, COC wasn't up.
  8. Where did Chronos Go?
  9. Client crash trigger

    This has also happened on 3 PC's, though not at the same time, nor same place.
  10. Yes, please advise where to exp after 110, I know I can go solo anywhere I want, but I enjoy being part of a party, and exp'ing my support too. The Fafurion temple mob update... Nobody could really kill efficently there before the patch, and deffinetly not after the patch. Also, seems the server rank buffs are bugged. Nobody has them.
  11. Bug report: Hero Voice cannot be disabled

    Thank you! You can actually use "/block hero" and it will block all hero chat. Scrap that, you can't. My client lagged out.
  12. Chronos Down ??

    This seems to be happening more frequent on a Tueday night with Chronos
  13. Still no fixes to the Cursed Swords... (Yes, the "cheating" part) lovely.
  14. A new system to crystallize/upgrade boss jewelry into Rare God Accessories will be added. - It's a shame April 1st has been and gone. Golden Compass event would've been much more appriciated.
  15. removing SA soul cry

    @Pleistoros I have also been trying to figure out this same issue. I've tried most towns/blacksmiths and also double checked the Blacksmith of Mammon, but can't find any extract options. Would like some more information on this too. Thanks!