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  1. EXP table 85-99 please

    This is for the EU version, ours is totally different.
  2. EXP table 85-99 please

    Good afternoon, I'm looking for the amount of EXP required for each level between 85-99 please.
  3. Just out of curiosity (since it's item related lag) does this also resolve for instance, if I open a party cake / vital rune on the hour, forget about the lag, and accidentally put down 4 cakes and open 6 vital runes in one go? (over dramatic, but it's happened)
  4. Please implement! There are a lot of players who fall victim to this many times, people that don't understand it can happen. I know quite a few players who quit game due to this, surely saving others and keeping an active player base is good for all?!
  5. Extend EXP Boost Event please

    Please extend the event! I also agree there isn't enough spots during the event in SoS
  6. Siege Time Change (Summer)

    Indeed, I find it very hard to schedule siege time during Summer. This change would ensure I can participate.
  7. Please confirm what the (5) is. 5x item?
  8. Bring Back XP Boost

    Yes please!
  9. RE: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2515-lineage-ii-salvation-etinas-fate-now-live/ Ever since the old website has been taken offline, there's a lot of missing files. One of them is the PDF from the above link. Could you please re-upload the PDF Thanks!
  10. November 2018 Preview

    Will the second time round of Red Libra be making an appearance?!
  11. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Maybe the numbers are a little higher on +9 I'm only taking the +10 based on the server notifications / message you get in game
  12. [News] Golden Compass Event

    So, only 21 people got +10 bracelets on Chronos. I heard it was a lot more for Naia? 21x +10 Bracelets@Chronos 10x Magic 7x Attack 4x Defense
  13. Just a quick one, If there was ever a merger again with 1 final server, that would rule out Dimensional Sieges etc?
  14. Old Forum - Revived

    Hey - I'll take a look into this shortly, maybe over the weekend time permitting
  15. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Agreed. Healer last night, got to stage 18 and received 60 marks. I usually get to stage 25 to 26 and have usually get 60 marks. I've occasionally got to 27~28 and still got 60 marks. I once got 60 marks on stage 24. I've even taken a couple of minutes longer to kill the last boss and still got 60 marks. Last night was strange. Stage 26 for me and only 40 marks, yet stage 18 for a healer got 60 marks. No mobs left behind before killing either of the bosses. Total randomness?!!