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  1. x1? chronos? with +21 limited weapons? x100 dragon claws + ? its already a PVE server, just not with title Illegal but official. Whats the difference?
  2. If you are trolling then i will add the 50 euro subscription to Log IN aswell for those who want to play lineage anymore.. They will be 50 max. Better than thousand players, right ? @Juji
  3. What? Is this new feature they added in Coal? Cause i didn't see any drop of these at Coal. Do you mean Primeval maybe?
  4. Your class? Im actually 106 feoh storm, with exalted gear and i did 110 castilla, but it took me full time of the instance.
  5. Some months ago i bought Prestige, as i saw a video with a guy farmimg solo at Stronghold (full gear,something that i will never reach,only if i sell my house). Rune says 300% but i didnt know back then its USELESS for 105 lvl farming areas and exalted gear. Got trolled af ?. I just learnt in the way that prestige pack is good only for high areas with decent gear and more than 108 for sure. So here the question comes: Why a new player should buy prestige? Maybe if he is lucky to get a blessed scroll via Cube? Hmmm nice adena. NCsoft, i told you in a previous post once again.
  6. I don't know why you have to become aggresive to me. If i didn't have any problem ,simple i wouldn't be here posting it. I am saying again, i am NOT the only one having quest drop problems in Coal Mines. This problem was after the latest new update. Before the Tales update every single mob dying mass-aoe the same seconds dropped quest items. 48 minutes the beginning when we entered - https://prnt.sc/u6vskt 1 minute before it kicks us. - https://prnt.sc/u6vta3 You can calculate how much i got in my buffer and how much in my healer in these minutes, while we killed at L
  7. You can ask whoever you want about this problem with quest drop rate during aoe killing mobs. Its not only me, my clan and my friends but randoms aswell complaining about not getting quest drops for some amount of time.
  8. @Juji Hello, I' ll talk about this again. 1st. There are tons of good usefull things in l2store to pay about. Why should players should pay for SKILLS and Rune Stones to learn them? Is that so unbalance if everyone just having all their skills learned? I don't talk about enchanting them++ or gear. I talk about clearly S k i l l s. Its annoying i have like 8 skills in my Iss that i cannot learn. I need at least 50 Rune Stones? And my visa is clean as the sky. So yeah, even on farm im behind compare to other Iss buffers. Why ? Whats the reason ? 2nd. The Letter event was kinda
  9. When will you make an event with XP buffs,potions,transforms etc etc for all the players? Not just the visa ones ... What about also this joke 80k exalted ? 160k ? 40k? Yeah ,you made BS an active zone, everywhere archers - mages..Someone has to spend 1 year to finish all the parts of exalted.. nolifing on computer or just leave the pc open 1 year and bye bye. Where is the fun of playing ? Nobody plays erthia mage . Summoners dissapear. Only some specific bots staying out of Kartia NPC! What about give some love to all of classes ?If i see another class except archer-mage, he is go
  10. Can't even login like 15 minutes now.. Launcher doesn't open at all. Give us x100 rune stones when you fix the lag, please
  11. @Faktis Go to your Lineage II/System folder. Delete the "Windowsinfo.ini" file. Launch the NCLauncher and perform a file check/repair on Lineage II. Log into Lineage II and press Alt + Shift + O to bring up the Options menu. Click "Reset Window Location" button. i did these steps and it worked for me
  12. Yesterday after maintence l2Store opened once in my 2nd char, but in my main char doesnt open ! I tried restart char, restart client, repair client, restart PC. It didnt work with anything. Today still it doesnt response at all. Same for my 2nd char, doesnt work, same for a random acc that i tried. What should i do to fix ur bugged l2store? I want that anniversary cube !
  13. Hello there, can you just finally fix that Herpah's quest and adventure quest ?? I had some friends to join here but they quited since they cant get the rewards and xp from Herpah since adventure guildsman quest is bugged ! Do something finally after 1 month maybe
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