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  1. @Hime @Juji where is the 30-days vitality rune?
  2. Again @Hime you made a mistake with GMT+1 time. Use online present time, add 1 hr and then post it in the forum. Now is 12 p.m. GMT+1 and still server is up.
  3. No it is not! GMT time is not changing . You have a link above. Why don't you click it and add 1 hr. Will be 5 p.m, NOT 6 p.m
  4. @Hime WTF is that? Learn GMT time pls and don't write bull**s_hits? 6 p.m (GMT+1) is not in 20 mints, dear!!! https://time.is/en/UTC
  5. The Best tank? Visa/Master/Maestro Card tank with a powerful PayPal skill.
  6. @Hime for 600 NCoins, not 25, but 250 roses you should give...
  7. Every 40 mints appearing as buff: Creates a protective barrier that absorbs 75,000 damage for 15 sec.
  8. In order to play normally you need Prestige + Destiny Packs and it doesn't matter what kind of class you play. Even 1 of your PT to miss those packs, all the bonuses goes in hell. Prestige Pack is a must! 20% cd +10% max HP is a great boost for DD & support classes and you all know how important is 300% adena drop rate . So forget that crap - some of the family members to miss it cuz they play with the same IP address and some kid in forum wants to reduce adena incomes for all servers. /bye
  9. A family playing L2 from different PC/Laptop will use only 1 Prestige Pack by turn?
  10. Changed the visual appearance of cloaks on Ertheia: https://i.ibb.co/Fqnm4Wx/Shot00003.jpg https://i.ibb.co/zG1mkGh/Shot00004.jpg Only class cloaks!
  11. That appearance is visible only with Ertheia class cloaks for Evi and Sayha
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