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  1. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    To be honest, FS members used to have that My Teleport spot saved. However, all of us deleted that jump spot a day after Hime posted on March 6th that we should delete exploit My Teleport Bookmarks because we respect rules. Please feel free to check any FS members’ my teleport logs. Too much cheaters in this game lolz.
  2. Banhammer

    + No more UAV radar make L2 great again!
  3. 2 Archers vs. 6 Archers

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LWPPkfGFfs Isle of Souls Stronghold I port area archer fight 2 FS vs. 4 LB + 2 MS Let's go Archers!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl4SqNK8xT4&t=17s No help from MS Enjoy!
  5. Typical day of FS farming LB

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toEIR-xnSII How pro player using My Teleport scrolls (0:00 ~ 10:41) Alligator Gatehopping, the real fun begins (10:42 ~ 28:35) Enjoy! Ty PreX for recording lol
  6. @Juji @Hime 1. When are you going to fix server lag? The server is still lagging a lot. We have this lag since Fafurion Supplemental update on 7/31/2019. It's been more than 1 month that we played under such horrible lagging environment. 2. When are you going to fix a bug when you change to dualclass or change back to mainclass, Dye Powder seal effects (HP/MP/CP, P.def/M.def, P.att/M.att) are not applied even if you still have remaining bar? 3. When are you going to fix a bug when you change to dualclass or change back to mainclass, Artifact Set effect (damage +5%, received damage -6%) are not applied even if you have full set of artifacts equipped? 4. When are you going to fix a bug when you change to dualclass or change back to mainclass, equipped Agathion Charms are automatically getting unequipped? 5. When are you going to fix a bug where Ranking Buffs are not applied? 6. When are you going to fix a bug where you can't see the shining effect on your character's neck/ear/finger when you equip God Jewels? 7. When are you going to fix a bug that you can't search in Auction House, receive mail, open boxes, etc. every 00:00 hour? (Soulshot lag is fixed, but still there are other things that need to be fixed) 8. Are you actually working on these issues and trying to fix them? You still didn't find solution? Thank you!
  7. Fix the bugs

    1. Getting DCed when people are getting out from Chaos of Ceremony. 2. Getting DCed when people tab town or clanhall after death in SoS curse sword fights. 3. There is no such option at NPC Santiago to exchange Super Advanced Seed Bracelet Stage 4. 4. Dye powder passive skills effects are sometimes not applied even if there is a remaining bar in dye powder Seal effects. Please do your job ty.
  8. Also, allow us to seal lvl3 and lvl4 Red/Blue Cat's Eyes into box through NPC Shadai using jewel powders. Try to listen to your customers.
  9. Add Red Libra option to change Limited Weapon into different weapon type. OR give services to people to downgrade their limited weapon into bloody/dark r110 weapon, so they can change their weapon into different type.
  10. $200/month (x) $500/month (o)
  11. I must cry BICUOSE I love this game and I care about the game balance and friends that I play with.
  12. Oh and btw, wtb stage 1 God Accessory Great job NCwest, great job
  13. Whoever came up with this idea about God Accessory and decided to sell in L2 Store should be fired immediately. Do you really want to make this server empty just like NC Japan did? Didn't you learn anything from those empty official servers in different continent, which has this cash accessory system? You already have the cash cloak system, which official Korean server doesn't have. Alright It's different server, so let's say its okay. But now you are about to introduce accessories, which will make all existing boss accessories obsolete and destroy the balance and market from the top to the bottom. Also in pvp, people already 1 shot each other doing 300k damage with these Abundance and Brooch BR, etc. With those damage boosts from the accessories, you won't even need to activate your skills to 1 shot your opponents. Is this game a FPS game? After the Fafurion update, I lost numbers of friends with support classes because they don't get party since everybody is solo macroing. With all those damage boosts, more support classes are going to quit game or reroll to DD classes, because whats the point of purging and healing your sorry party members' asses when all of them, except a tank or maybe a feoh, will die at the same time in 1 multiple arrow after healer celestial and tank UD is over? Ofc there are some defensive boosts (like P. def/M. def 15% on earring & and pvp def and Physical/Magical crit damaged received -20% from the ring), but nope. You will die in 1 shot and the gap between top players and normal players will be even bigger. I'm afraid that this game will eventually become "a league of their own" so only 50 top players remain and play the game and other 1000 players quit. I don't know who is the top decision maker in the NCWest server, but I can tell you that even that greedy Kim Taek-Jin wouldn't make this kind of mistake destroying the game. You should've just introduce a cash bracelet, Kaliel bracelet, if you needed money. Not this God Accessory.
  14. - Bad - PKing few people who you don't like without fear of dropping gears sounds alright. I've PKed many people since after PK penalty has been removed, and also got PKed a lot of times. The part that I like about this PK penalty removal is that I can PK anyone that I want to PK. I also enjoy killing red toons and watching them waiting for 100% rez since you lose tons of xp when you died in red, and killing red toons wouldn't trigger a clan war. However, 1 character PKing 100+ characters is different story. For example, as Ex and few others demonstrated this, PKing tens or hundreds of weak/lowbie characters doesn't sounds right. It's like massacre. I hope NCWest will fix auto next target bug and bring back gear drop penalty. Or maybe implement a new PK penalty, for example, like while you are red and have 10 PK count decrease p.att/m.att by 10%, 20 PK count decrease p.att/m.att by 20%, ....., 90+ PK count decrease p.att/m.att by 90% or something like that. By doing this, at 90+ PK count, it won't be easy to keep PKing lowbie/undergeared characters unless you clear your karma and/or decrease your PK counts using PK scrolls. It also will be hard to clear your karma by killing mobs due to huge decrease in p.att/m.att, so people will think twice before they decide to PK bunch of people. P.S. wtb top-grade PK scrolls.
  15. Before you think about what kind of cash items you want to sell to us every month, please think about how to fix this lag & soulshot issues that occur every 00 hour when the screen goes red and shakes, and etina shouts something blabla. TY
  16. As we all know we can move lvl 3/4 jewels through Shadai, using jewel powders. But there is no exchange option for Red/Blue Cat's eye jewels. @Hime @Juji Could you consider adding exchange features on Shadai for these two jewels in the future update?
  17. [News] Golden Compass Event

    @Juji Outside of this topic. Could you let us move lvl3 and 4 red/blue cat's eye through Shadai NPC? I see all other types of jewels can be moved using gemstone powders but not red/blue cat.
  18. As we all know, we can move jewels by making them into box (Shadai will make it into box when you pay like 113 jewel powders). However, you can't move Red/Blue Cat's because they are not on Shadai's list. I recently submitted few tickets and asked if there's any way that I can move my Red Cat's eye lv.4 from my old toon to new one. Sadly the answer that I got is like "Unfortunately, we are unable to grant the transfer of your Red Cat's Eye, since this is considered as an end-game. We are not granting any transfer of end-game items and materials." and "I'm afraid that we're unable to assist you on this, as these are considered as end game items. Thank you for understanding." You can move all other type of jewels and some people even got their jewels moved from one to another toon without spending a single jewel powder (and even +9++ Shiny Elemental Shirts) but you can't move Red Cat's Eyes lv.4 because it's an end-game item. Nice job NCWest.
  19. That's nice thing to know. TY!! But I still just don't understand how come those GMs consider this Lv.4 Red Cat an end-game item lol