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  1. Hello. Just wanted to post a very weird thing. I know the patch notes mentioned most areas have the monsters p.atk increased but I think it's too much. Before update I could leave my character afk in Forest of Mirrors doing aoes without issues. Now my character dies in less than 5 minutes. Even changing the macro to hit only single targets, there are times I see my HP reaching a very low point. If this came to stay, we are doomed.
  2. @Hime @Juji I have a few questions: - What type of weapon are we getting? Fragment? Stage 1? Stage 2? Stage 3? - You say Bow/Shooter costs 3 cupons because of melee delay, but Feoh weapons cost 1 cupom like melees. Feohs are not melees, so it should cost 3 cupons too, no?
  3. As title says, price is 160b willing to negotiate. I accept trades in Dagger/Bow/Elmore Cloak. PM/Mail me ingame because I don't log on forums much. Picture of the weapon below:
  4. 2400 Ncoin Pack. 50 Cakes, 50 Eruption Pots, 50 Vitality Maitaning Pots, 7-Day 200% XP Rune. C'mon we have almost a full year of melee lag, make your customers less dissatisfied for a change.
  5. Updated list with reduced prices
  6. Hello people Got a list of things to sell, if you are interested in anything PM/Mail me in game or Discord, because I don't log on forums much.
  7. @Juji @Hime With the new update, Othell Ghost Hunter skill Shadow Reverse got changed. But with this change, it brought a bug as well. I'll try to explain as much clear as possible: * How the skill worked before update? - It used to hit and then teleport to the back of the opponent. - If you were already at the back, it just hit, like the other stab skills. * How the skill works now after the update? - The update changed so the skill works like this now: teleport to the back and then hit. It's nice and all but then here's the glitch, and I don't
  8. Não, só upei os arquivos atualizados da pasta do meu jogo.
  9. Pra quem não está conseguindo logar no jogo por causa do erro do Launcher, faça o seguinte: 1 - Feche o launcher do jogo. 2 - Faça download desse arquivo: 3 - Dezipe o arquivo usando o 7-zip e coloque os 3 arquivos e a pasta system dentro da pasta principal do jogo (C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\Lineage2), substituindo os arquivos existentes. 4 - Abra o launcher e jogue normalmente.
  10. @Hime / @Juji Any input on this? https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13553-elven-village-300-exp/
  11. Good morning @Juji / @Hime. I didn't see anything in the Patch Notes regarding the nerf of surrounding areas of Elven Village. Before Fafurion Update, we could get a buff from the mobs that gave us 300% Exp for a short period of time. This is no longer the case anymore. People been there for hours and the buff doesn't pop. Any comments on this? Was this removed on purpose? Is it a bug?
  12. Contact me ingame, I don't use forums much. WTS/T +12 Bloody Fist SAs 5 Death / 6 Might / Tyrr - 25b or Trade for Dagger/Dual Dagger. WTB +15/+18 Elmore with 7.5% P.Skill Crt Dmg / 15% Pskill Power augments. I pay 100b for +15 and 200b for +18. +5 Noble/Radiant Circlet Authority. I pay 20b for Noble and 50b for Authority. Contact me ingame, I don't use forums much.
  13. As title says. Bow is 10 Fire / 10 Speedfire / Sigel. 145b or offer. Cloak is 7.5% Critical Damage | 15% Skill Power. 120b or offer. Here's some pics:
  14. ZolteR


    Race doesn't matter, as long as u can achieve 80-90 DEX and 120-130 STR, which is doable with any race I believe. For class, yeah Ghost Hunter now seems to be the best all-around Othell class. Half-kills aren't influenced by anything, only by level difference maybe. I noticed I landed much more half-kills on mobs and players that were 2 or more levels below mine.
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