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  1. A completely necessary change due to the fight for a spot with such a large amount of DC, there is no problem finding a free one.
  2. Is mass DC when the server is full is your solution to the problem with queues? that way I don't treat my customers. I write here because writing Tickiet is pointless because the support team does nothing about it.
  3. Really? are you pulling money from people somewhere you have them as your customers and now you think they will do the work for you? Hire competent people and pay them normal money instead of stuffing your pockets. In two hours (only not at the weekend because they probably drink) I would find at least 100 students from the Polytechnic who would find a solution by hand. So I wonder who works with you. :
  4. Thx no queue. Becouse lots of players have DC rly thx problem solved nice work take bonuses
  5. @JujiMaybe you can make time items such as prestige pack and runes counted when logging in and not during real time then people would be less lossy. Considering the daily queue minimum 1.5h x 30 days comes out 45h a month people are wasting time in the queue it is 2 days and this is the minimum. If you buy a gym membership, no one counts your time before entering it
  6. So I understand that if I start pk all the goat players are afk on 95+ locations I can and pk is part of the game will everything be ok? Hunt in a party. There is strength in numbers! This should protect you from the lone person of the warring clan looking for an easy kill, or any PKers that might be lurking around. Unsolicited player versus player conflicts are considered a part of the game and it is not considered to be a violation of the Rules of Conduct or User Agreement. I hope this information will help you enjoy the PvE gameplay in Lineage II.
  7. Dear @Hime like u writer Some example of harassment include: Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena This player allows himself to l2naia pk several times without allowing others to play farm adena and exp as he says he does it because maybe everything. I am curious if any consequences will be drawn or if the principle of who subsidizes this rule applies. [link removed because of name shaming]
  8. Hello, I have a question namely, the regulations prohibit selling for real money accounts, but nowhere is it prohibited to sell access to accounts is it not undercutting the person creating the regulations, is it allowed?
  9. Really 2019 and a login queue lasting 1.5 hours? I am surprised that people spend money in l2store now it pays to only log in once a week and stay on automacro. If the income fell, maybe someone would finally wake up.
  10. hahaha and who bans the top 10. Sell adene for real money and spend in p2w store. NCwest likes it because they earn $$$. Greed knows no bounds.
  11. "Only the one who does nothing makes no mistakes" Maybe it's time to take it to heart, because what you don't touch is ...
  12. Plzzz no more update are worst with each subsequebt update.
  13. Weee its super DC and queue 67 rly? 1h wait to login at 13:20 +2gtm what be in 16.00 rly pro. I hope someone will answer their job for this circus.
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