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  1. This is how you and I see it !!! But sucker, no !!! And ncsoft see profits.
  2. I don't understand. Play for fun and pay for the game. This is sick, you need to heal.
  3. 3rd server is after that there is a drop in players !!! So that you buy the renewal of the item! and there will be a 4th server Master Class
  4. There will be 3rd server !!! 1 - Awakening 2 - Classic 3 - Aden(essence)
  5. For comparison https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/683620/ why don't you provide it for information ??? ---->> additionaly, the Adena drop rate is reduced (100% → 70%)
  6. It works like this, you have a shop and the goods are running out of you, so the rest is redundant and the opinion of the players. It does not matter that something is wrong, it does not matter that qq players, it pays them off at the end of the month: D You are to blame that this is how it works: D
  7. I hope there will be a lot of laughter: D https://www89.zippyshare.com/v/BKBBvRFX/file.html here now I play buhaha
  8. something from this is going 2 weeks 0 applause you I collect 70-80 per day
  9. Success is set to 0.0009% so what do you want to do and what to win: D
  10. Play Lineage 2 here https://eu.4game.com/ Play Lineage 2 here 1 free account - box 9 euro -success events -adena drop + 50% -nice until the head hurts: D -everything you expect from the server you have there
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