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  1. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    Here you can pick up if you have done before. https://www.fotosik.pl/zdjecie/77e240319ac759e8
  2. Please advice how to solve it https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/670646/
  3. Fix the Awakening Class Quest

    1 Don't hit me, just click the gate and I'll take you to 2. 2 Slata do not hit the same moob just click on the gate will transfer you to 3. 3 Hall click on the gate and then moob. Not with macro just clicks attack. if you kill all, the last gate will open for you
  4. Fix the Awakening Class Quest

    It may be that you pass through these 2 rooms, but in the third room, beat the moob gate alternately.
  5. Please, December 25 server Core ;D https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/197/ And we wait...
  6. ISS dominator.

    Full list of changes https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/197/
  7. ISS dominator.

    The installation of the next update is planned on. I think from January??? Dominator will have a lot of changes, it will be one of the best iss e.g. POM for party but 15% the whole party and of course nice debuff. I guarantee that 90% of players will do it. Be patient and you will be rewarded.
  8. That's right, ncsof supports bot players very much! All it does is do it under bot players. The administration is corrupt and totally enslaved by bot players! That's why so part introduces free bonuses!
  9. This is misleading the customer and is pulling him on costs !!! We buy rune which you can not use bravo this Lord ~!
  10. NPC Problem Herphah

    Ok They are already 1 month, I did at this time Adventure Guild 6 lvl a npc Herphah Did not give me any reward. Does it get something in return because I was tricked by the NPC and the activity of the administration.
  11. NPC Problem Herphah

    Quest:Lv. 85-99 Way of Wandering Knight Ask me to talk NPC Adventurers Guide Npc Replies to me can only obtained for characters that are level 85-99 I'll add that my character I 85 lvl and even has a quest Subclas Why can't I continue the task?
  12. I join the request, one day we already had this option and now it would be 15 years to use again, of course, as you have respect for the players, And not only to benefit from the players !!!!