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  1. You're to blame for the game's bleeped up. I buy power so it makes no sense to cry.
  2. Because everyone plays solo + 2 box
  3. No eggs, a maximum of $ 10 and no stores even with cosmetics.
  4. He hurries with the answer: Some players bought a big dote, they gathered for the top EQ -> 1% 20 k USD, part less - success (1 year) + bot players The second group of players was 10 years old and they also have a nice EQ. -> 9% up to 5k USD part less and more - successful (10 years) part of bot players The third group of players plays for fun and is not interested in wealth or top EQ. -> 90% of players $ 200 part more - success (never)
  5. What are we going to talk about ... As they themselves destroy the game here are examples of new spots. Harnak Underground Ruins Ancient City Arcan Gainak
  6. 1. Mathematics shows that they live from them because they pay more !!! a) players who do not pay are banned b) They are players friends 2. Because they sell themselves, but not legally !!! I think so and that's why they tolerate bots because they are bot themselves.
  7. No chat until lvl 94 No Adena No success Lack of care for a student up to 105 (epic Atlas farm box x20 no sense) No drop No spoils No blacksmith This shows that you are based on players up to 105 lvl but you do not want to keep them: D well see how strange it is, right? The new ones don't stay, the older players run away, kill your game.
  8. You made me laugh BUHAHA 1. Bot players will clear, because they control the market !!! 2. More new players will stay in L2 !!! 3 More cash for NcSoft. Only benefits for players and ncsoft that prices will rise, a natural thing. Now there's no aden, the prices are cosmic, that's cool isn't it? No success, that's cool isn't it?
  9. I propose to introduce adena to the l2 store, e.g. 1 USD for 1kkk This will solve the problems of weak players, and players bots will get their ass up!
  10. see yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqpv-LleQho
  11. Why write QQ, it's better not to end the game forever !!! Player feedback is ignored !!!
  12. We start to think and we see that the game only charges us for $. We're done with NCWEST !!!
  13. 100 accounts and 7 characters cram them wh adena what's the problem ??
  14. Mr. buddy On the Core server it pulls 50% and that makes sense! Only 1% on Naia and it doesn't make sense!
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