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  1. Naia Down

    Them use a COMMODORE 64 like server maybe
  2. Naia Down

    keep buying NCoin, gg... in 14 years this server is Always worst… but we have a lot of idiots in game that keep give them money
  3. Aden Treasure Chest x100 Test

    I opened one and get Angel's Ring, maybe is better if you keep to use shop, with in-game stuff you are not able to play
  4. 107-108 Power lvl in Coal Mines

    I wait for see what @Juji say, I don't care about what you say, maybe you are trying to defende a friend
  5. 107-108 Power lvl in Coal Mines

    Abandoned Coal Mine: Lv. 99-105 If you joined in at lv 107, you are not a person with clue about game, you are a bug abuser, and for that you should be BANNED. Isn't cry, we want justice against ppl like you
  6. 107-108 Power lvl in Coal Mines

    @Juji Investigate and ban for bug abusing, thank you.
  7. Items Removal

    @Juji And why remove Daily Coins and all those usefull items? We still have Steel Door Coins that are useless and a lot of other useless items. We'll get more P2W items and keep die this game?
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    @Hime @Juji We are still waiting to know why you will delete usefull items like Daily Coins or Clan Box, and we still have items like Steel Door Coins or PK Scrolls, that are all USELESS.
  9. About itme removal March 18 post from Hime

    I'm pretty sure that will delete Daily coins and clan supply box, for add something new! Ofc… but on L2 Store
  10. we want an explanation

    Hello @Hime You wrote a post where you announce that on 18th march a lot of items will be deleted, is OK about all old Life Stone, but why you will delete: Top-Grade Spirit Stone (Clan Version) Daily Coins Supply Box Top-Grade All those items are a good help for every players, what are your intentions? We want an explanation before you do something
  11. I perfectly agree with you… people can do everything them want with their money… but waste a lot of $$$ for buy pixels, when there are a lot of people that can not reach the end of month…. I think is a shame.
  12. Clan Shop

    we can buy a folding chair and a beach umbrella to sit in a corner and watch the spenders play
  13. Farm Zone

    Hello, We still have in game a tons of useless zone, for example: Ant Nest: 29~38 Cruma Tower: 40~51 Devil's Isle: 92~92 Nornil's Cave: 93~38 Swamp of Screams: 66~74 Valley of Saints: 60~67 Hot Springs: 73~76 Ketra Orc Outpost: 77~80 Varka Silenos Barracks: 77~80 Monastery of Silence: 78~78 Forsaken Plains: 56~62 Death Pass: 35~59 Forgotten Temple: 27~33 Langk Lizardman Dwellings: 16~25 Fairy Settlement: 88~92 There are a little list of fantastic exping zone, but totally useless. Now, with "tutorial quests", we can reach lv. 85 in 25/30 minutes, and in less than 24h we can get lv. 100+, so, my suggestion is: increase level of those farming zone! This can be a good soluction for: No more PK for steal spots Your server will be more light, 'cause no need upload info to every players More fun Another little suggestion, that everybody now will say: "Shut up we still want play like this!" Maybe you can introduce a way for limit this macro farming, you have players that are online 24/7 online, and this increase your latency problems. Anyway, I'm not a developer or other, I'm just a graphic designer I hope you will listen your players and find a soluction Greetings!
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    I hope you are fixing all you issues
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    If someone want play to an MMORPG, is normal have free time to do it, if someone don't have, turn off PC and go to play with PS4