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  1. My question is simple: Does anyone else have the same kind of problem? Using Buffer/Healer/DD and using the party makro to heal/recharge "near party members". A realy nice piece of s*** comes close to you and flaggs you, they "heals near party members" jumps onto the flagged character and initiates your death by getting flagged too. I mean this guy is not even in my party but my heal/recharge jumps on to him and makes me flagged? Few "pro" guys use this weakness to erase whole farming parties, no matter if "makrobotting" or not. Either you stop healing and die or you heal and die too as a result of getting a 50k hit with an one shot. So I just want to know if you have the same kind of problem or do I understand the "party-thingy" wrong? Like Party -> (good vs bad races) Disclaimer: In addition to this I can be wrong too because I only noticed it from the corner of my eyes on my 2nd display as I got dropped immediately but I wanted to hear your thoughts. I'm not sure if this is the right section because I'd like to suggest an investigation or a change if someone has the same problem and it has to be move to the suggestion section. Let me hear your thoughts Thanks in advance!
  2. Party Heal/Recharge

    But they drop level% and if they are high enough they dont get any exp from the monsters which results in no tp, karma and running to towards the next city or farming spot. Therefor they use such tricks.
  3. Vitality Pack

    to be fair it wasn't luck. If you are new, yet it might be that you didn't know that you can get to fantasy island only by a GK. I have been playing l2 since c1 as a kid but started here for about 3-4 weeks? I did get gm buffs because it always has been like this. Fantasy island tp only by a gk. I understand if new ppl say such things but a guy with 264 posts?
  4. Upgrading to Bloody

    I wanted to ask a question if I'm lucky enough to obtain a +6 - +10 armour piece and I want to enhance it with a bloody stone for pve. Does the enchantment stay or will the npc take my +6 piece and give to me a virgin +0 bloody piece back? I tried to find a similar topic, yet it wasn't really answered to. I'm not sure because the NPC says "add" but as "we" know the descriptions aren't really flawless.
  5. Upgrading to Bloody

    Thank you for the fast reply. oh wow so I guess I should go for blessed first, yet I don't know how Guess I will try to read it up.
  6. Unlimited MP in some areas

    Guys, new players can't get up w/o this. Sure thing, if you are high enough to pvp and pk guys you are way out of the newbie levels and it might disturb you.Yet if you want to get anything you have to "3 client bot" or to play in a huge party but tell me how long will you wait before you find a shillen saint who wants to go into a party with you? yet still ppl can come close to you while you play and flag you, the party recharge makes you get flagged too and higher ppl kill you. My question would rather be why aren't these zones peace zones? Altar of Evil and Bloody Swamp for example. New players, newbie items and no skills, yet they get killed by players with +16+ weapons because their toon went botting to your bot party and your makros just wipe the floor. What is this? NC should try to protect the new players from item-wealthy players in my opinion. I've already seen 2 ppl quiting because they got pked over and over again, getting no progress.
  7. NPC server down

    Why do ppl always demand for GM Buffs like kids? Holy moly, they gave you this brilliant game which they update and maintain regularly. In addition to this people should realise that there might be incidences where the real differs from the planed, which means they had to restart the whole server. Complaining about a "fresh server" ends in the discussion how many bots you have active....*cough*
  8. Attribute Reload

    Hey, as the title says I couldn't figure out yet how to "reload" the attribute bars. I've tried to get a glimpse at l2 ency* but maybe someone can explain it to me a bit more. Is it effective to do it? How much does it effect the dmg?`(P.atk, M.Atk, P.Skill, M.Skill) How much does it effect the resistance? Which attribute is the best for an elve feoh? (holy + water? ) What do I need to reload it? Where do I find these items I possible need? Where do I do it (NPCwise)? Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a kind easy/dumb question.
  9. account limits again?

    Actually it's what Im expecting: an active clan with which you can play, farm and pvp and having a progress. Even if it is taking longer but the active clans are only recruiting high lvl characters which means I have to let my character afk in blazing for a long time untill any active clan is willing to invite me But thanks for the advice, I already thought so.
  10. account limits again?

    It would be an offtopic then. Yet even if this topic is old, maybe a little reminder isn't too bad for them not to forget such thing. Yes adena botter are kinda annoying, yet it's the only chance for ppl to get a bit of gear. Im playing mainly a Feoh Muse ( Naia), just became lvl 102, using the l2store provided R99gear, yet I didn't tried to go to the time limited hunting zone Storm Isle again because when I went there with lvl 100 without any special gear I got two hit by the monsters. Some might say, ofc that's how it has to be, I'd rather say it's not possible for ppl with lvl 100 to farm just a little bit adena there since you can't get any quality items before reaching several higher levels or spending alot of money in the l2store/adenashops. Either they should change the "recomanded level" to 105-120 for example or they let spawn several "weaker" monsters with lower adena amount which aren't easy to kill solo but they are killable. Don't forget I didn't try to go with a party there since most ppl in clans and outside are botting only. I'm well aware that if you go with a party of 7 (included tank healer buffer dd) you can probably kill these monsters but there we are back to the 3 client policy which means I can't go there with a full bot party (ofc it is to prevent adenashops to go there and to maximize the teamwork between players). Yet my lvl and gear is too low to get recruited by an active clan. I tried to but I didn't get any answers after they knew I'm not lvl 104 or above. Also please remember I started playing 9 days ago and I don't really have an overview about stats and what is strong what is op, it just seems to me that I came to a level range where solo playing isn't as beneficial as playing in a party for a few hours but I'm standing in front of a closed door because my level and equitment (which I can't really change atm) are too low to get into the "club". I really like to hear your thoughts about it and maybe you can drop an advise here or as "PM" so I can advance ingame. Thanks in advance!
  11. account limits again?

    I just joined and looked into future update discussions, which is the right section for such topics, I can't just read everything since I'm not able to, timewise. But I love such community ppl, giving new ppl a nice welcome with such assumptions, guess the l2 community didn't change at all. <- referring to the "humor and cheap manipulation" -> nice hybris dude. In addition to this I kindly asked for a link so I can catch up, that's what you want me to do, so why don't you provide me a link in the first place and then dropping your supercilious assertions to be atleast a little bit helpful? yet instead you drop such reply which isn't even close to helpful for new players like me. Don't be offended, just drop me a link so I can catch up, would be really nice.
  12. Yet, they could make an EXP-EVENT over the holidays as nice round out at the end of the year.
  13. question about Tauti's Ring

    Wow, the description is really misleading. Thanks for the information.
  14. account limits again?

    I don't get the point? There is still the limit of 3 clients. I posted into another topic, that it's kinda hard to farm since you can't solo some kind of monsters while there are more or less only bots active. So the DEV Mod said it's solved. There is still a limitation or did I miss smth to read? if yes please leave me a link so I can catch up
  15. Something you can do!!!!

    Did you mean cant? or can? In my opinion they should at least rise they adena drop rate since you can exping and become lvl 104+ but then you have to spend real money. Yes it is okay, it is how nc wants to make their money which is legit, yet I think ppl should get atleast the chance to farm properly. Atm you get dropped at lvl 100 w/o anything in your hand and you can't even go to the limited time zones where a "decent" amount of adena gets dropped because the monsters are going to kill you easily if you try to solo(in an environment full of bots) them. The droprate boost will keep the bots in the leveling zones but will make it way easier to get a grip in this game.
  16. Help Element Set

    If you post what kind of help you need, maybe someone can help you with it.
  17. question about Tauti's Ring

    ".... , and P....... when equipped with blunt" It's an enumeration, which means all those effects only become effective when you are equipped with a blunt weapon. At least if the text is correct. Hope I could help you.