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  1. Hi, I have a question where you get up so fast? i make dual yull.
  2. naia no have login queue, and have +100 more pjs. cronos +200 login queue and 2500
  3. down, https://twitter.com/lineageiiops always look twitter, immediately when the server is up, posting.
  4. no need redlibra, with the update it is easier than before to level it up
  5. Totally agree but, kiss says we look at wiki, which is wrong since it is not the same server configuration.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfTXh9iROdc hello, if you play life. Watch this video.
  7. l2 wiki says this and is not implemented here Merchant of Mammon Item Cost Magnificent Brooch Spirit Stone 10,000,000 adena Energy of Destruction — 10 pcs. Giant's Energy — 10 pcs. Elcyum Crystal — 1 pcs. Ultimate Jewelry Box 5,000,000 adena Energy of Destruction — 5 pcs. Giant's Energy — 5 pcs. Elcyum Crystal — 1 pcs.
  8. @Jujiwhat would be the items redeemable with the mentee?
  9. dear@Juji Ultimate Jewelry Box, will it be in the mammon? and Lineage II Prestige Pack, Will they do an update? I've been with the same item for almost 2 years. They could modify them.
  10. Dear I think that 300 is little, there are also people who work and will not be able to access a l2 from work. I want to buy one with my account but I don't think it reaches. I regret my English use translator.
  11. Hello how are you, excuse my English I'm using google translator, today I was doing pet pjs to take out mentee's mark, and I realized that if a pjs upload them to lvl 86, he loses the mentor, but the pj that was a mentor is not left penalized and can take a pj lvl 1 again. Is it bug? or is it some of the new updates. best regards gonzalo
  12. Hi hime, I have a doubt, I have been on the server for a while and the Ultimate Jewelry Box sale is not yet implemented in the mammon, it will be implemented or it will only be for pay to buy event.
  13. hello, For the dual it is not necessary to make the change quest. I hope you find this information useful
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