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  1. OK this isn't an event, its sales, and saleman job is to get money off you, so in NC soft side, this is a success, as 700 euros and 500 euros that this post alone has show is still being thrown about for when any idiot can see by working out the costing, is a cash sink, personally if you spent 1 euro on this event your an idiot, but even I was tempted with the high life stones but soon as I worked out the cloth cost, I was said no bleep you, I am not paying that
  2. bingo, I didn't thin that needed saying, even to the re.... even to the limited people that posts a post like this lol
  3. this gets brought up a lot, people not understanding that the super high xp mobs don't give adena, apart from the super hard mobs that 99% of the server cant kill anyway
  4. the boxes looked crap, as for the night coins only cloth is of any interest and to unseal an a grade set that's 4500 NC coins!!! to say I think this event is based purely on NCsofts greed is an understatement
  5. ok quick economics leason for you, based in the l2 world if you want to make loads of adena, during an event look and see what everyone wants, get as much of them as you can afford,a week before end of the event is when they are at the cheapest, then wait till 2 weeks after and sell for 3 or 4 times the price, cloth was a great example, during that event you could have gotten cloth for 7 mil each, it now back to 25+ I have seen 50 but if you buy at that price your an idiot
  6. well unless the town/ content of heine is joining along with it, its going to be hard to get to
  7. wow these cry post never go away, if you don't like a the way people sell thing to other, then don't buy it, leave game and move on, and boom, you've stoped them, will be faster than the gm's come on now people this is lineage 2, 16 years of this, crying now isn't going to change it
  8. I play solo too, and mostly just to see what has changed, and som is still the best looking mage weapon out there, until the icrus stave (the one handed blunt), currently using a flaming dragon and it works well, from what I have seen, top a the daimon and themis are great but talismans - pendents - jewels - agathons - hats are and easier and cheaper way to increase your matt and mana regen
  9. back in the days... one handed weapons had acumen SA, and even when they gave the branch of the mother tree acumen, it was never used because it was the same matt as top one handed, and shields even on a mage could offer very limited arrow protection, it wasn't until much later that they increased the matt of the staff, and by then s grade was common, and imperal staff didn't have acumen. (daimoncrystal might have had acumen as well, but that was also much later) once again L2 classic cherry picking what they implement in game, I miss the DC, SOM, IC shield set up on a nuker
  10. because they said they would, come on people stop being so stupid, when they say it will be deleteted or stoped on a said day it will be done at 6:00 - 6:30 this isn't anything new
  11. if you've played this game as long as you say, you will know these forums have always been filled with people crying about one thing or another, and the admins do what they can, but the core of this game is in Korean, if you've ever worked in any industry, getting someone to first understand and implement change that there base, i.e. the Korean servers, don't cry about, is hard, if not impossible. I am not saying don't complain, I do, this isn't classic. its sort of classic with live shit thrown in, in fact the only thing it shares with classic is the setting, but be realistic, most
  12. look in the dimension merchant, under vip coins
  13. undead mobs are weak to it
  14. I just miss the old places lol, and hate the fact some of my old levelling spots have changed, I hated leaveing vos
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