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  1. I encourage all players to start RMT big time and invest 0 $ in L2 Store, when their income will drop under the sea level they will give us some attention
  2. You think you will get any explanation? @Juji wake up ! Your server works like an old lady that goes to her grave ! PS: STOP THIS SCAM EVENT AND LIST ONLY THE ITEMS THAT ACTUALLY DROPS, STOP LYING TO US NCWEST
  3. NCwest became long time ago private server, RMT flows, bugs ++++, impossible items restored, prices in L2 store are very expensive and the rewards nonexistent, Lag and disconnects are on daily basis, @Juji is here only with the name (no info to community, does not deal appropriately to complains, gives no explanation when ppl are asking something). Certain program works and they know it works and they allow this by doing nothing. Restoration policy being abused every day, certain people getting impossible items. So why ppl complain about a bugged siege event ? Expect more to come, this NCwes
  4. Ok Greedy Greedy Greedy, very good source of adena if you are smart and fast enough. I see a lot of people complaining about someone's stream, that he go there fast, killed box fast, people need to think before talking. I looked at that guy's stream and i see not problem, it took him 24 sec to port and kill. Ofc he is lvl 119 with a lot of power can kill boxes in 1 shoot. 24 sec it's actually a lot, i personally can do better. The alert he gets is no more or less than a game feature which people have no knowledge of it ( so better read before accuse). I don't defend the above accused streamer
  5. Well best thing to do is to sell NCoins >get adena>>>buy the items required. Playing events it's a casino gamble, most of the times doesn't worth playing.
  6. Fore sure not worth the investment
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1qNFOfCsN4&feature=youtu.be
  8. Hello, @Juji, @Hime can we please "fix" something. Can you restrict the use of my teleport for characters under level 85? It seems is the last trend for Greedy Chests bots, especially in restricted areas( some of them are spamming from top of the trees Thank you
  9. Fix the ranking on server, it's all broken
  10. Guys relax, game is already destroyed, i highly doubt they will do anything about it, or punish anyone in any way, but one thing is for sure NCwest team have lost control of everything and it seems that certain player(won't mention any names as they will ban me again) can do whatever they want because they are allowed to do so. Only suggestion i have to report them to NCsoft directly as obviously @Juji @Hime won't do anything. Hundreds of petition have been made by players regarding the players that have abused the restoration policy and nothing has been done about it. When @Juji been asked
  11. Best Accessory for you from my point of view are : Angel ring +6 or more/ Dragon Ring +3 (or more if you abuse restore policy like some random archer on Naia), Pa'agrio's + Antharas Earrings, Gran Kain Necklace( or B. Valaks)
  12. I would be disagree with the setup, even if the best advice would be from exeq7er/lllllll who are the best archers on Naia. Way is presented in the link you provide is an old version setup witch does not fit anymore with present Chronicle .
  13. you little dwarf you did fort instance for years...you had this problem before? Really now?
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