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  1. I don't understand you people, NCwest don't make plans for your taste, they make it their own way like it or not lol.
  2. It's Black Friday promotion log 2 accounts you get free DC on the third one
  3. Shyeed's Bow is the most beautiful bow ever !
  4. You did not understand that i was ironic? regarding promo price?
  5. I'm totally agree about "The return of Lindvior" however Greedy Chests were a big mistake from the beginning, they literally caused huge imbalance in servers economy. You have the possibility to craft jewels this days and as well we have a cheap deal of 8k Nightmare coins for a Red Cat Eye lvl 5 (PROMOTION!!!! ) in this event. Who needs Greedy chests when you have so cheap promotions?
  6. It's very simple actually, NC West is a business, they don't really care about what community says, they speak in numbers, if numbers increasing all good. Clearly a signs that NcWest has this problem for years: numbers going down, player numbers decreasing etc.. encouraging players to make RMT rather then spending in L2 store for a 0.000001% chance of getting something valuable. A lot of players that have invested an significant amount of $ in the game realized that it's better to buy adena from X and buy the item required rather then investing in L2 store/events and have an nonexistent chance
  7. Fix the lag!!!/ Fix the disconnects !!!
  8. unfortunately yes, don't for how much long if the server does not stabilize...
  9. Got 6 disconnects since server back on different accounts at different times, please @Juji fix it !
  10. Please do not complain, our team is working very hard to make the game roll. The game works as intended, please meanwhile boost your chars by investing $ in L2 Store. For other complains use ticket system( the automatic answer to your complains works perfect as always)
  11. It's a part of compensation package don't be silly, what to expect from NCwest a company managed by a bunch of guys working from an underground garage :))
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