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  1. Queue again?!

    Same shit different day....
  2. Well, well well new update, new problems, new level etc... This is bleeping outrageous !!! NCSoft you managed to do what we have been expecting to happen since 2 years ago WELL DONE !!! Lineage2 has become Lineage2Robot. You have removed the PK penalty(which was a very important part of this game), now you have removed the max. 3 client per PC, auto macros etc... my question is : WHEN YOU WILL REMOVE NCWEST from the Lineage 2 servers? Shame on you ! Good luck on making your VISA/BOT community !!! Have fun and GL TO ALL!!
  3. "early April">>>>> 1st of April take a guess Ozzy
  4. What about fixing this horrible lag?
  5. LAG

    Hello, since your last extended maintenance the server is lagging very bad can you fix this please?
  6. Good job, with all the respect can you investigate and give us all the NCoins invested in fishing back.? Thank you !
  7. @Hime@Juji and the rest of the gang crew. You call this event? Stop fuking our time/money for your jokes, i know 1st of April incoming but give me a fuking break with your rewards and your EXP table lies. Why the blue potion does not work? Shame on you all of you! You have 0 respect for this community, the community that is paying your bills, wadges, holidays.
  8. Merge

    You will not need a dim siege while you have all the PVP desired and all strong clans together
  9. Merge

    Why not merge Naia+Freya+Chronos? That will be fantastic . Let the best win !!! PS: The game is dead anyway, best Visa wins as always, servers one by one are falling so merge all three!!!