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  1. Please do not complain, our team is working very hard to make the game roll. The game works as intended, please meanwhile boost your chars by investing $ in L2 Store. For other complains use ticket system( the automatic answer to your complains works perfect as always)
  2. It's a part of compensation package don't be silly, what to expect from NCwest a company managed by a bunch of guys working from an underground garage :))
  3. Tomorrow during oly time most likely
  4. Lineage 2 on NCwest is not a game since years ago. This has become a business game rather than a game. NCwest having the pleasure of having 6-7 idiots investing 10k$ a weak making their server roll. On the other side there are several players who live from this game selling adena for $ (this is well known to GM's "i guess" :P) Game is dead for years, no fun in game, no quests, no RB's to kill, no items that can be achieved from game; $ required to achieve them. Even with minimal investment i can tell you that still you won't be able to farm in the required areas . My advise quit before
  5. I don't even want to watch the video because I already know the answer ….you got a lot of crap ? Correct? What to expect from NCwest?
  6. Easy guide how to level up fast: You have VISA card? Yes? VERY GOOD now, find a idiot who you can pay to lvl you up fast The end !
  7. Because people don't understand what Sayha's Seer can do, that's why. 1. it's a "criminal class to face in oly" 2. it's a very very important class in a mage party(ofc a proper setup party) 3. If you know to make PVP on this class you can be GOD like ;)
  8. MS is a very special class (eats more money than any other class of Yuls, deals less DMG than any other class of Yuls); however top gear on 1 VS 1 is unbeatable (my opinion). PVE jewels as follow : G. Ruby, G. Red Cat Eye, G. Opal, G. Emerald, (G. Aquamarine + G. Vital) PVP jewels as follow : G. Ruby, G. Red Cat eye, G Amethyst, G. Obsidian, G. Opal, G. Tanzanite Good luck
  9. Stop trying to encourage even more RMT bro ...
  10. I would recommend NCwest to implement old system of PK's, I would be more than happy to pick up wep+++, jewels etc I suggested to @Juji long time ago to put it back (as this will cut 50% at least of his tickets regarding harassment, abusive players etc), meanwhile PK system is a pile of crap...
  11. Well it's up to them, imagine that adding those items as perma for sale will affect their income , so less events that can bring something valuable, people will participate less in events ( being tired getting potions ); however wait they will be added soon ! Meanwhile ...
  12. @Juji, @LIME when the Olympiad games list bug will be fixed? people have reported this issue continuously but seems not solved. As well when weight penalty bug will be fixed? since causing problems when changing dual class?
  13. Lego


    Depends what you want to do in game, you want PVP most likely Yul is the most desired class for this action, especially Dark Elf/Trickster class; Tyr' s as well proven as overpower as well since last updates . You want PVE same archers are best to farm, + adena farm. You want to fish make Feoh or support class Healers/Iss/ Tank are classes barely used as they are useful in mass PVP only. You will find less people playing what they like (as me) despite low abilities of their characters. PS: Moonlight Sentinel for life !
  14. I hope they will not return, from what I understand the major servers have already stopped them for good.
  15. Lego

    Say hello to LIME!

    Hello @LIME, welcome to world of L2. We(the players) would like some more info about you please, like if you play the game or know the game, if you are going to be in the game or just on forum etc... don't be shy have no fear Lego is here
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