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  1. Guys relax, game is already destroyed, i highly doubt they will do anything about it, or punish anyone in any way, but one thing is for sure NCwest team have lost control of everything and it seems that certain player(won't mention any names as they will ban me again) can do whatever they want because they are allowed to do so. Only suggestion i have to report them to NCsoft directly as obviously @Juji @Hime won't do anything. Hundreds of petition have been made by players regarding the players that have abused the restoration policy and nothing has been done about it. When @Juji been asked what he's done about it he did not even bother to give us an official answer, ignoring us, giving us some "dust in the eyes" aka boost exp event so maybe players will forget about restoration abuse. The only thing they can fix this is by perma ban the abusers and stop the restoration policy for good(my opinion), this ones been said enjoy the game and don't forget VISA can make dreams come true
  2. Best Accessory for you from my point of view are : Angel ring +6 or more/ Dragon Ring +3 (or more if you abuse restore policy like some random archer on Naia), Pa'agrio's + Antharas Earrings, Gran Kain Necklace( or B. Valaks)
  3. I would be disagree with the setup, even if the best advice would be from exeq7er/lllllll who are the best archers on Naia. Way is presented in the link you provide is an old version setup witch does not fit anymore with present Chronicle .
  4. Fix your Server

    go to a doctor bro
  5. Fix your Server

    you little dwarf you did fort instance for years...you had this problem before? Really now?
  6. Fix your Server

    I'm doing fortress instance every day since more than 1 year.... this thing started since last update... No, you are wrong only when the debuff lands on my all buffs disappear even my personal buffs, cloak skill etc.; this should no happen ..it's a bug. We are not on C5 chronicle (like socketka thinks he is)
  7. Fix your Server

    https://imgur.com/a/IY7VICJ No mobs/rb's on the L2 map that i know are suppose to do that each time they land a debuff, as you can see the debuff description has nothing to do with erasing your buffs etc
  8. Fix your Server

    Buffs are being deleted , this should no happen!
  9. Fix your Server

    Fast fingers
  10. As the title says ....no further comments needed!!! https://youtu.be/yF83mMYTmDs
  11. Seems that Jack O'Lantern buffs cuts off Denton Purple, @Juji can you fix it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33nu0Nm9bVw&t=44s
  12. Hello @Juji i would like to congratulate you for the the EXP boost and server settings managing in this way for people that were unable to develop (especially support class), however this was very late it should've come earlier, but hey ho never is to late. My question is : Do you think with this exp boost brought on server people/community will forget that you owe us explanations regarding the people that abused the restoration policy? Where is the explanation and please let us know what have you done, and how those abusers have been punished? Thank you !
  13. @Juji right direction bro, good job
  14. +++ Agree with this, like this, people that made a business from selling adena in game will have no income, making the server become equal, therefore those RMT people will flee, therefore the server will be clean of "we make real money from game" people. Conduct breaches and Outcome - Buy and sell items or services only through legitimate means authorized by NCSOFT. Shall i understand that Adena mail spammers and in-game sellers are authorized? I would believe this is bannable offence! Why you have not taken any actions about the well known sellers from out server? It's not fair for people that invests $+++++ to get nothing and cheaters to get impossible items through your own malfunctions. It's pathetic that NCwest made this restoration so bad and allowed people to make impossible items e.g ...... (Shillen's Soul cry lvl 10/Dragon Ring+8 or more), without even consider that some "smart" people will abuse this ++++ without even being penalized for it. How is possible you(NCwest) the promoter of this game to behave with your customer like this: Deleting their posts/locking posts/giving no explanation about actions you have taken, taking in consideration only what you want/ allowing people to make Shillen's lvl 10 and after that stooping that item from being in the "restore" list (i believe this is called discrimination)?i highly doubt your rules of conduct includes discrimination. What sort of respect you show? This is how you expect people to join and invest in the Lineage2 game? @Juji i have asked at least 10 times what have you done about the restoration abusers ? your answer was locking the post, is that comes to you of being professional and respectful? It's simple and crystal clear what you have to do : BAN the people/accounts that have abused the restoration and that's it end of story, problem solved (please don't tell me you can't track them down) If you can't do this i advise you to stept down and let someone else that care about us/our opinions/our views/our complains. Let someone else that does not lock posts because they can't find a pertinent answer. Let someone else that can lead this game in the future not making it end in few months! I hope this post will not be deleted and hopefully take something from it @Juji. PS: I must Congratulate you for opening the Ketra/Varka areas, this is the best improvement you brought in game since 1950, however more mobs in Field of Silence must be added; like this you will have a free-flow areas of developing characters up to lvl 115.
  15. Paagrio Earring bug

    Abusers complaining about bugs ....joke of the year !