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  1. naia down

  2. naia down

    Nothing new...
  3. Agree if you remove my teleport during Cursed weapons hours you sneaky snake
  4. Launcher not working, unable to log,GJ for the prolonged maintenance ....
  5. Please fix your server, started to look like a illegal server rather than official one.
  6. LAG

    Forum warrior now?
  7. I had 74 chests and i got 0 good drops, so chance to get a greater jewel must be somewhere @ 0.000000000009%
  8. LAG

    Please restart your server, turn it off for 3 weeks and fix the problems you have. This is unacceptable for official server!!! Re-start server when everything is fixed! Shame on you, same problems since 6 months ago and you still not fixed anything !!! Random disconnects and lag + lag + lag. And please stop saying to check out internet connection. Thank you!
  9. We will have them during maintenance probably
  10. The Game is now Unplayable

    Lag/skills delay/ freezes/dc's so what exactly has been fixed ? The latency of the server is worst than yesterday...
  11. Please do something, restart the server is unplayable !!!!
  12. I must say you are wrong, by the "blessing of the GODS" i have managed 2 days ago to fail the enchant even when lady luck was spawned, so that 100% is just a fairytale it seems
  13. Unplayable at the moment what kind of hardware you changed? @Juji mate server is lagging like hell!!!!
  14. What about Radiant Rind Upgrade Stone???
  15. Can you log???

    Problem seems to be fixed at the moment