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  1. Thought I would make a different video, they have the same gear but way different attack speeds Chronos toon has 1400 while the Core toon has 1100. https://youtu.be/cu6AvgwrGkQ
  2. Well the problem here is obvious, you are lagging more because you didn't buy and make the ANTI-LAG artifact +10 yet.
  3. Yeah what they said but beyond that make it where all afk shops disconnect but the shop remains. #FIXTHELAG
  4. I think that you are partially correct and the times need to be moved 1 hour later so that it doesn't interfere with swams I agree thing about the EU community and give them free transfer for 30 days back to or simply to Naia. I don't think they should leave it as is, I think they should make early swamps 3 hours later than it is currently and blood swords 1 hour later than it currently is so that it doesn't interfere with swams. No need for this it can be easily resolved with moving eruo based IPs off the NA servers and to Naia if they chose because of bad play times.
  5. Seems to me that the guys crying here are like many other in this world. I mean move from your state to another and try to turn that state you moved to into the same type of garbage you just left. If I am not mistaken your cp played on Naia and since its an Euro server your request shouldn't be trying to make it where us in our active time don't have things to do but be asking for server transfers so you can go back to the server with Euro times. Sorry if you don't understand that @Juji @Hime have already move the swamp times so early in the am that our PST guys can no longer go for the extra
  6. I would then be forced to buy the Prestige for me and all of my boxes, stop with this non-sense...
  7. Maybe quadruple the damage from Melee so that they hit as hard as an archer with a normal swing to 1 shot mobs anywhere in the game. This tactic will work until your clan decides that it wants to do a raid then you are getting messed over by the lag. All regions have no melee lag besides us. As a network administrator I have given plenty of advice on how to resolve your server lag issues. Cloud based solution sell your hardware that is antiquated and isn't suitable to be a pop server little lone a game server... Fire your entire IT/Developer staff as they obviously are not fit to be even a met
  8. Maybe that is the fix needed, DPS can be 1.5M when players have 10M hp, Either way something needs to change to offset the absurd amount of damage by DDs. But a + for somebody who is trying to find a solution rather than only complaining DPS is to high
  9. Oh but Broken how can you expect me to get gear again after I pk and drop it or die to a mob and drop it. Don't cry honey its a PVP game for fun. You have no need to respond @Hijonix
  10. If Pk is for fun then you should have no problem losing your gear as it was intended. I feel that if there are no changes to come like the ones implemented in classic, then they should restore item dropping from death to mob or if in PK state. Lets see L2 be the real pvp game you guys cried to have it changed from...
  11. @Hime@Juji Please clear current PKs and implement this on live.
  12. PK System Changes Einhasad's Observation Debuffs A level 4 debuff for chaotic characters has been added Level Karma Points Description 1 -1080 Decrease P. Def./M. Def. by 5% and movement speed by 5. 2 -2880 Decrease P. Def./M. Def. by 10% and movement speed by 10. 3 -4320
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