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  1. *** I'd suggest making all 3 Iss de-buffs and stun target+AoE (or multitarget whatever you call it) with one shots from most DDs no-one will be able to drop it more then 1-2 times anyways; I doubt that anyone Iss event finish de-buffing before getting wiped out.
  2. 1. Good but not enough, still no places to gain as much EXP solo (enchanter yes supposed to be able to solo pve, same as tank and healer with pve skill on) 2. Is good, good idea to have spoiler class be in charge of making augmentation items ( please add such unique crafting abilities to all classes and races, not only dwarfs and Ertheias) 3. not sure what had changed in items (but it's not any easier to gear up so I'd say not enough changes) 4. not sure what had changed in skills; cooldowns are a bit better then used to be; but the iss debuf is still 1 aoe 1 single target with exactly t
  3. This is not MMORPG. This is rather an MMO-CASINO. Please make it clear on the front page of the website. MMORPG - an online role-playing video game in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously. (Definitions from Oxford Languages) v an online ~ well good job at this one v video game ~ well good job at this one too x role-playing ~ roles do exist but, concept of playing roles does not exist; check for instance the Enchanter forum how much people complain on ruined enchanter solo gameplay x a very large number ~ even with multi-window gameplay allowed online
  4. I can attest to that. Enchanter used to be a support who can solo and support, but now it can't kill almost a single mob in the game (in average gear) and if you have no adena as a new player - forget it. But once you realize what this game turned into with in this game only casino like gambling on every corner and no quests, you won't be so surprised.
  5. I went for: Undying Will - passive invincibility every 5 min for 5 seconds (or ~8 with Guardian's Guidance AP skill) Endurance - active 50% damage reflection & heal for 5 seconds (or ~7 with Guardian's Guidance AP skill) and my gear build is tank you may want to consider Gravity Exile - resurrections lock, which gives you P. Def / M. Def +10% increase for 30s with Guardian's Guidance AP skill AP = Ability Points Skill P.S. If you just started this game you will be disappointed unless you are prepared to pay more then 5k for gear but even then you will most
  6. A87

    Help with Macro

    If you don't have wars this one works well. +
  7. What is "Infection Attack"? @Juji
  8. @MrE I can give you tones of screenshots as evidence upon request. It seems to me there is almost no people on the support, only an automated software with pre-set replies. @Ramki How much does NCSoft pay you for that post (is it in Adena, NCoins, favored ticket resolution or straight up the cash; how did they recruit you)?
  9. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ post % on everything!
  10. Also please add macros re-ordering support in the Alt+R List of macros similar to how MyTeleports can be re-located in the MyTeleport locations list.
  11. Please add all skills icons to the list of icons for macro, including icons for passive skills. And make icons of skills from main and dual classes available on both. The issue is that it is hard otherwise to make 1 macro for both main and dual class with an icon that does not change upon switch. It may not sound too important, but it very much is.
  12. This is a really good item textures update.
  13. It is not a stretch, there is nothing wrong about wanting to have all skills learned and being able to do so with a reasonable effort applied. Which is not the case here, drop for many items simply doesn't exist anywhere but during events (milkshake business model get used to it this is all this game can offer you and nothing more really).
  14. This happens on Live server too. I'v been randomly disconnected, then when I tried re-connected it said check your ISP while everything else using inet worked just fine. It let me in after couple of full client restarts right after login.
  15. This has no important information that makes real difference in the game play. It doesn't even have a command to turn on/off auto hunting on the list (which I've forgotten and am looking for too).
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