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  1. Also please add macros re-ordering support in the Alt+R List of macros similar to how MyTeleports can be re-located in the MyTeleport locations list.
  2. Please add all skills icons to the list of icons for macro, including icons for passive skills. And make icons of skills from main and dual classes available on both. The issue is that it is hard otherwise to make 1 macro for both main and dual class with an icon that does not change upon switch. It may not sound too important, but it very much is.
  3. This is a really good item textures update.
  4. It is not a stretch, there is nothing wrong about wanting to have all skills learned and being able to do so with a reasonable effort applied. Which is not the case here, drop for many items simply doesn't exist anywhere but during events (milkshake business model get used to it this is all this game can offer you and nothing more really).
  5. DISCONNECT 30.8.2020

    This happens on Live server too. I'v been randomly disconnected, then when I tried re-connected it said check your ISP while everything else using inet worked just fine. It let me in after couple of full client restarts right after login.
  6. This has no important information that makes real difference in the game play. It doesn't even have a command to turn on/off auto hunting on the list (which I've forgotten and am looking for too).
  7. But why do you need to use 3rd party sources and unofficial info to learn more about the game? If that's the official source of info for L2 and a site where all the changes are documented then, make it visible in the "B"-key Bulletin Board at least.
  8. Add a stand still toggle button (and command) just like the `/combatmode`, the skill would hold character in place while running macro. Also, please add a complete description of all possible macro commands to the in-game help for macros.
  9. OK I should say generally is a fine patch but ISS skills messed up hard. It's not that ISS got skills revamped it got skills destroyed. Skill rotation is a mess single target attack is only one skill ... just hold the button and next target.turned into a box character waist of main. I really liked the idea where you could self buff and turn single target skills into multi-target. it gives a freedom of choice and flexibility the buff could be enabled for auto. And the new skill animation is not as cool on Dark Elf as used to be kinda lame, I wish you didn't touch those single target debuffs but just added a buff to toggle them into multi-target. MP consumption is a big pain now but makes healers useful again - so I won't complain on that. Love the common-crafting skills - finally. Please fix the ISS debuff/atk skills as it is right now it discouraging from plain ISS. The animation and cast speed on dances is also an awesome fix, that bugged delayed cast was such a pain. Bug: Tyrr Skill: Second Wind (auto use) doesn't work
  10. I get your joke but it's not funny at all, everyone spends time on the game but for some reason the time I spend goes to the dumpster, just because I'm playing an ISS class... this kind of disadvantage was not on the class description when I started it, I didn't pay for this nonsense, "give me my money back". P.S. for those under the rock: time = money @Juji, @Hime
  11. @Juji, @Hime, last patch you removed lots of ISS buffs I'm ISS on main and dual I lost >+10 on each removed skill on dual and same on main and you never compensated in game losses in game. Are you going to do the same thing again? Are you going to mess up ISS skills every darn patch? Should I just stop playing until you make up your mind and skill enchants will last at least for couple of years just like every other class?
  12. @Juji, @Hime, you're abusing your right to delete in-game items. That was pretty polite right? I suggest you to have an in-game NPC way ahead of the patch where people can sell items that due to deletion next patch or exchange them for an item with an equal value. It is common practice in the industry. And you have done something similar before. While deleting items is your right by agreement deleting people's effort embedded into each item to collect them, along with items themselves is not.