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  1. New PK System question

    U want change pk system, becouse u drop item on macro. Only few scamers do that and this is fact. Now u have new system and when I and few more ppl wrote what will happend no1 belive that. Now u have what u want. No penalty for pk chars. What I can lose if I care only about items? Nothink! Few billions exp? So what? I can go town/castle/clan hall, who cares about exp? Just w8 when all this top players who are on afk macro will hit 110 lvl, than will be worst for normal players. Rly guys, u got what u want, bot exp w/o lost items and u got it.
  2. @Juji & @Hime good that u think about RedLibra Event, but when u will open transfers?
  3. Bob is so famous now all the time Bob Bob what have u done?
  4. thick tock... 24 to update. any clock working? @Hime
  5. Fafurion Update Patch Notes?!

    I'm sure that all this new topics with fafurion patch note will make difrance... yea
  6. Rly? what the point to keep so many items? delete all old sets, leave us only 3 difrance. It's so stupid, penaltie should be still
  7. Who want Rune in DS from MS

    This sige was rly good. Didn't expect Nova there. Allarroundme and Zuriel makes good job with breaks cast, other makes rly good job on pvp. We all got a lot of fun and this is the most important, but this time of dim siges killing me. In Europ we finish on 2 am and I need weak up on 5 am, so I looked like zombie, but this time was worth it For me only one situation disapointed. Diveiko 2 weeks ago during sige attack Aden and he took it with Max help and on last sige he gave it back, "sry, I take this castel by mistake, I wana pvp only with MS and Max, DH are my friend" https://gyazo.com/04155a61ff85d735b8457c9c663c1313 So if u wana blame somebody for last sige, blame this guy
  8. Pk system is good. If I will not have any to lose how u will stop me to pk all just for fun? For what reason u ty to fight with 3rd programs and bots if u want just legalizae bot, but now they are called "macro player"? U said that "player should be near PC to put macro", show me one player who puts macro for 24/7 and he/she is near PC. Better fix problems with maps, cuz on 108+ lvl u dont see antharas/lindvior/valakas/issabela on maps. 2 update in 1? Why? Cuz u think that I will buy more XP rune to hit 110 before update? It's rly bad idea. Start to make smarter events, cuz NC West are the most expensive servers in L2
  9. WTS/T Dark Robe Set

    WTS +12 Dark Robe Set or WTT for +12 Dark Light Set
  10. Dim sige start 4h to late for me. Earlier houer for dim sige will change somethink for sure

    I must save this, cuz it's rly good joke Still funny point... Game it isn't real life... It isn't marriage! and if u think that when u join dh/max/nova/ms or any top old's clan like RS/X/SH/FR u must declare on oath that u will never leave clan and belive at all, u rly need quit this game and take break for long time

    First at all this is only game... nothink more... and for us never will be nothink more. Second ouers "change side" is only ouers, dudot and ozzy buissnes not your and I will not tell you why we left dh. at the end I never marrege with any clan, sometimes I just "make a wish"

    1st Numbers were simillar ~5 ppl difrance 2nd I amn't cp leader... 3rd GF to all
  14. Is there a chance?

    1. ofc YES! 2. For pve u can try, but it will be harder, and hard to earn some adena. 3. Evryday we have pvp, cuz u have 2 strong clans here 4. Choose tank and they will love u (atm it's very hard for tank) Sometimes I think that players wants make 1 quest and get 105/105 lvl... where are those players from begining? where are those players whos didn't use ss cuz it was to expensive... Catching lvl is too easy now! u can put even 100 000 USD and with this thinking u will fail and quit faster than others... cheapest? u mean box, cuz u didn't think about main chars? Said to Alyssa/Oblivion/Dudot or others top players that they have chaep chars... GL
  15. BILLYJOHNN down vs LOW-GEAR WYNN (despite x8 hitting me)

    I amn't from chronos too. I remember u from Naia, like u said u are "rich, handsome, awsome and the best" and now u write "low geared"? WTF? Like I see, nothink change with u... Still same poor shouts and only screens... GZ, no more fame for u