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  1. Abuse in SoS

    Next Update you will be ported to town right b4 SoS start, to prevent people from keeping spots and calling deebs, the game has always been like this, the strong farm wherever he wants to, and if ur not clan related he owes nothing to you, and "ks" is also a part of the game btw, hes not asking your money or some sort of extortion is being made, just go find another spot for you, or try to get a stacked DD in your party as well
  2. Still No Red Libra???!!!???

    Senny( EU/RU GameMaster) said they cant launch libra in core because they dont have updated launcher( maybe game platform changes in next update or some inprovements were made engine wise) i think it happens here too, if they try to launch libra it could break the server or the event itself, and more people would be upset so just wait a little longer just like the rest of us , libra is a special event that helps lots of players, if they're delaying it there's a reason for that, lets just hope for the best.
  3. another big event, you did it again ncsoft

    I said i dont even have 300b in gear not even close to that, also not lv 110, instead of raging u should read, and ncwest is part of ncsoft genie they cant do "shi.t" by themselves just because they want, what they can do is deliver what players are asking to the devs and see what they can do, just like the looping macro reactvated on classic server, lot of players asked for it and they got it back, changing events its not up to them they already mention that in older posts... "tying" hands, they have no control over the game they just control the community, major and minor changes are not up to gamemaster, and yes there are gamemaster, you can try to deny it, but they dont need to prove you anything,
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 15, 2020

    They said they were going to talk with the dev team about it , but never gave us an official answer about if it was intended or not, the "easiest way" to level up a clan now is by completing a bunch of mentee grads while in clan, each quest gives u 20k u complete it 6 times while getting attlas to +12 if i'm not wrong, maybe less now cause 2 mentees if leveled from 1 to 105 gives u 4 scrolls, but anyway fastest way to level up clan is buy mentee grads or level them up by yourself, and if many members do it you can go to lvl 11 pretty fast, but leveling a clan alone will cost u bunch of adena buying mentee or a bunch of time leveling them.
  5. another big event, you did it again ncsoft

    You know "GameMasters" have no control over the events, right? the dev team, u should be talking about them, and what they can do is also limited cause they need korean approval so they can change somethings like events, proof is the anniversary event that half of the event was broken cause they could not launch red libra with it, top players will always benefit more from in-game events p2w or f2p they have more money or more gear, i'm not even close to top tier gear and by calculation i can finish my lucien +10 just by doing Rank B in the stage 2 dungeon, i have not even 300b worth o gear on a 109 feoh, so its no so bad the event itself, its just made so that u cant farm lots and lots of box with every 105 toon u have, i could farm with at least 5 other 105-107 mages that i have just by sharing my poor gear, imagine those big fellas with toons 110 farming lots and lots of box's ? keep thrashing on the gm's is not going to help, just try to make the best out of the event, it is free after all.
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 15, 2020

    Ertheia seers are in fact close range, but they are still mages, so war torn plains is not for them, they are still suposed to go blazing swamp, war thorn is for close range fighters class, if u check monster characteristcs for war thorn u will see, that they have high resistance against magic and bow weapon, seers got a little buff a while ago, the class still is weaker than most of the other classes for sure, but i dont think they plan on buffing her even more for now, just stay out of war thorn with mage classes, and if u use Wynns there always use the close range summons
  7. Trade Scams in Giran town

    Guys i know its not a fix but in option in the gameplay section, block the trade so u will be the only able to send the request, it kinda helps alot, and always check nick and clan when trading gear, i rec using mail and add chars as friend to avoid typos
  8. Can we get a real event?? please?

    I did the instance i 4 toons for testings, i'll be doing it on 2 only goes like this for me 109 feoh, stage 2 dungeon (110) rank b 6250 points had some monsters buffing up tho Gear (only the worth mentioning) = dark r99+10, +12 bloody buster, insanity talisman, aden cloak +7(3%m.crit), pve belt, ring creation,QA soul, atlas +12, orfen, istina magic neck, rad fore +5, d. shirt +5(normal one) vets mask +5, dyes +15 int, artifact +11% m skill power, buffs were the best i could for the 1st half like +10 sonatas, pom and cripling dance,(exalted 5 base) 105 feoh (exalted 3) close to same gear of the feoh above but no artif and dyes +9 int only, no atlas tho, dungeon stage 1( 105) rank b( 6000 points) 107 feoh ( exalted 5) same as the above having the advantage of level, maybe i did something wrong in this guys here. rank B ( 6800 points) 110 Tyrr Dread ( exalted 6) bloody spear +12 aug 15% crit damage, bloody set r99 +10, jewels close to be same as the 109 feoh, pve belt, +10 elmore, aug pve 4.5%, rad autho +5 longin talism, +15 str dye, artifacts +19% p atk(combined value) no sure if i forgot something this is my bro's toon i'm using it not long ago. Dungeon stage 2(110) Rank B (6600 points) i bleeped up here a little only rosed up in the last 5 min maybe i could have done 7k points not sure i'll test more tomorrow
  9. what to do,give me a guide

    you can do more i guess, but only if u have fancy rod wich costs about 5.5b(chronos price), as far as leveling exalted 2 wynns can go up to tanor having a iss with harm 2, the other classes i recommend the lvl 103 phantasmal and stay there, the game has improved since i returned 10 months ago, i left the game in 2012, when i got back was lvl 97 wearing TW +3 FE and Apoc retributer blessed +6, 10 months now i only have 170b worth of gear it really is slow to farm like really slow,and not being able to do some instances like when we had no login limit slows even more, but now i'm doing 7% a day in lvl 107, if u got some friends and a clan to talk em make partys it still is fun to play L2 for the nostalgia, but if u aiming high end game pvp i would say u to dont do that cause u really need to spend tons and tons of real money