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  1. We are all bots. We banned real players.
  2. this happens in all places... devasted castle, hardin's academy (mobs over the trees),ant nest, etc...
  3. BTW, I think the roulette is doing what is mean for... leveling prices for things was out of order before roulette the only way to get S weapons was killing boss and areas that no player could go, only the top... so they wont sell stuff, they kept to overenchant... now one can buy for a reasonable price...
  4. The crafting system, altough have this name is not for craft things to use/sell... It is a gambling roulette. It is made to you lose most times and win sometimes... If you want to profit go for the old grind... farm, farm, farm... remember to spoil too...
  5. 6000 day event give u A-grade weapon if u are 76+ and complete some tasks (kill a bunch of mobs) https://www.lineage2.com/news/6000-day-celebration-event Play legit, stay safe and pvp more... sometimes it's not just about gear...
  6. Juji should be called Judite... (who is brazilian get the joke, to the others I would say that is a funny telemarketing character that never resolves the problems of the caller) She is always available, but never resolve the real problem...
  7. After the update the command /targettoken1, /targettoken2, /targettoken3 and /targettoken4 are not working on command line nor on macros. Is it a "new feature" or a bug?
  8. Complete agree. The craft is broken. I have recipes that the key mats don't drop and I have key mats which there is no recipe for. 1/5 of the game is the crafting system and without it the game lose one leg.
  9. Lineage is not about where you want to be, but how you get there... If you want a game where everybody is equal and at the same level for pvp LoL and DotA are out there for you...
  10. I complete disagree with that. As a new (returning) player I would say that the game must be enjoyable in all levels of gameplay. I think that content must be delivered to low grade players as they are delivered to high players. That way everybody is happy playing the game on its journey to high levels. The game is not about be 76+ and PVP until bored because became 76 without gear or experience. The game is about meeting ppl and challenges in all levels, and that is the goal admins must foresee.
  11. Fewer clients per PC better the game. my 2 cents.
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