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  1. 1st. He's playing a yul - even the strongest yuls in our version of the game are one shot from another any half decent geared one with full skills open. 2nd. Their really isn't a way to welcome someone if they aren't willing to adjust to the current state of live. You gave someone more than a decently geared toon and because he comes from a illegal server which have a more natural balance between defence/attack items he didn't like the lack of survivability on live version. This server has a truly awful disparity in terms of dmg increasing items/consumables compared to defensive ones, this makes burst dmg chars like yuls pure glass cannons. About the only class which the Korean balance team currently have done a decent job with are feohs - they have both decent damage and survivability whilst not being overwhelming in either aspect. Any new player coming into the game if not choosing to role a feoh must be willing to adapt/accept the fact that unlike some other mmos balance changes here are often extremely slowly done and often then cab be nullified by the latest L2Store items.
  2. Raid BOSS solution

    cc doesn't work as it should. The loot rights are supposed to disappear after 60 seconds since a long time ago and yet look at how the fixed spawn raids are handled in both servers. Unlike in the Innova servers where the GM's actually get involved with punishing those who abuse this bug and award the loot to the correct person/group retroactively, here the problem is simply ignored in any thread that even mentions it.
  3. Raid BOSS solution

    I make 1-2Bil a day without touching a single raid boss - the cc abusers and the field raiders have zero affect on any income source I use. All I see from your original and follow-up post is someone that is upset because another person can put in more time/effort than they themselves are willing to do for the same reward. I also have seen zero proof of your accusations that these farmers are using alert programs so until you post it i'm just gonna go ahead and assume your a salty nobody who claims to want the "PVP from PVE" while sitting in a neutral clan.
  4. Raid BOSS solution

    Minus the CC bug abused for the 105/107 9pm spawns, there's nothing wrong with the current system on field raids. As an addendum, literally your entire post history is negativity and complaints. If you hate the game so much mb you should spend your time doing something else.
  5. November 2018 Preview

    Some people really just cannot be pleased. GM's must feel like they just bang there heads against the wall all day. The pack in this sale is by far the best value pack they've ever added and still you find a way to moan about it. If the games to hard/slow for you move on already - exp has never been as easy as it is currently.
  6. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    Yes I noticed this change also - you can still pop the scroll up to ~30-40 seconds after the winner is announced to take the 100 coin default reward however any later than this and it no longer lets you claim the current hours 100coin.
  7. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    You can pop the buff scroll at any point - However the "main winner" of each 1hr period can also come at any point. The winner is not chose at the end of the 1hour window but at a random time during it if one is even selected at all. ie. You can wait to the last minute of the period and claim the bonus coins even if the main prize for this period has already been won by someone else and the buff will carry on into the next event cycle. As a forewarning before the flood of complaints arrive just like last time this event was on - not every 1hr cycle has a winner, their is simply a chance someone wins during this time.

    Zero need for new items added to the hero coin list. Theirs plenty of consumable type items already and a few events come with further ability to "burn down" your current stock. The system was added as a bonus and should remain as such. It should not be used as a place to put further overpowered items and this is coming from someone with thousands of them.
  9. Drop PK?

    Can it still happen - yes Is it still happening - I've personally not seen the people who were active in this activity doing it in a couple of months now but that doesn't mean its not still going on its just a lot less widescale. Is NCSoft responsible for the item loss - No - it's still shown in the tips that your responsible for your char when you set it outside of town. If you afk that's on you. However they also changed/added to the L2 rules of conduct meaning that while you'd still lose any items you drop - they can also be reported and banned for this type of activity. So long as your set to target Monsters only in the gameplay section - them forcing a player target on you to pk is exploiting a bug in the code for an unintended benefit and thus fully against the current posted ruleset.
  10. Incomplete, for the first time !

    Terrible idea just really awful. You'd bring no one active back to the game doing this - just let people who got banned with items come back and get a free cash out and the farmers a bunch of ill-gotten adena back. NC should be looking more into doing something about those still using scripts even now, not looking into returning a lot of hoarded "bank" chars that have been hammered in the past.

    You can see in my vid we was 76 vs your 71 - not sure where u uys got the impression we suddenly had 50 people on you

    dudots left the game and without him DH are in a bad spot - now theres only really exe party that is well organised/with dmg - others aren't even close to that level.
  13. The mistakes pretty significant on there part and im sure it will convince others to push for +5 Dragon Leather In there event page they list "EXP/SP +10%, P./M. Def. +15%, Speed +7, P./M. Received Critical Damage -15%, All Skills Cooldown -3%." for +5 when that's the stats for the Dragon Rind Leather variant. Your not supposed to take the extra 5% exp/p.m def or p,m critical damage reduction increase until its upgraded. Its a huge increase compared to +4 and unless you were lucky enough to get the radiant upgrade stone in this bullshit rate theres no way anyone would even risk there +4 for 1 extra CHA stat and 1minute less on the skillcooldowns. Anyone with this shirt that's paid without plan to upgrade have been mis-sold and should be due considerable compensation.
  14. 250 Pouches Test

    You took the same amount of Dragon breaths in 250 pouch's as I did in 656 so either you was lucky or I just got shafted by the Korean random https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxggdaYfU4M&t=1507s -> my attempt and results

    Other than Muru I don't know of any max still in chronos - some took a break, some went classic, some straight up quit but chronos? Pep does what hes asked of at siege - the fault shouldn't be laid with him Falcons CP are playing classic but where tagged and active before its release. The other CP in that timezone which was muru cena etc, some quit and others have been detagged pretty much for 1yr I wouldn't even class them as Max at that point. The ones sat in alt clans to kill raids aren't strong pvp players they are pve guys even if they want to be seen as pvp. Muru and his cp pretty much if not entirely paid for his blunts himself so theres no question to be asked from the members on those. No clue how cena paid for the fist upgrade but since aiia bought them for his evis I don't think its ever been tagged which is a joke. I still stand by currently Max core is stronger than DH core - this is why you go out of town and see max tagged exping in the top spots and not DH. However when it comes to siege DH play very well and seem to be much more orgainised on that front. They use there strong groups smartly as opposed to all just running at the enemy. Without trying to be disrespectful to the others in case I miss someone but, there isn't any other active groups inside max or even detagged outside of max hence this is all the activity you see apart from the Russian group which has been detagged most of the patch and IQ playing farming simulator. RE: The rest of your post. This event sums up our servers entirely. Simply compare our version of the Dragon shirts to the euro server and its night and day. Yes we are in different economic territories and therefor prices will fluctuate slightly but this isn't a slight change: Our version 50x boxes for 4k coins or rougly 50 euros. EU version 50x boxes for 15 euros - but wait... you also take guaranteed 2x Dragons breath and 6x extra golden boxes as a bonus... So not only do they pay less than 1/3 our price - they take 2x the key upgrade mat which is the main reason people are upgrading them - and just to double down on how poor our version is in terms of value - these golden box rewards have fragments/claws and other far more expensive items than we take. tldr. Juji is back but nothings changed were still getting shafted.