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  1. You missed the 2 cheap rings - Paulina r99 and Olympiad both give 15% also Whilst almost impossible thanks to our messed up amount of crystals - you can also start getting Skill Critical dmg from the new Dyes starting from lvl 6 Next patch there are also skill crit dmg talismans available
  2. If they pause MyTeleport they should alos block summon etc as its very easy to setup the same mechanic. They should go back to even Gatekeepers being blocked during a towns seige time if they want to bring back some semblence of competitivness,
  3. Between 2-3 hrs ago the lag is indeed back to its prior levels on the Naia server alongside you not even so much as acknowledging the fact you messed up the exp settings during this maintenance and multiple days later we are still playing without the +100% boost "event" setting.
  4. Servers performing much better but thats with less populated currently so ill hold off calling it a success until more log. However now there is for sure something wrong with the xp bonus - with the same boosts im now making 12b less per mob than 2 days ago so something on your end is changed.
  5. Today on yul has been awful with the delay. I then decided in my wisdom to put new rune sets on my Tyrr - huge mistake its making 1 auto attack - then pausing for a full second before making the next auto attack meaning a mob that would normally take 2-3 seconds to kill as a GK is taking around 30 seconds..... This is the worst state the server has been in for a long while which says something.
  6. You literally sold this item for cash and are now removing it from people without compensation. Whilst you could just open up the sticks what are people who stockpiled the Runes supposed so do. Removing them so you can bait people into buying more packs in a future event isn't even scummy its just outright theft. Just when I think you cant possibly be more incompetent you go ahead and outdo yourselves. Its quite impressive really.
  7. He didnt join at 107 - he joined at like 105.99 and just didnt leave. I was only saying yesterday In this event setting I think i could make 108 there comfortably as a yul entering at 105.
  8. They changed it because people were forcing other players to become Red and no matter what else they tried it didnt work. In only 1 hr since the post you have 3 different people replying sharing there experience but unfortunatly its not the same as yours. Zones get pked clearing the afk macros for other live people or more likely macros to come and play. To me people clearing these zones means they are activly playing and forcing people not to be AFK which isnt totally a bad thing even if it affects the odd live player along the way for a short time.
  9. Your were braindead back in the Freya days and its clear nothing has changed. Login to the EU server if your so knowlegable - Mermoden NPC was simply removed and Merlot has the Dim Raid option disabled since before these instances came out. With no dim siege for leaders to sign to there is no way outside of Olympiad to bump to another server there. Playing both servers and actually knowing what your talking about has its benefits.
  10. Next patch is absolute chock full of Tyrr buffs across the board. A lot of skill dmg/cooldown/defense skills are massively boosted. PS. In your comparison Tyrr duelist should not be p.crit build but p.skill power/p skill crit build - if you;ve played tyrr for 7 years this should be known.
  11. EU doesnt have a dimensional server therefor its literally impossible they banned anyone for this. Do you even think before you post your bullshit
  12. Yes im aware thats not the bug. I was responding to the guy i quoted who asked juji why he says its intended max 11 hrs in the main post instead of the 6 most presume is the cap as they arent aware unused time carries over to the next day
  13. You could do 11 hrs in any 24 hr period legitimately by using 5 stones on day 1 - dont enter the instance. Day 2 - your 6 hours have carried over and you are then able to use a further 5 stones = 11hrs in a row. It just involves skipping a day and doesnt use any loophole as this method was intended.
  14. 2SHAE

    Freya Event

    2k stick opening and results of said openings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZkkG50ilm4
  15. Not seen anyone else posting it but your Dim siege is still set to the old time and not 2 hours earlier as stated in your maintainence notes.
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