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According to the wiki information (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dark_Guard), it is assumed that the MOB "Dark Guard" level "70" must drop from 1 to 7 iron ore.


But the reality is that it only gives 1, ALWAYS.

I went with a spoiler to the area and I was quite disappointed to see the amount.

The same goes for the other materials that supposedly have a range from 1 to X.

What's the point of using a lvl 66 spoiler to get only 1 MISERABLE iron ore?

I would not complain if you havea database where to consult this information. When will they have a consultation system?

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As Reynald0 says it seems all the mobs allways only give 1 ítem for spoil, doesn't matter if on wiki says that can go up to 3 or 5. The only time it was diferent was when I killed ol mahum raiders in partisan hideaway, the spoil of iron ore allways was 1 but animals bones could be more than 1, but max 3. In the wiki says 1-5

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Please note while L2Wiki is a great guide, it currently does not support NA version of Lineage II Classic where our rates and localized names may differ.

And i think there will be no any actual DB for NA version. We can just waiting for later patches and hoping for positive changes with current spoil nerf.

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I experienced a very similar thing, where certain locations and mobs only spoil 1 instead of a range.  Additional several open field locations (Timak outpost, Outlaw forest), spoiled mobs go immediately expire and I can not sweep them.  It says the corpse is too old.

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