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Account banned then unbanned then banned again


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@Juji @Hime

So I was banned on all 3 of my account yesterday randomly...I tried talking thru emails and eventually you unbanned my one account and i asked and said hey can you unban my other 2 because i have done no wrong...then 2 hrs late you reban my prophet that did nothing but sit in town while i sent these emails....WTF is gpoing on over there you are randomly banning people then you say final warning and unban and then you reban them randomly!!!!!!!!! to me it seems there is a conflict of gms doing whatever they want..you have to have some gms doing retarded shit then you get other gms who try to fix it...is there a power struggle going on there or what!!


please message me juji and hime this is ridicilous

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gm jun issued me a final warning and gm son banned me to start....seriously this is becomming extremely stupid and I have to create a new account to even complain on the forums about it which is more then likley gonna get banned because of some idiocy.....please @Juji @Hime message me so you can look into my accounts...you really have to hire someone who can tell the difference between bots and boxes

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