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How convenient to lock account right after you spend $$$


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Hi all! 

Oldschool returning player here. Came back to the scene and was glad to see boxing was allowed. Made main archer account and a buffer.

Purchased VIP 2 on main, and was about to do same for buffer. Trying to log into buffer account and get the message: "Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. " Why?!

The only software that could trigger is wtfast (VPN). Which I had to use because otherwise could not log into NA classic servers.

Took NCsoft only 4 days to ruin this. Not even sure if should contact NCsoft support or just ask bank for money back. 

Inb4 "stop botting/cheating" comments because I wasn't. 

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2 hours ago, Boombox said:

just email them, this is an autolock that gets triggered sometimes on new accounts

Already contacted support as soon as saw the message. Was playing for only 4 days...

1 hour ago, Spolier said:

Think before you type. According to you, this is the logic NCSOFT uses.....Hey, this guy just spent money on our product, let's ban him, and he cannot do so again in the future.

You realize how dumb that sounds?

Not stating there is a conspiracy involving NCsoft and banning people who pay. All I am trying to say is : what a nice CONVENIENCE of timing ,getting locked right after you shed $50.

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17 hours ago, AtheistJew said:


You must be lucky not to receive any of these for days straight:



The servers were having some issues with people connecting for a bit and it sounds like you used a backdoor method to enter onto the servers and they figured that out. Or i unno. :(

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