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Stucked in the Sanctum of The Dawn

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I am stucked in the Sanctum of The Dawn All guards disappear and all doors are closed, so I cant go a find the teleporter and i cant even use Stroll Of Escape, because I am transformed into Guard of The Dawn. What should i do? Where I can contact support? Thanks for answer :)


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If typing /unstuck doesn't help, try exiting to the character selection screen and then enter with the character into the game again.


Here is a direct e-mail address for contacting support:



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It isn't a stucked toon problem. It's a time problem.

When you do the 7s quest you are required to transform into a guard and to do things.

The transformation lasts 10 minutes.

All you have to do is to wait. After the 10 minutes you will be ported out in your natural form.

Eventually it's a p2w problem aka i paid so i want it in 1 sec. Give it to me right now.

We're lost Yidao. There's a whole new generation of l2 players :|

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