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Skill Enchanting Help


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Pretty new to the game and trying to get take in as much information as possible, but need some help/info on skill enchanting. I'm currently level 87, Yul Moonlight Sentinel and when I open up the skills menu and hit Enchant Skill all of the skills are in red and unenchantable. I've tried to look around for some info on why, but its hard to find some information with so many different versions of L2. Any help would be appreciated!





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8 hours ago, Limerence said:

Skills are not high level enough ... For now, focus on exping... You don't need to enchant your skills ...

Ah ok, at what level do I need to get to in order to start enchanting the skills? Yea thats what i've been trying to do is just exp, but hard to stay focused getting .002 a kill at bloody swamp at that exp rate. Might be a few years before you actually level lol.

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Go to Penny in Aden she will give you quest for faster exp. And do Kartia 85 solo and party. Also make dual class to get nobless so you can get giant codex from olympiad if you want enchant skills.

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