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Can spoiler make money?


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Hello, I'm starting on classic (NA, server Giran) and before Ill create my main I want to create characters who help my main progress much easier.
So I'm thinking about creating spoiler, I would play it for couple of weeks like a main and then I would like to start safe money for main.

How ever I read that spoil doesn't worth play him only for making money, is that true? And if so, can craft make also some money?


Thank you for answers.

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Yes if you can get it to level 60.
Then you can make serious money if you have a decent party with you to farm Anthara's lair or Tower of Insolence or Necropolis

At around 55 you can make decent money too by spoiling Dustwind Gargoyle in Dragon Valley monster with a group. 
Or have good buffs then you can solo Enchanted valley and spoil Liele elder and Fline elder for Asofe.

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Sadly they managed to ruin the server since the beginning with broken rates...they tried to 'fix it' by increasing the rates BUT they did it only in certain zones. There's a HUGE gap between lv 40-50 where you have no idea what to do with ur life. Everything get easier once you hit 50+. Problem with spoiler is that rates of spoiling something are REAAALLY low...so even mass spoil is worthless 'till a certain level. If you want to make "adena" the best way is to farm low areas like Orc Barracks or Forgotten temple (good luck tho) and then at 40 try and move to cruma 'till 50+...those are the best zones to farm adena and XP and once you get to lv 50 you can start hunting in EV or DV if you got a clan/party. 

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I realize this thread is two years old, but I would like to ask for an update.  I've had a ton of varnish, thread, and i think ive even had some iron ore, but when selling them to the merchants, I am basically giving them away for free cuz it says 0 adena.  Did something change with basic mats?  Are they even used for crafting anymore?  Are higher level mats able to be sold?  Somebody help me out here please.  I really dont want to waste time with a scavenger and/or a warsmith if they cant even do the basics that i remember from the true classic L2.

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